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Found 5 results

  1. This is a WEIRD one! Hi folks! For NO APPARENT REASON, the shortcut to Cakewalk (or any Cakewalk product, like my old SONAR Platinum) on my system doesn't call up the program anymore! But this is ONLY happening to the shortcuts that are located on the desktop?! I can call up the program ANY OTHER way, just not from the shortcut icon on the desktop. When I navigate via Explorer to the Desktop shortcut, no problem. When I create a shortcut on the C-Drive's Desktop Folder (located in C/USER/NAME/DESKTOP it will launch from that folder, just not my E-Drive's Desktop, where my real active shortcuts are all based, as I MOVED the Desktop to the other (E) Drive. I had a similar problem a while back with my DESKTOP not being accessible through Quick Access and did a relocate of my Desktop from one drive to another. That worked, but I barely remember the details of that operation. If anyone has suggestions based on their experience, that would be great! Thanks! M
  2. Hello, Whenever I leave a Cakewalk project open for a period of time and I don't use the software in that amount of time, I can no longer drag anything on my laptop. Cakewalks effects freeze when I try to drag them (see attached photo) and I can't drag anything else on my laptop until I do a full system restart. This only happens after I launch cakewalk then leave it open for a period of time. If any of you have a fix, besides for restarting my computer each time this happens, please respond here or dm me on discord: Nocturnal#8344 Thanks.
  3. Has anyone been successful using older Firewire interfaces with newer Windows 10 & 11 systems? How are you doing it, and is it worth the effort. I've read where some have used Apple adapters to bring Firewire up to Thunderbolt. Does this work on PC's with Thunderbolt 4 ports or only on Macs? I still have an old Windows XP system with firewire If I ever get the urge to go retro.
  4. i am having a hard time figuring out how to select different banks in my Axe FX III from Cakewalk. I can get it to switch PC 0-127 but i cant figure out how to go in higher banks. I have the instrument definition set to "normal" in Bank Select Methods (although i tried the other ones with no success) and i set this both in the event viewer in the actual commands and in the instrument definitions but it doesnt work. the settings in the pics still give me preset 060 any help?
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