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  1. I really like Cakewalk considering it is free to use, and quite extendable also with free plugins. However, I have 2 significant and really bothersome problems which I have been unable to overcome during my first month with Cakewalk; I believe they are both perhaps related to the MIDI sync, but could be wrong. The problems are listed below (system specs can be found at the end of this post): 1) previously recorded MIDI starts going off-tune when looping and recording audio to a new track. Detailed description: When I start a fresh new empty project from the startup screen, record few midi tracks with MPK49 (using the Cakewalk Latch from the MIDI bar, since the Latch in MPK49 works only randomly, see the next "problem" for more info) and then add an audio track, the MIDI starts soon go off-tune even I have the MIDI tracks unarmed for recording, using only the audio track. I can loop the project once, twice or three time at maximum before the tune from the MIDI instrument track goes noticeable wrong. It seems to get worse by every loop. I got only 4 tracks on the project when this happens: 2 MIDI tracks using Sitala plug-in (drum machine), another MIDI using the SynthMaster -plugin and the audio track where I used electric guitar with the build-in audio FX plugin. 2) The arpeggiator on the MPK49 works only when starting new empty project and stops working when restoring the project. I have connected the AKAI MPK49 to the computer (desktop, windows10) that has latest Cakewalk by Bandlab installed. When I start a new project and insert Sitala drum machine (a free plugin) as a MIDI track and set it up (to have external clock and tempo from the Cakewalk) from the Preferences (Clock & MIDI settings) everything works fine. Even the MPK49 arpeggiator works when I set the time division properly from the controller. It repeats the notes along with the tempo. But when I close the project, and return to it later, the MPK49's arpeggiator stops functioning, even if it plays notes otherwise. I have tried resetting the MIDI and audio, but it only results that the MPK49 stops working completely. So something happens on the shut down of Cakewalk project. I see that when this happens, Cakewalk shows no signal from the MPK49 when it's arpeggiator is turned on. This is exactly what happens also with new projects before setting the MIDI clock from the preferences. But once (each time upon a fresh empty project before closing the Cakewalk) set, the arpeggiator works. But when the project loads again, the arpeggiator is gone, while the settings are exactly the same. Thanks for any advice in advance considering above problems. Otherwise everything played well so far but this really drives me mad! System specs: Desktop PC Win10, 8 Gb RAM, Processor around 2,5 Ghz Lexicon Alpha External Sound Card, connected with external stereo system and also available connections to: 1 instrument line (which I use either Casio CT-770, semi-acoustic or electric guitar) 1 Microphone line AKAI MPK49 connected to the PC via USB.
  2. hello, I was using cakewalk for the first time and I clicked on fit midi content by accident and I have no idea to turn it off. Is there a way to turn It off? thanks!
  3. I don't know if anyone else has experimented with HitnMix RipX to separate instruments in recorded audio. it's pretty awesome. I've used it to isolate the bass in the old Otis Redding Song- Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. The resulting stem notes appear mostly complete and accurate, but the rendered midi bass track has a problem- all of the notes have a velocity of only 4, making the track barely audible when I pair the midi file with a bass vst. Is there a way to boost the velocity of all midi notes at once to a uniformly higher level? I've also contacted RipX support to see what I might be able to do within the RipX application.
  4. I have a VST Instrument that, under unknown circumstances, gets a stuck note. That note is playing all the time. The solution I found was to open the Turn Off and On plugin interface, but I think it would be much better if I put a controller on the midi track to do this every time it runs. Is there a way to do it?
  5. I have an expression pedal connected via a MIDI keyboard. I can connect it via iCON iKeyboard 4 Nano or via M-Audio Oxygen 88. In both cases the expression pedal gives values in a range 0-116. Is there a way to either calibrate a pedal in Cakewalk? Or set some setting on a MIDI track to transform values to spread the values from 0 - 127? Or put some transforming plugin on a MIDI track (I found only a filtering plugin, which is not a pleasing one in this case)? Thank You
  6. Are you a singer, songwriter, producer that wants to develop skills in music production? Join this FREE 4-week learning and development programme on music production. You will leave the course with a solid understanding of how to use Ableton Live, and plenty of ideas for how you might start to put tracks together. You will also learn the fundamentals of programming MIDI, building beats, laying down vocals, mastering and tips on how to bring your creative ideas to life.
  7. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/
  8. Made another full MIDI song. This time I work a bit more on trying to get the guitars to sound more realistic. Still pretty new to this but hope you like it. Any feedback or critique are appreciated.
  9. Hi All My Name is Nic and I'm new to all this! Obviously I have to Google most of the acronyms (lol) so if you have an answer please keep ot as simple as possible (laymans) OK so this is my setup....(which took 2 weeks to setup😢😭🤣) 1) Midi keyboard (toneport kb37 from line 6)made in USA!!! 2) Sustain pedal (Tec*Nics ) bought from music shop and made in China! 3) Laptop Core i5 , windows 10 , Cakewalk from bandlab (latest version). So I've setup everything mentioned above and all works satisfactory (so far) My Problem is ... I plugged my sustain pedal into the pedal port of the Kb37 , but it isn't registering to sustain the notes played ! If you know how to remedy this please help out! 🙏 You can email me directly if you like .... onlyhvac@gmail.com
  10. X3R0

    Help with M-Audio Oxygen

    Hi folks. I got this M-Audio Oxygen 25 keyboard/controller and to be completely honest, I'm stumped as to how to set it up. I've got it working fine as for the keyboard part, controlling virtual instruments. But as to using the knobs and faders to control parameters and faders in cakewalk, I've no clue on how to set that up. Please help! Thank you!! - Zach
  11. Hello. I have been playing with Cakewalk's midi assignment features as of late with my Alesis VI49 and thought up an idea that I hope will be greatly beneficial and doable. Looking at the attachment, you can see that my keyboard as customization where I can edit the behavior of each knobs, pads, buttons, and keys -- including midi channels for each -- as presets on the hardware. What I was hoping that Cakewalk will eventually be able to do is allow the user to assign different combination of controllers to one chosen parameter. Example Scenario : Switch 1 / CC 48 (Toggle Button, Midi Channel 1, Trigger Value 127), Switch 13 / CC 64 (Moment Button, Midi Channel 4, Trigger Value 127), Switch 25 / CC 80 (Toggle Button, Midi Channel 2, Trigger Value 0), & Knob 1 / 20 (Midi Channel 2) are assigned to Track 1's ProChannel EQ - Low Frequency Gain Knob. The following statement will not satisfy the requirement or expectation of this parameter control connection: I don't press and hold down Switch 13 as I turn Knob 1 in order to increase or decrease the LF Gain Knob; doing this won't allow the switch's midi value to increase the trigger value specify to what has been specify in order to satisfy the "if" statement of this parameter; the midi value will remain at 0. In Alesis VI49 Editor software, I set Switch 1's "Toggle On" midi value to a number that is less than 127; even if I made sure to press Switch 1 to toggle it on, the midi value will not satisfy the parameters trigger value. Now, if I instead changed the trigger value to a number lower than 127 and kept the "Toggle On" value to 127, the toggled on switch will satisfy the specified requirement. In the "Editor" software, I changed the Midi Channel of Knob 1 to channel 2; if I fiddle Knob 1 to increase or decrease the LF Gain Knob, the parameter won't recognize it as the assigned knob because the Knob1 is no longer sending data through Midi Channel 1. Note: a potential satisfying scenario relating to this -- and knobs in general -- would be if I made Knob 1 as an assignment to the LF Gain Knob parameter via "Midi Channel" 2 and "Trigger Value" 50; then, assigned Knob 2 as my "Set Value" knob for the same parameter; as long I keep Knob 1 turned to a midi data value that's equal to or higher than 50, the connection will succeed and I can use Knob 2 to adjust the LF Gain. I hope I explained this clearly 🙃.
  12. I used to write triplets in piano roll window automatically Because when I using the "3" button on the snap tool, it will grid my notes in a triplet way like the picture below But when I open CbB today, I found it can't grid my notes in triplet way, even the "3" button is on. it can only grid them in the ordinary way, like this I tried the "dot" button too, it does not work either. No matter which button is on ("3" or "dot") grid tool will only grid notes in the ordinary way Is it a bug or I change some settings by mistake?
  13. I'm trying to set up a Korg nanoKontrol (mkI) for controlling Cakewalk. I can assign volume sliders and pan knobs, no problem. "Right click -> Remote control... Learn." The transport controls have me beat though. No right click available, no remote control option. As far as I can tell, a controller must be in "Mackie MCU" mode and added as a control surface with an appropriate ACT profile. I'm assuming that "Mackie MCU" is a table of control channel assignments? In which case I should just be able to set the cc's for the nano's transport control buttons. I've asked Google, but it just wants to sell me expensive equipment. Q1) Is my assumption correct? Q2) What are the cc's for the transport controls? Q3) Why can't I just "right click->remote control... learn" like I can with sliders and knobs? Thanks.
  14. Hi guys sorry for noob question, I am trying to change snapshots in Helix Native using Touchdaw, but it doesnt seem to work for me. Is there a needed configuration to make it work? Tho I've done this in Reaper and it does work. Need some help thanks.
  15. Hi, this evening, while I was trying to sync my gear, Cakewalk suddenly had no more midi in or output. I had no problems this afternoon besides the sync issue. I've uninstalled Cakewalk, all of its components and files/folders I could find on my pc, reinstalled it, went through the settings trying several suggestions I found online. Midi works just fine on stand alone vst's and I used Midi-OX to check as well. As of now, even the virtual keyboard inside cakewalk doesn't work. Anyone has any ideas?
  16. Hi - I am suddenly unable to have either Cakewalk or Sonar Platinum 'see' and midi data from my Roland A-800 controller, when everywhere else - Midi Ox running on desktop, stand-alone synths, VST hosting software, all other programs are properly 'seeing' and reacting to midi note on/off events transmitted by the controller. I have restarted Cakewalk, and Sonar Platinum, no change. I have physically pulled and reconnected the midi controller's USB cable to the computer, no change. Also no change turning the midi controller off/on while still connected by the USB cable to the computer. The midi controller (Roland A-800 Pro) IS selected in Midi Devices in Preferences. Again, there is no problem with the controller, as far as other programs behaving as expected and reacting to midi note events when pressing keys on the controller. Lastly, if I play notes with my mouse, in plugin synth instances with keyboards in their UI, the notes trigger proper playing of those note events, so the plugins are working properly in Cakewalk/Sonar, but NOT when I play notes on the midi controller. And, this all just started happening yesterday. I am at a loss, and HOPING you folks can help me figure out what the heck caused this, and how to resolve it. a PROFOUNDLY hopeful - Bob Bone
  17. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  18. Hi Guys, Using an old Technics piano - the original pedal board broke and can't find a replacement (and the cable used has an usual fitting). I am now trying to run a generic Stagg sustain pedal through my td3 drum module which is working, but registering as CC4 rather than CC64 within Cakewalk (going through the foot controller/hi hat input) Is there a way for me to fix this - I want to have the sustain working in real time while I play (just copying over the data once recorded onto the CC64 channel for playback wont do)? Unfortunately I can't see a way of assigning anything to the sustain function within Keyscape (can Midi learn/assign the pedal to everything bar sustain as there is not a sustain knob/button, or specific settings option as in Pianoteq). Many thanks, Alex
  19. https://www.boyss-sound-e-scapes.com/specials.html Ended
  20. Im recording with a midi keyboard on a couple tracks. I was recording on a second instrument track right, and then i soloed the first track, and somehow i was hearing what i recorded on the second track from the first track. but the notes weren't showing up on the clip. Its like it recorded to both but i cant erase it on the one i didnt intend to record it to if it helps, its also funny how when i try to record to that 1st track, and the real time recorded notes on the piano roll come up red, that midi that wasnt supposed to be there is also showing up red as if i was recording it. its not really revealing anything, erasing it doesnt solve the issue Also, when i try to duplicate the track (with effects), those ghost notes also go through Im clueless but also have very little experience with this software so, thanks!
  21. I recently started using the Alesis Q49 MKII USB MIDI keyboard with Cakewalk. My issue is that at times I am able to hear and work with the MIDI keyboard, but most of the times I can't hear anything, even though I can see the keys move in piano roll. I am very new to all things music production, so please go easy on me.
  22. Hi - is there a way to set the default MIDI device so when you open a new track, the input is assigned to that default? Thank you, Steve
  23. Here is what I want to do: I want to separate all tracks of AD2 in to their own audio track, which I do know how to change the inputs(but no audio). I want to see the MIDI, and then convert each source to audio and have it in the track (keeping the mid in a midi track). I see in the Happy Go Lucky song template, there is all the midi data in one track, then it is separated out to audio - also, want to keep it in a DRUMS track folder. What is the most efficient way? Pic 1 looks like the master MIDI, Pic 2 is audio of Kick/Snare/etc Thanks in advance!
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