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  1. I am just curious if other bands run into this kind of situation when the band takes a break during a recording session, where the drummer over takes the piano & vocal mic as his little crony ditches the guitar for the drumset….as I was the only one left in charge of bass and piano on this session, It is apparent that I was quickly ousted. I like to refer to this wild piece of magic as The Drummers Mutiny (Explicit)
  2. Sorry for a long post! I think there's an opportunity to leverage the great work made on the arranger track, to create a fantastic live performance tool. I've been trialling it out, and all the component pieces are there, it just needs a bit of glue / enhancement to make it a really workable option Here's an example project being used for my 80s (ish) cover band, which uses backing / click tracks extensively: Basically, I use the arranger track to create sections for each song, then use track folders to contain my audio backing tracks, Midi data to control outboard gear, Midi control of DMX etc. I then create a track folder for each song, which contains the virtual instruments used to perform the song controlled from my master keyboards. It works surprisingly well! I can re-arrange the set list before any gig using the arrangements functionality During the gig, I can jump to any track I want by clicking on it - it cues it up instantly I use a workspace to remove any GUI components not needed I use Mix recall to move between live and playback scenes The Live scene plays the project, and allows recording on any track that's armed The Playback scene plays back audio, and sends recorded midi data to the vsts After rehearsal, I can adjust the mix, effects, instrumentation etc in context of other band members performance At a gig (hopefully soon!) it makes it easy to do a virtual soundcheck Importantly, (which could be a big USP for cakewalk), I can view notation, chords and lyrics via the staff view during the performance - perfect! Once you've had the ability to glance over and see notation / lead sheets synced up perfectly with the backing track you really don't want to go back... To bring this all together and make it easier to use I'm thinking of perhaps a new project file format (.cwl - cakewalk live), which when opened changes the behaviour of the arranger track to make it more suitable to live performance. It could also be achieved by a toggle switch on the arranger menu, which could be simpler for the bakers I guess? There's a lot of options that could be included in the set-list version of the arranger window - I'm sure others have ideas, but my initial thoughts would be 1. Add a separate right click context menu to each song in the set list, along the lines of: With this context menu you could define some additional properties for the song The Play mode, which determines what happens when the playhead reaches the end of the song Continue, pause at end of song, loop song The tempo and key of the song Yes, I know you can insert tempo and key changes in the timeline, but would be a nice to have to be able to set this on a song basis! 2. When creating a song section, a linked track folder is created with the same name as the song section The linked track folder is only displayed when the song is selected Any virtual instruments within the track folder are bypassed (muted), unless the playhead is within the song This would tidy up the project view and make it easier to manage, and avoid the current situation of having to draw automation to mute each virtual instrument outside of the song it's used for I have a bunch of other ideas, but this post is long enough already.. If there's any interest I can add more 😁 Cheers, Matt
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if there is a way to master tune a VST (Soft Synth) for live performance in cakewalk.(i.e 428 HZ) Thanks, Sam PS: My midi controller doesn't have this option
  4. Hi , I am new to Cakewalk and am hoping somebody can help me on the shifting ovate up and down while using VST instrument for live performance. I am an intermediate pianist and use Piano VSTs for playing/practicing. I recently installed free IOWA piano VST .The quality of samples are not the best in the world but is very good for a free VST ,in particular I liked the singing of high and mid registers similar to an acoustic piano, however there is a problem with this VST which it is offset -1 octave when I play with my Roland FP-30. The shifting octave works on MIDI tracks using Inspector or on recorded audio tracks using Transpose in Process menu, however it did notwork for live performance . Also I tried to shift octave on the Roland FP-30 first then load the VST, it did not work either. Is any idea how o fix this issue? Thanks, Saeed
  5. Howdy - I have always wanted to play out, the Toto song Rosanna, but was always stumped by one aspect of the instrumental middle section of the song, and how to replicate it live - though THEY seem to be able to do it. In the closing section of the keyboard lead in the middle of the song, there are a series of pitch bends applied to chords - G major chords, in different inversions, starting with the root position of the chord, and bending each of three notes down to the corresponding lower pitch of the next lowest inversion, before then playing the next higher inversion and repeating the downward pitch bend back down to the prior inversion, etc.... SO - there never used to be a way to accomplish the above, outside of tracking each note separately in the studio, as each pitch bend had to move a different interval downward. For example, start with a simple G major chord, with intervals 1-3-5 and notes G-B-D. That then bends all 3 notes down to different pitch bend intervals - going from 1-3-5 (G-B-D) down to 6-1-3 (D-G-B), which involves the G bending down a 4th, the B bending down a 3rd, and the D bending down a 3rd. The next set of bends starts with the next highest G inversion (1st inversion) up from initial root form, with intervals 3-5-1 (B-D-G), and bending down to the root chord again 1-3-5 (G-B-D) so the pitch bends of the notes are the B down a 3rd, the D down a 4rd, and the G down a 4th. SO, each chord applies a combination of different pitch bend intervals for the 3 notes in each inversion of the G major chord, and was impossible to play live, on a single keyboard, at the time it was released. AND YET - if you watch any of the live performances of late, showing the keyboard solo being played, they are somehow able to accomplish those multi-intervalic pitch bends, and I would like to understand how I can replicate doing that for live performance. Apologies for the lengthy explanation of the issue - it has stumped me for years - does anybody have some sort of way I can accomplish doing this live? Is it some sort of polyphonic portamento? Bob Bone
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