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  1. 2019.11 Hotfix Release Candidate (HFRC) installer now available! Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the official 2019.11 release! This hotfix addresses all problems reported and reproduced since then based on field reports and user feedback. We have also made some improvements to WASAPI mode and fixed some long standing issues to improve device compatibility. Please continue to report any issues in the 2019.11 feedback thread. We plan to officially release this hotfix very soon, so any early testing would be appreciated. Note: The HFRC installer will either update the original 2019.11 release or the prior early access HFEA1 build 59. Please choose the appropriate installer based on the version you are running. Download Hotfix RC for original 2019.11 release Download Hotfix RC for prior early access HFEA1 build 59 What's New WASAPI Shared mode now supports all audio sample rates. This is independent of an audio device's supported native sample rates. All other sample rates will be sample rate converted to the native format. This provides a convenient mechanism to to open even a 384K project on a laptop and play it through its onboard audio device. Full Screen mode now persists globally instead of per project i.e. you can only toggle Full Screen mode via the Full Screen mode button or by pressing F11. Closing or opening projects or switching workspaces will no longer exit Full Screen mode. Track icons are now shown by default in the Console view when using the Basic and Record workspaces. Note: Factory workspaces are always overwritten when installing a new release. If you need to customize a factory workspace, please save your workspace as a new name to prevent it from getting overwritten by a future Cakewalk release. MIDI playback buffer size default value has been raised to 200 milliseconds to accommodate system timing variations and prevent dropped notes on some systems. If you ran the prior .11 release you will have to manually change it to 200 (if you are experiencing dropped notes or noticeable dropouts) Fixes Glitchy audio playback with WASAPI on some devices - particularly with onboard audio since updating to 2019.11 Crash if an ASIO device was disconnected while in use by the application Glitches in WASAPI audio playback since updating to 2019.11 Application could freeze when recording or playing back MIDI under certain buffer settings Onboarding dialog opens unexpectedly after updating to 2019.11 Intermittent Control Bar Transport module progress bar related crash Recording in WASAPI and WDM could record audio at wrong speed depending on selected order of devices in Preferences dialog box Latency slider value was not displayed in WASAPI Shared mode Closing the application with toast notification showing could cause a crash Help > Get Started menu option missing from localized versions of Cakewalk Switching driver modes crashes during playback Melodyne opens without blobs focused in 2019.11 Audio devices fail to open in WASAPI Shared mode at non default sample rates
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