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Found 6 results

  1. sjoens

    Mixdown Pan Is Off

    Not sure what's happening here, but in this project when A/B ing the project compared to the recorded mix, Pan is off. 1. CbB MIDI tracks sent to outboard synths 2. Outboard synths sent to L/R Mixer/Interface channels 3. Mixer/Interface mains sent to CbB mixdown track 4. Playing project thru mixer, Pan sounds correct 5. Record mix thru Mixer/Interface to stereo track - R meter exceeds L by 2-4dB - R wave looks fatter than L 6. Playing recorded mix track thru mixer, Pan sounds offset to right - R meter exceeds L by 2-4dB CbB Panning Law set to default 0dB. All Mixer/Interface Pans set to C. I have to adjust the Mixer/Interface's Pan to the Left @10 o'c to match the project's output. The Mixer/Interface has 2 USB stereo output channels. Both produce same results. Bad mixer?
  2. Cakewalk Sound Center's Pan + Volume knobs are clearly explained in the F1 online help, but not their right-click menus. I accidentally changed one of the values of these menus recently, and I'm confused and wondering if I messed something up. The knobs' menus indicate their current level. But they also show a current MIDI Learn CC selection (see fig. A) or a short menu with no Learn (see fig. B). It appears the context of these menus changes when "Add MIDI Control" is selected. This applies to both knobs and they can be set independently. I don't understand the right-click menus. Is there a default MIDI Control to set it to, or can it be anything I choose? I don't use MIDI Learn. Do I have to worry about these right-click menus, and will these "learned" controls affect playback? And for that matter, can someone explain "Set Min, Set Max, and Reverse"? As stated, I've only recently discovered these menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Can we have volume and pan slider on Track folder that worked relative to the volume of each tracks within? I know we can send the tracks inside folder to specific bus, however if Mute, Solo and Arm can make it to the folder, why not volume and pan as well? It will be very convenience for our workflow without assigning new bus for the folder. Thanks & warm regards! James Argo
  4. so when i use pan its not working right. for example ill purn my pan all the way to the left and you can hear it, but turn it all the way to the right i hear nothing. i am not recording in stereo so i dont know what the problem is. please help.
  5. I love Cakewalk - I've been using the Sonar version forever, and now I've switched over to Bandlab! Great work, BandLab! But I have a problem. I have a project that is now responding as if it is corrupt -- on some tracks the pan and send controls are way off. All of them have reset to center - even though if you solo that channel, you can clearly hear that it's panned to either left, right, center, or somewhere in between. And if you try to correct the pan control to move the dial to where you visually want to hear the signal, some weird behavior occurs. For example, if the track was initially panned hard left before the corruption, then 12:00 on the dial has now become "hard left". I move the nob all the way to the right (5:00), it does hard pan the signal to the right. If I then move the nob back to 12:00, the signal is panned hard left. To get the signal to actually come out of both speakers (i.e., center), I need to have the pan control at about 3:00. And turning the nob any farther to the left of 12:00 doesn't help -- the channel's signal is still panned hard left (like it is when the pan control is at 12:00). The exact opposite occurs when I start with a channel that was initially panned hard right before the corruption occurred. A similar wierdness is happening to the send controls. Every send control is now set at 3:00 (even though the underlying send amounts vary). It's a rather large project with lots of midi, animation and plugins, so I really don't want to restart the mix from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks. Don
  6. SEE ATTACHED FILES. I'm crying out for an improvement on each Tracks/Aux channel to get more control over the mono and stereo field without using extra plugins. All that needs to be done is to separate the Mono and Stereo tracks/Aux individually, to bring more control over the mono/stereo channels. So, we would have the option to insert a Mono or Stereo channel with the two knobs on the stereo channel strips of left and right, for more effective control over the stereo channel. Not only do we get control over Mono/Stereo panning, but this method will also improve the width of the track/aux channel. The stereo aux channels work perfectly as is. Just imagine the ability to pan the left and right channel at any percentage you want. Placing both L/R at 25% or placing a snare dead level on 40/50/60% right up to 100% in the stereo field. I sometimes have to use the sonitus phase plugin just to narrow a stereo channel and have to fight with phase issues. So basically by separating the stereo channels on one individual track/aux, this will give you the ability to widen and narrow a stereo track individually. I hope I'm making sense right now.
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