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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm struggling to configure my laptop to play sound from Cakewalk, and don't know how to troubleshoot it, so I wondered if anyone has any pointers please? The audio files are fine ( as I can play them back via my Zoom L20 mixer on ASIO), and I can also open and play the files on my main PC, but for some reason the laptop ain't having it! The laptop audio works fine for all other purposes (either direct from the built in speakers OR to my bluetooth earbuds.) I've attached a couple of shots to show what I'm seeing, so any thoughts on what is the optimal configuration for this would be much appreciated. I must be honest I don't understand the differences in the WASAPI etc. etc. dropdown list, and am not sure if this is the issue. (I know that in the shot the Realtek outputs aren't ticked but even when they are I still don't get sound) Many thanks in advance Edward
  2. Hello all! Last night I was doing a follow up recording on a project at a remote location with my laptop. After setting up and queuing up the song, the program just shut down without any warning messages or recovery messages. I turned off the computer and restarted X3e as an administrator. When we began to record from the beginning of the song it worked fine. But when I tried to punch in and record, the new recording shifted to the left and some of the original music track was overwritten. I've recorded using this method plenty of times without issue. I tried other songs and it would do the same thing, record an original track then if doing punch ins the freshly recorded punch in would shift to the left. I'm thinking the abrupt shutdown of the program has something to do with it but I cannot find any correlations. It records normally then when I stop recording it shifts to the left. Its not a latency issue. I am using a USB glyph drive that I checked for errors and there were none, and there aren't any fragments. Also using Steinberg audio interface. Any help or direction would be helpful.
  3. Any pros or cons to these laptops? Like noise level? Except on occasion, my Alienware is near dead quiet. https://pcaudiolabs.com/rok-box-mobile-series/
  4. I know it's too late for Winter NAMM, but where are the Cakewalk by BandLab laptop stickers? Everybody has laptop stickers! We're almost two years into the grand experiment, it's working beyond our (or mine, anyway) wildest dreams, ain't it time to raise that universal hipster coffeehouse flag? My laptop has no stickers on it, but if they were available, I would slap a Cakewalk by BandLab one on there in an instant. And then go out to a coffeehouse just so I could be seen with it on my ancient Dell Inspiron. 😁
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