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  1. I hear some other DAWs have that feature. It allows for hearing high frequencies better as everything is lowered by half. If you're 30+ years old you may find it useful as your hearing deteriorates with age.
  2. This is something that is possible to do in REAPER: On CbB, all you have is changing a DSP option in a external options file and that may not even do anything. While I can dial lower latencies with REAPER with WASAPI shared, on CbB, I seem to be stuck in 400ms with no provisions of changing it.
  3. Studio One has a nice feature to rename a project. This option renames the file and all subsequent project and audio files to the new file name. This is helpful because most people don't have a title when they start a new song (I always start as "Tune 1", "Tune 2", etc....) or sometimes you want to just change a name, but when you do a "Save As" with Cakewalk, all the old audio clips from the older projects still have "Tune 1" in them or whatever your previous project name was. Would be nice to have this in Cakewalk.
  4. Would be nice to have a way to see the elapsed time between two points in the timeline, similar to video the one found in some editing programs. It's useful for scoring for video, but also to arrange songs.
  5. Hi! I wanted to propose an option: create a "Group track" similar to other DAWs, eg. - Cubase. Currently you can create groups only through "Point Patch - AUX track" or creating new BUS, it is no problem, but it would be much more convenient and faster to have a direct option to specifically create a Group TRACK with all the requirements and routing available in audio track. Thanks in advance!
  6. For many years I have been working at DAW from the Cakewalk company, and all these years I think that our program is missing a small Quantize pane in the Piano Roll. This could have been the controls for coantise and swing right during the playback of the fragment. It might look like a panel from Logic Pro X, although there is something similar in Cubase. Personally, I like the Logic Pro X version more and it seems convenient, although the Cakewalk team can certainly make their version no worse. Thanks in advance! I attach the screen.
  7. Hi! It would be nice if the curves (track envelopes, clip envelopes, fade in and fade out) had a middle point to ease manage the tension of the curve. Now, we have to select (using right click) between 3 predefined: linear, slow curve, fast curve, jump (only for track/clip envelopes) which it's quite limited and slow. Here, a serum vst example image, showing this tensions points: Here a gif showing and example in LFOTool vst plugin Thanks!
  8. With multiple tracks selected, “Lock Height” locks all selected tracks. Seems more intuitive and reduces clicks.
  9. Last month i was with my cousin who uses Ableton Live and he was teaching me how to use it and i was having fun . And then i was thinking "what if cakewalk had this feature". The feature was called "Tempo Following" The tempo following feature allows any audio that you drag in matches the tempo you already set doesn't matter what the tempo of audio file is exported in. I believe it would help producers who are beginners with there creativity.
  10. It would be great if clip colors and names were kept when bouncing. Eg, let's say I made my chorus clips yellow, and there are two of them. If I bounce them together, they revert to the default clip coloring. In this case, the already selected colors should be kept - why not? If two clips have different colors, the first one could be used. Same for clip names - bounce two clips together the new clip name is empty. Why not keep the first one, and append "bounced" or even concatenate the names. If the name exists in that track, maybe add a "#2" etc like FL Studio does. Degenerate case: select a single clip and bounce it, and the name and color is lost. This obviously shouldn't happen. These are just two examples of areas where cakewalk works against you - in the end I'd rather not bother coloring or naming things is it's going to be constantly wiped away.
  11. I think it would be nice to see the picture of the recording (the waveform) inverted while switching the phase over. It wouldn't be just nice but also informative in a way and also intuitive if you feel what I mean. I can't explain it better.
  12. I've been learning to love the way Cakewalk looks, but still there are some things that I would love to see implemented: * The option to change the default coloring scheme from black background/colored waveform to colored background/black waveform. * Waveform outline color available to change in preferences/colors, or waveform outline changed automatically to black if the coloring scheme is changed as in the first request. * An additional option in View/Display/ Vertical grid lines: Behind waveform but in front of media background, so we can see the grid lines but not as strong and intrusive as when they are in front of the waveform or the midi notes. Right now there are basically two options for the grid lines in Track view: Too visible, or not visible at all. I want the grid lines just to be visible enough. Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi Allow me to describe situation example: I have recorded guitar on three tracks: two micks and one line. 9 takes so i have 9 take lanes on each track. Now when I do comping I really would like to do it on all three tracks (and all 27 take lanes) in the same time. Grouping the clips does not work well for take lanes. My friend showed me on Logic a cool feature - comping multiple take lanes across more than one track - when you do comping on one track the same operation is instantly done on every other track (and it's lanes) in selected group of tracks. I know that everyone who tried it at least once in Ligic is positively surprised how easy this can be. Could we make it so easy in CbB, please? Below on YT video you can see how it works in Logic (from 2:14): https://youtu.be/6FjeIpDgfi8
  14. I'd like to request an option to stop viewing the information box that is displayed while drawing an automation line in the piano roll view. Sometimes I have to make fine adjustments of an automation line in the freehand style and that information box just keeps getting in the way. It would be a great enhancement in the workflow. Thank you.
  15. An option that lets you change the background color for all the clips in one track, keeping the same foreground color for all the tracks and vice versa (without having to do it manually in the properties) EXAMPLES: First Mode: Second Mode:
  16. Idk if I posting this in the right place but here's my idea. I've noticed a few times that it would be useful to be able to individually freeze audio & Midi clips, It would work like normal freezing but only on one clip, I think this would be useful because it would make the process of freezing a single clip faster as instead of making a new track just to freeze & later delete you could just right click on the selected clip & click freeze. I've seen multiple other DAWs do this & I think & have always found it useful. (Also I love being able to drag the different windows out of the main one don't ever change that please)
  17. Hi, Longtime user of Cakewalk..... I think the prochannel could really use a large VU Meter plugin. The console emulation has some smaller ones but it would be nice to have a dedicated large as possible VU meter to the already great prochannel. Regards Craig
  18. When lock centering or justifying the Control Bar, the Custom Module Medium Background is used to fill in the Control Bar's empty spaces. This can have some "mixed" results when repainting the background to accommodate some themes: - YLIP pg 120 I would like to request using the Background Fill graphic (currently unused?) to fill in the Control Bar's empty spaces instead.
  19. I was thinking about this today - As convenient as the Instruments panel in the browser window is to drag VST instruments over to create new tracks, I have several Track Templates that have split audio or Pro Channel settings baked in so I use Track Templates instead. Wouldn't it be great if we could have the same kind of hierarchical panel for Track Templates as well? That way my most commonly used templates would be available for drag-n-drop rather than having to right-click, insert track template, choose template type, choose template. Thoughts?
  20. Then I would assign it to a keyboard shortcut and I would be in heaven! That would be a real time saver. Many times I want to repeat the last command - for example when I experiment with smthng, say transposing or reversing one clip and I hear that its good decision, then in order to repeat that command to another clip or bunch of clips I have to go through same process again which is again few clicks instead of one. Even toy like AudaCity had this feature and it was really handy. My little wish Cheers
  21. Hi! I have been using Cakewalk DAWs for many years, and have long dreamed - in the process of adding VST Instrument, to be able to select the exact number of audio output channels from VST Instr. It would be great to have the same option, which is already there - "Instrument track per output", but something like "Audio tracks per output" with the option to choose the number of channels. For now this option is available only for "Instrument track ..." At the moment I am condemned to select the option "All synth audio outputs", to have automatic routing of VSTI multi-output, and then eliminate the excess channels. For example, Kontakt creates 64 (!!!) audio tracks, of which 10 to 15 remain. This option could save a lot of time to do a simple operation of adding VST instruments, many users would be really happy I think!
  22. Hi! In each project, every time you have to re-configure the options for displaying meters in three places - in the general window, in the mixing console and in the "inspector". This is rather long and inconvenient, is it possible to add a section to the "general settings" of the Cakewalk where you can select these options in advance for all future new projects? Thanks in advance!
  23. With projects getting larger and seemingly taking longer to load I would like to suggest being able to abort mid-loading for those times we have to sit there for a minute or two knowing we've already clicked the wrong project.
  24. 1. Fix what we have now In browser pane, when we type in something it quickly searches. When we search something with a long name, or when we mistype something & we wait a bit, it starts the search & CbB becomes unresponsive until the results come up. This can be annoying sometimes, when the collection of samples is huge. So, it would be better if Cakewalk looked for it after hitting the Return/Enter key. 2. Additional Feature It would be good to see the sample waveform somewhere in the browser, like in Ableton, Studio One, Reaper and all. It can quickly give the producer an idea about the sample.
  25. There is a new arranger, but it works to arrange some parts of a track, while i cannot define for example which pattern (clip) to assign with the arranger clip. i mean if i had few similar clips, i'd like to assign them with one arranger-clip and move it and copy or anything - i can't, so i drag a clip to arranger, but nothing happens. So the midi poll is about to store all my used midi clips for a project for a fast drag and drop. but also it would be nice to use it with arranger to activate it at any time or per instrument, it's quite different behaviour, more like a dj, when you have drums but plays your instrument-line with one click and if i had that clip associated with arranger and some instruments, then maybe it will activate those instruments and play that pattern for selected arrangement (or something) i'm not sure how many people performs live with soft-synths, but when you got some prepared track - well, why not using those clips? it's not that new or unique feature - ableton has lines of same (clips) patterns that can be activated all at once or separately and fruity loops had something like this too in drum-machine patterns section So if we got few arranger tracks on top, we also have A -section on the left and there are Sections and arrangements just put few midi clips from exact instrument to arrangement and those will be associated with section and define its boundaries, also find same clips and mark it. So basically all used clips should be duplicated in arranger and if it is "tied" clips (from copy paste) - they had to be there and also we should know which instruments are used there, for a fast mute or just info, and some runtime mode to use it interactively (save original scene and write a new one) . And in the right pane we got fx and notes, it would be nice to see all midi patterns used, just with one more button.
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