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  1. Hello guys. I would like to ask if there is a way to keep the maximized EQ panel for cakewalk pinned while selecting multiple tracks? Currently when you select a different track the maximized eq panel gets closed. It would be nice to have the option to keep it open while it automatically changes the eq corresponding to the currently selected track. Thanks.
  2. To me, it's all about getting the now time, the start play time and, start record time where I want it in the quickest way possible. However, we don't always set nor want to set a marker. In fact, we don't always know when we need a marker. So, how about if when a user hovers over a clip, a pop-up appears that lets a user choose to move the start time to that clip's start time? Or let the user right click on a clip and have an option to 'Make this the Now Time'.
  3. I've been using Cakewalk for decades and it blows my mind that the DAW lets me group clips, but when I click on the 1st clip in a group, the Properties view shows the start time as Multi. If I'm grouping clips, wouldn't you think I'd want to be able to know when the time when the group starts? BTW: I do want to know that.
  4. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow users to enable a separate auto save file. This will be very useful in many cases especially in crashes or even when the user accidentally overwrites the original project, making it easier save the original by using the auto save recovery file. This feature is very useful in other softwares like blender, a 3d modelling software. I hope cakewalk would soon have a feature similar to this in the near future. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys. I would like to propose a lock toggle feature that would allow users to zoom out the track view X axis & Y axis at the same time. Currently I bleieve you can only zoom out axis separately through hotkeys or buttons. This would be helpful in cases where users would like to have a better control zooming in or zooming out inside the track view UI. Thanks.
  6. Say I have a clip in track 5 and I want to copy and paste it somewhere. It appears the default is track 1. To me, most often people want to copy and paste something within the same track, so how about setting the default as the track where the copied clips currently reside? Or, do I just need to be educated how to change the default track? Ideally, it is not a number, but an origin. Again, wherever the copied clips currently reside.
  7. Is it possible to add a feature (which can be enabled/disabled) of automatic before/after gain match on plugin window like this plugin? I think it should be a standard built-in feature in all plugin / fx windows of any DAW. Or.. at least input/output knobs and meters like most guitar amp sims provided. EDIT : Edited to make it more understandable.
  8. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to easily navigate the theme editor by including an actual reference of the theme UI. Currently the only possible way is to browse around the editor to find the element you want to edit. This is a great workflow already but this new feature would probably make it easier especially to those users who want to quickly select and edit a specific UI element. I am not to familiar with theme editor in cakewalk but I was planning to make my own flat theme. I am not sure if that is currently possible but it would be nice to have all the bevels, emboss, and shadows to be override/removed to have a flat UI. I am also currently having a hard time identifying if those UI element I have selected are the right ones. I hope it would be added soon if possible. Thanks cakewalk dev team.
  9. Some of the best features to me are the ones that save users time and therefore make their workflow easier. Ideally this is done by shortening how many clicks or numbers are typed in to accomplish something. For example, I'm off listening back to a tune and suddenly hear where I need to do a punch in. So I click stop (the space bar) right around where I want to punch in. It's real drag to have to type in the exact time or measure and beat where I want to punch in. So how about making the default record start time be whatever the now time is? If a user doesn't want that, then no big deal, the user does what we've always done: Type in the start time we want. But if the user wants the now time to be the record start time, then the user is saved from having to enter in the record time.
  10. Add “Insert Meter/Key” and “Insert Tempo” to the Track View and the PRV right click popup menus (shown below). Currently to insert a new tempo for example, one must open the Tempo View, then open the Tempo List, then click “+”. Similar steps to insert a Meter/Key change. If you are working in full screen PRV or Staff, this is a distraction.
  11. Hi, in the media browser, you can preview MIDI files before you import them into the project. These can be auditioned through any soft synth and the Synth Preview Output submenu lets you select the soft synth for previewing MIDI files, however: it's not possible to select also the midi channel that you want to use in the soft synth that you have selected for previewing the MIDI file So I would like to gently ask if it's possible to consider to add this possibility too. When you use a multichannel soft synth instrument (most common one Kontakt for example) it will be very useful to have the possibility to select also what midi channel to use for previewing, or you are "blocked" on midi channel 1 and the instrument loaded into. Many thanks for your time
  12. As gain and pan envelopes, I would like to change the pitch via envelope (no changing the whole pitch for the entire clip). With this we'll be able to make "a kind" of tape stop effect (for example). I think there is no other way to do it, right?
  13. There have been major improvements to Cakewalk lately. The Arranger and now Articulation Maps is INCREDIBLE. but, I can't stress this enough: Having an arranger track that is not visible within the PRV window is a seriously downside. Especially if I want to use an arranger track essentially as a chord track. I've mentioned this before, but I'm posting it again, since the latest version still lacks it. This would drastically improve the usability of the arranger track for composers. Even if I use PRV docked in the multi-dock and don't maximize it, it doesn't line up with the track view, making that not a workable work around. Please, Please, Please implement the option to turn on the arranger track in the PRV.
  14. Super Simple. Instead of having to bring up the track properties (right side), to change the write mode, it should be in the write automation icon right-click menu as well:
  15. could you add a mic fader i know people use usb mics and just getting to music recording and cant afford a interface. it would be a great feature for the daw
  16. Simple. Just like how the Clip FX bin icon is always in the upper right of a clip, I'd like the clip title to always be visible on the upper left. Example: I have zoomed in and am missing the clip title: If I scroll a little left: I shouldn't have to scroll to the start of a clip to see its name. In my workflows (film) I do a LOT of clip naming as there are tons of tracks and samples split all over the place. thanks!
  17. It would be useful to be able to add an effects rack similar to ableton live, so that the effects are applied in parallel and those effects can be an effect chain or more effects rack.
  18. It would be useful to be able to automatically create buses associated with a group and route the tracks in the group to that group.
  19. In the tracks view it would be useful to be able to have an unlimited number of nested groups and not be limited to just one level.
  20. Good day Bakers, CbB staff and CbB members. How ya'll doing? Busy times with project requests as we slowly coming out of this world-wide pandemic. So, I was busy working on some drums and inserted the free SSD5 drums - tweaked it to taste, to create the "Motown Room" feel. So, now as I'm busy inserting my reverb - an idea came up. I then went to the vocals and guitars and tried this idea on them, but with no luck. There's a few work arounds, but they're useless and not that great. So here it is . . . Step 1: Insert a virtual instrument of your choice and lay down some chords or notes. Set all it's verb and delay FX to dry. (Or leave it as is, as this is only to demonstrate the request.) STEP 2: Next to your instrument track, create an "Audio Track" and route it's (audio track) "input" to your instrument track as "Stereo." Insert a reverb or delay set it to wet and Voila - now you have an independent "sidechain or Dry/Wet effect track. Great for EDM, Future Bass, House and similar genres. Now what I have noticed is . . . This can't be done with Normal Audio and Aux tracks to work on guitars or vocals this way. Would it be possible to add this feature for both Audio and Aux Tracks too? For Aux tracks, it will simply be for effects on group tracks - and for audio track, it will be to create your own Wet/Dry "effect " with some compressors that dont have the wet/dry feature build in. This will also be another independent way for sidechaining your 808Kick sample or bass guitar or other audio bassline files. It will be extremely beneficial, especially when doing "Mastering." Thanks.
  21. Simple. Just like how you can right-click on the metronome play / record toggle buttons in the control bar and it'll bring up the metronome settings. I'd like one even better for dim solo since it really only has one setting to adjust, which is -dB. Right click on the dim solo button should pop open an toggle to switch between the -6, -12, and -18db solo options. Basic, not super important, but a subtle nicety. Cheers.
  22. When going through comps, I'd like an easy way to tag clips / clip groups with a rating. In the past I've changed the clip color, but that's not super practical. Basically, I want to listen to each take and if I hear pure gold, snip the clip for that take and mark it 5 stars. And similarly if it's a good, but not amazing take, snip it and rate it 4 stars. This makes it easier to identify the great clips later on to move around. This is especially nice if I plan on moving overlapping takes. IE: I have a couple 5 star takes in verse 1 and I want to move one of them over to verse 2 if I find out that verse2 only had 4 star takes. Please make it key bindable tool. ideally I'd use something like control + numpad 1-5 for these ratings and then maybe the star rating would show up next to where the clip fx bin is. Grazi.
  23. Very simple feature. I love how auto-focus (or no auto-focus) allows you to see multi-color midi notes from other tracks: But I don't want to switch track focus or trigger the other track when I click on a non-focused note (for example, I'm really just trying to double a note). And this is why we have "auto lock" feature. But auto lock turns all the other track note colors to grey. /sad_face. Functionality wise, these options behave EXACTLY as they should. I just want an visibility option to enable colors for non-focused tracks in auto lock mode. This should be a toggle, since it's also VERY useful to have all other tracks grayed out so it's less distracting at times. Workflows necessitate both colored and grey background tracks at times. Cheers.
  24. I know that some people may find this silly, but I figure I might as well ask, even as silly as it might be to most. I have 2 monitors in my studio, as such: I'm working on films quite a bit and when I want to audition my score / sound edits, I start play back and look above to watch the film. The challenge is that I get distracted by everything that's going on in the main cakewalk window. If I minimize Cakewalk, it minimizes the video view window as well. It'd be nice if maybe there was a "no distraction mode" where the main view was opaque and dark, so it doesn't distract when auditioning. My current go to in lieu of this is to open up an image and max it out over the main monitor during playback, like this: I know it's likely a one off that many other people don't care about, but if it happens to be low hanging fruit, I figured I'd at least ask :). Thank you bakers for all that you do.
  25. I'd like to be able to manipulate midi CC data via nodes with options, like jump, linear, fast curve, slow curve. This would make adjustments quite a bit easier for me and the visual easier to understand as well. I'm doing a lot of orchestral style instruments lately and being able to click a couple nodes and set to slow curve, would simplify drawing in the curve manually. And it'd make fine tuning it a bit easier, as you could just drag nodes around instead of re-drawing the curve.
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