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  1. Hi, does CbB support MIDI plugins for instrument tracks, like MIDI Polysher or does it have such features onboard? I would like to set a note range for layered/splitted instruments and filter modwheel or other CC for some instruments.
  2. I'm guessing you'll eventually get around to this, but coloring events by track, and automatically including events by the clip/track selections in the arranger seems to be in order. Same methodology as the Piano Roll. I don't use the event list often, but opened it because someone had mentioned it.
  3. If you did not know, Pro Tools just released an app on iPad that allows users to move faders and all kinds of cool stuff. Not sure that'll ever come to Cakewalk but I was thinking that could be a really cool addition, like a remote control of sorts, for android based phones and tablets. https://www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-control
  4. Would really be nice to be able to split audio by selection. This would split it at the beginning and ending of the current selection making the selection a separate clip.
  5. Hi guys. These last days I've been struggling with finding an easy way to bounce midi information into audio tracks. I've been using a Drum VST (among others) that doesn't allow multiple outputs so this task has been very tedious for me. I've tried the CAL method too, but it has displayed some errors while creating the tracks. By now the easiest way I've found to achieve this is to paste as many VST tracks as drum parts the song has, and bounce them individually into audio. It would be so cool to have a feature like the one shown in the video in Cakewalk, cause since I've moved into this DAW, the experience has been amazing and I'd love everyone to use this software. The last DAW I used was Studio One and it has this easy way to bounce midi notes into audio. Greetings and have a nice one!
  6. Greetings. From the old documentation, it seems that Cakewalk used to have a way to export markers. This is currently not available (or I've been unable to find it). Could you please add the feature to export markers? Preferably to a text file. Thanks!
  7. Not urgent; just thought it might be handy to have internet and file linking abilities from Note Browser. Thanks. Reason for withdrawing feature request: In another thread, someone posted links to a couple of third-party note-taking tools that might be more useful than implementing the suggestion above. Also, there are other Cakewalk features, tweaks, improvements, etc. that would be more of a priority.
  8. Hi, I'm cakewalk and sonar user in Tokyo. I want a Global shuffle(swing) function.(same function in Propellerhead Reason) It can adjust the grooves of selected tracks in realtime. but it not changes the data of MIDI clips. (and except for clips of step sequencers,because step sequencer has own swing parameter) Because I want to adjust the grooves while playing. I'm using MIDI plugin to do it. but it need to adjust at each tracks. Thanks
  9. Has this been thought of before, and how doable is it ? A little floating theme preview window with a refresh button to see your changes immediately. Instead of having to switch over and reload the theme in Cakewalk while editing, this solution provides an easier workflow for graphics designers Perhaps a few example UI elements laid out in an pseudo-functional sample so you can see how all of your elements would look inside of Cakewalk together, how your hover images look, how your faders and knobs look when tweaked, etc. It'd be great to have this feature as part of the theme editor, avoiding having to have Cakewalk open to unload/load your theme while editing theme graphics would be amazing.
  10. Well i know there's a "process effect" function to use fx on selected part and a way with using bus+FX that can be enabled\disabled\send_volume, but actually i think that enable\disable fx should be done with automation lane there's about a 50 automation parameters for TH3 and it's hard to find where is it, some other fxs doesn't have such function at all. i'd suggest write automation for on\off button in fx bin & || add dry\wet auto lane for each fx in fx bin it is resized pretty much, but it is amplitube4 - it has just some [param 1-16] for automation
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