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  1. Lately CbB has been fidgeting with my audio making it unusable. I've gone back to using Sonar Platinum x32 which (currently) has no issues with my interface. I've made all the audio settings I'm aware of identical in each one, so I don't know what's going on.
  2. I recently upgraded from Sonar version 23.10.0 build 13 to the newest bandlab version 2021.01 build 098 64 bit. I really like the new version except for one issue. On the new version I started getting ticks and pops on songs that ran clean on the older version. Then I noticed that the CPU was occasionally spiking into the red. But more importantly there were only 4 threads running when I looked at the audio processing monitor. I loaded the same file in the older version of Sonar and I had a very balanced workload across all 8 threads on the audio processing monitor. system performance under 30%, , app performance under 20% and audio perfomance under 20.. On the new version It starts will 8 threads but quickly devolves to 4 threads. I am seeing system performance fluctuate quite a bit - mostly below 30% but with frequent spikes for individual threads into the red. The four active threads are constantly spiking way higher in the new bandlab version. The engine load is fluctuating between 30 and 80% in the new version. And the audio processing is under 30% most of the time. In addition the new version crashes more frequently. OLD version rarely crashed. Finally - whenever I get a cluster of ticks and pops, the performance montiors will suddenly activate the four inactive (parked?) threads for just a second then the pops go away. Of course this never happens on the older version where I see all threads active on the app monitor, and where there is far less spiking on the sys performance monitor even though the alternate threads are mostly low or inactive . I am still running win 7 but plan on going to 10 with a complete rebuild as soon a s I finish a couple projects. Is this a case of Cakewalk changing the code in the bandlab versions to take advantage of improvements in multi threading or cpu parking behavior in Windows 10? If that is the case would I benefit from using Parkcontrol to force the threads to stay active? At least until I upgrade my pc? Win 7 Intel I7 3770k at 3.5Ghz Gigabyte GA-Z77X-DH3 16GB of DDR3 Memory
  3. Hi. Very often when I playback my project the header is moving but I can hear no sound - it lasts for a moment and then by it self its back to normal. Sometimes it will end with audio dropout (1),(9). I tried to change value in Properties/ Sync and Caching playback or record I/O buffer size window but no matter what number I will put there it will always reset to 506 each time I launch cakewalk. Why, oh why? These audio dropouts are driving me mad! Please help. Im using WASAPI Shared (don't have an audio interface yet) so i can't increase the Buffer Size value in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings as the buffer size slider is grayed out .
  4. My Cakewalk by Bandlab config on 2020.11 is running on a Win 10 system, with an i5-7400 3.0Ghz series proc and 16GB of memory. I was running flawless as recently as yesterday, and have been running flawlessly for over a year now. Today I rebooted the system midday and it ran awhile before I went to work again - a couple of hours went by with the system idle. When I came back I was totally unable to play my 4 track project (with Addictive drums as the only plugin). I have 3 recorded mic tracks that are audio WAV, and the one Addictive drum track. I am getting "Audio Dropout 9" - which is a MIDI buffer dropout error. I checked everything. I increased this MIDI buffer from 256 to 512. My boot and audio SSD drives have plenty of free space, they have been defragged. I turned off ALL background apps - never had to do that before. And still, after several reboots, when I start the track the playback is not smooth, it stops and starts. There is no audio playback sound at all. And then I get Audio Dropout (9) and it crashes. I have been using Cakewalk since Sonar 3. Over 20 years i am pretty good with troubleshooting, but this one has me completely stumped. Can anyone help? Do I need to rename the AUD.INI for a safe copy and then rebuild it like we did in the "old days"? Thank you SO MUCH in advance for any assistance you can offer!! Cakewalk Forum members are the best!
  5. When doing my review for Sample Logic's Symphonic AI, I noticed lots of dropouts when loading new patches and other operations. I found a solution in the Audio Configuration file. I hope this might also help other users experiencing the same issue. Go into Preferences | AUDIO | Configuration File * Look for Dropout Msec and increase it to a value that feels comfortable. I just chose 2500 and it seems to work. * Then go further down and modify the Thread Scheduling Model to 2. There are other modes but 2 has been the most stable for me.
  6. Hello Group This post is part of a series of issues I have since upgrading my os to W10. I have the beginning of a new project with just about a dozen audio tracks. No fx. Really basic. I also have one instance of Addictive Drums and that midi groove starts on measure 9. Once I hit play, I get dropouts as soon as the drum part starts, but only for the first 2 or 3 times I hit play. After that, it all plays fine. I deleted the AD tracks and inserted a kontakt drum, and the exact same thing happens. It acts like my memory buffer isn't utilized until the 4th or 5th play - if that makes any sense. Recording is fine. Any ideas?
  7. Hello I have notices enabled under Display, and I have the restart engine (not in studio for exact wording) enabled in configuration settings and yet when I get audio engine dropouts, I still don't get the toast message with the dropout reason code. Ideas? Thanks! Stephen
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