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About Me

  1. Cosmic, symphonic, mind-blowing ✨ This track is not just a collection of notes and sounds. This cosmic rhythm is a slowed-down breath of time, a flight into the heart of the impossible. This is my sincere tribute to the achievement of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the general designer Sergey Korolev, which took place on April 12, 1961. I am not a professional musician. Music is my hobby. And creating this composition took almost a year and a half of my life, but every note is a drop of energy dedicated to the heroism of Yuri Gagarin! 💫 Inspired by the music of Zodiac, Jean Michel Jarre, melodies from the cartoon "Secrets of the Third Planet", I tried to convey not only sounds, but the emotion of space, the energy and power of that moment of launch that ignited the space age around the world. It's not just music - it's a story! The dialogues of Gagarin and Korolev, the voice of the announcer on the radio, which excited every inhabitant of the Soviet Union during the broadcast - everything takes off with the music! ✨ Come with me on this space trip! I'm waiting for your impressions and comments! 🎶 PS. You can download this song or my entire collection on Bandcamp for free! https://asatomaa.bandcamp.com/track/interstellar-tribute-to-gagarin
  2. Hello, a new personal interpretation about my life in this period ... enjoy and , if you want , let me know what do you think about or what would you change
  3. Hello everybody another song to add to your djset ... and what else ... Enjoy EB
  4. hello , this new track have a teste of JazzHouse for your Dj set o simply to enjoy & relax yourself EB https://soundcloud.com/e2studio/sea-watcher?si=2f1e20b4a71443b4b9114ed8f63cf5b8&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  5. Just a demo song create with the new TONE2 Synth https://www.bandlab.com/elix_england/lets-dance-tonight-bf9cc8a9?revId=7a1b984b-1f0a-ee11-907c-000d3a41ef61 Enjoy E.
  6. This remix is dedicated to the feat of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who on April 12, 1961 did the impossible 🚀 The composition contains voices from the mission control center, Yuri Gagarin and the news about the flight. I calibrated each instrument in terms of sound in accordance with the original track. In total, the work on the track took about three months. This is probably one of my coolest compositions at the moment. Cosmic, symphonic, mind-blowing ✨ And I also dedicate this composition to Ray Lynch himself, who is already 80 years old 🔥 https://asatomaa.bandcamp.com/track/celestial-soda-pop-gagarin-tribute-remix
  7. Greetings. There used to a very cool “drum kit” that came stock with Session Drummer 2 & 3 back when our DAW was still called Sonar that was samples of an awesome drum machine … I think. It was called “Dark Lord of the Seth.” I loved the sound of this kit but now I can’t seem to find anything like it. I was wondering if any of you electronic drum gurus might happen to know what drum machine was used for those samples? That way maybe I can find something similar. I need those sounds back. Loved the kick, snare and hi hat. If not, could somebody recommend something with comparable sounds? Just for a refresher of the sounds, here’s a song I did using it from many years ago. You can really hear it during the breakdown at the 1:48 mark of the video below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Y1NLsfvt4
  8. Hi guys, My eclectic musical ensemble Disconnected Souls has recently released a new track called Kintsukuroi. I'd describe this one as being a ballad fused with some heavy djenty guitar, electronics, orchestral and world influences. There are some interesting concepts and instrumentation that we explore If you get chance to listen I hope you enjoy! Comments/feedback/criticism always welcomed. Best wishes, Matthew
  9. You may recognize parts of this track. Mixed and mastered in Cakewalk. Tomorrow Never Knows (Scott Dough x Soundtweaker Jungle Rework) by SCOTT DOUGH (WorldSound / No Dough Dub) Thanks for watching!
  10. Remixed to bring out the vocal track a little more using spectralayers with Jack & Bjorn's comments in mind
  11. Byron Dickens

    Solar Wind

    Sailing on the solar winds. Space music. Done mostly on the Korg X3 along with a few things from the DSF Proteus library.
  12. Saga - Tired World - A song I liked for many years, recorded 1978 the first time so it was time I made a cover of it. I did fake the solo part at 2 places as they where to fast to play and trust me, I really tried but you cannot see nor here exact where... I will tell you if you wanna know and also how I did it. Software used for the fake part was Audacity but I so all base recordings with Audacity and transfer them later to Cakewalk, after I Normalized them and also reduced noises. The drums sounded very static first, a drum machine with real recorded drums so I fiddled some with the high hat and added a delay to it and suddenly, the drums sounded as realistic as they can be I guess. My version is running in 93 bpm and the delay is 120 bpm but should maybe be set to 124 but it got such a nice swing / shuffle feeling, so I kept it at 129 bpm and a role is. Never touch anything that is working. The recording is done in/with Audacity, guitars and song Cakewalk for drums, keyboards and to put all pieces together. The Video is made with Kapwing https://www.kapwing.com The background (free) pictures are taken from: https://pixabay.com/ https://mocah.org/ Other versions of Tired World are: Live (My favorite version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqpAZur7iPA New version 2021: Original that I used as template for my version:
  13. Byron Dickens


    Become one with the mysteries of the universe. Done entirely with my Korg X3
  14. Very excited for this, since it's also a first song for my newly created music project :D Let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o0cDL1VqBc
  15. This was originally going to be done with my Korg X3 and E-mu Proteus FX until the E-mu died. Digital Sound Factory saved it with their SoundFonts of the Proteus 1,2 and 3 modules. While the FX is based on the same samples as the 1&2, the sounds aren't exactly the same. This got me close enough and I was able to complete the project in the same spirit. I was going for an 80's style synth tune. Yeah I know that the X3 and Proteus modules are 90's but the idea was to do it using only the vintage hardware. Even though I had to cheat. Lots of help on the arrangement and style from Band-in-a-Box (edited later in CbB). All the little ear candy bits I played in myself. I hope I captured the feel decently. I never really paid attention to this kind of thing the first time. I grew up as a Rocker and Metalhead and back then it was "eeeewww, synthesizers." Now we have Rammstein, Fear Factory and Dimmu Borgir. I'm not sure exactly what genre this is. Synthwave? It's not quite morose enough to be Darkwave. Maybe dim wave? Dusk wave? Anyway, here it is.
  16. Mix & Master was done inside Cakewalk with only her plugins https://www.bandlab.com/elix_england/never-say-good-bye-7372e0cb?revId=45698c94-f3af-eb11-85aa-0050f28a50ba 😉
  17. My track 'Red Franjipani' also on Spotify, Apple Music et al. Part of 2 track single release. This one uses a Behringer RD8 and MS101. Hope you like it! Feedback appreciated. Cheers RED MP3.mp3
  18. Just had some quick fun with some free stuff and also my purchase of Triad during the PA recent sale. Not sure what to call this one. The picture is 3 of my Mexican folk art carvings that are called alebrijo, which I think means fantasy. This type I think is called aliens. There are some that are amazing ! I have maybe a dozen of different types. I thought they went well with the concept of covid-19 variants coming for ya. Wanted to capture the motion aspect of motion and running, and some weird stuff floating around in this song. Thanks for listening or comments, stay safe from these guys, Treesha
  19. Mi Ro

    Three Sisters

    3Harps1_2.mp3 Composition for three harps using CAL programs that can be downloaded at https://misuroz.wixsite.com/toolsforcomposers.
  20. I have a Yamaha dtx402k electronic drum kit. I have it connected to Scarlett Solo Gen 2 interface with Cakewalk. All my drums register while playing (including the kick/base drum) and when I listen to them back I can hear them all except the base /kick drum. I can see the base/kick drum recording on the midi track but no sound comes out, but all other toms, snare, cymbals do. Very strange. Any Ideas
  21. Hi guys! I wanted to take the time to introduce you to my musical project Disconnected Souls which i'm really proud of. Our goal is to blend metal, electronic and classical influences to achieve something eclectic whilst still remaining catchy and of interest to people. Cakewalk has been a fantastic tool to help bring these ideas to life. Our Debut EP is available at the following locations and has been getting some great reviews - we hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have feedback. Bandcamp Facebook Spotify Reverb Nation Youtube Instagram All the best! ~Fletch~
  22. So I saw this board for sharing songs and I think I'd share a song I made entirely in cakewalk called the mystery. It's on BandLab, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc, you can find all of it at this page: https://bnd.link/the_mystery_monoyah Here's the youtube link: Thanks!
  23. Belthus


    Firstly, many thanks to everyone who has helped me on the original SONAR forums over the years and more recently on these forums, where I finally installed Cakewalk by Bandlab in addition to SPLAT. After 3 years of getting to grips with the software, soft synths and plugins I have finally broke free from the 8 bar “brick wall” and managed to put down a full track using Rapture, Iris 2, Native Instruments Suite (with Maschine), Massive, z3ta+ 2, Hybrid 5, Union and Serum. Tried my best at Gain Staging during the process mindful that I needed the headroom and finally Mastered with Ozone 7. I have a severe hearing deficiency to high frequency which adds to the frustration while making any music as well as mixing down (I really can’t hear Hi Hats etc without headphones – and then it’s not ideal), so everything always sounds muffled to me……. So over to you guys. I know there are issues with the song and mix, but there becomes a time where you just have to draw a line under it after so much tweaking, so I will leave it here and move on to the next track knowing that I have learnt a huge amount during this process. PS, really wish I had a proper electric guitar for the lead instead of the Rapture patch and Guitar Rig 5. Plus, would really love to know how you would describe the music so I can better inform listeners.
  24. Ambient Pop Fusion World Music track, or something like that 😄 Both YouTube and Soundcloud links below : Please share at will if you like the piece 🙏 https://soundcloud.com/ramscapri/galaxy-of-dreams
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