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Found 9 results

  1. treesha


    Playing around, trying to learn kontakt stuff, and this turned up. I think it is an ode to 2020, part side show, part gloom dancing together under the arp. Wearing blue gloves. Hope 2021 makes more sense. Thanks for listening, treesha
  2. Juan Madera

    El Oro

    Hi, im new in this forum, i use Cakewalk to make a instrumental song, the song is like 70's Rock/Blues, Im Mexican and my English is regular (i hope so jajaja), i hope that your understand me, although the music is a universal lenguage. Si hay alguien que habla español jajajaja, soy nuevo en este foro e hice una cancion en cakewalk, tiene un estilo como de los 70's, espero que me puedan apoyar y darme recomendaciones u opiniones ya sea buenas o malas, ya que soy de los que creen que a pesar de todo, siempre hay algo en que mejorar. i dont know how embed youtube :( , so this is the youtube song
  3. I have been listening to a bit of surf music by several artist (e.g., the Surfphonics, Atlantics, Surfrajettes, Eliminators, etc.). So I thought that I might give it a go on a new surf instrumental. I have been thinking about doing a video along with it. However, I would appreciate any input on the song before I attempt the video. Thanks!!! NIGHT STORM ON SEA https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481 VIDEO Night Storm On Sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQKYSxaTZ_o
  4. Have a great day everybody, stay safe Oh ya I also made a video of this track here Enjoy
  5. A song for my late doggie. I just lost her in January. I miss her terribly. 💔 I don't know if I'm happy with the mix. I just got the Electronic piano expansion pack for EZ Keys. I started the idea with acoustic grand piano but I thought I'd plug in the electronic one to see how it works. Not sold on it yet for this one, but changing out this one for the acoustic one is a very easy task. My problem with it is it seems to get extremely loud on the last verse. Open for suggestions to tweaks. Just don't expect me to hire a real orchestra for the "fake sounding strings". I just got Session Strings Pro 2 and there's a learning curve to it. EDIT-Made some adjustments to it this morning (6/27/19). So if you checked it out prior to 6/27/19 @ 8:55 AM EST, it's (a little) different now. 🙂 https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/gingers-song 🙂John B.
  6. Some of you may remember this one; I thought I might redo a tune I did a few years ago, using some plugins I recently added to my collection. As usual, comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy, and comment/like/subscribe if you feel inclined! or...
  7. So I found this project laying around in one of my thumb drives, and it was a bundle so most of the stems were intact, which is great because it had enabled me to clean up the mix a bit and add some better mastering to it.
  8. I decided to take an old MIDI that I had composed years ago and had been lying around and master it with some editing and re-arrangement of the bass, acoustic guitar and percussion tracks here and there. Used SCVA, Sonitus FX, Cakewalk's Plugins and Amplitube 4.
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