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  1. I have a template with 1 instrument all outputs mono, and a slew of aux tracks & FXs, using optional sends for FX signal paths & various configurations for 5.1 hard out targets, and NO busses... After adding TTS-1 (1st Stereo out) set to channel 10 for percussion, on playing any TTS-1 note CB crashes with no dump. If first, I delete the 1 instrument, then add the TTS-1 as before followed by adding back the 1 instrument configured as before deletion, it all works as expected, no crash, and a template created from this working configuration also has no problems... Also starting with a blank project adding the 1 instrument first followed by theTTS-1, both defaulting to a hard out, again no problems... Any reason for the crash??
  2. Cakewalk crashes while exporting audio regardless of the file format chosen. It just closes and that's all. No errors displayed. Has anyone got an idea why this could be? The old Sonar X3 exports like a charm. Has anyone experienced something similar? Thank you very much!!!
  3. Hello, ive recently downloaded komplete kontrol. it worked totally fine for the first two days but now as soon as i open my project, cakewalk crashes. I can open other projects where i havent used komplete kontrol without any problems. Can someone help?
  4. Cakewalk now crashes when opening some projects with last version installed (01.2021). This never happened before. I installed older version (09.2020) and projects open without any problems. If it helps I'm using Kuassa Plugins (EVE- AT4) and Guitar Rig5...
  5. earlier today I had been using a Bluetooth MIDI device, unfortunately I could not get it to work correctly on Cakewalk and so I looked online and was advised to change the MIDI Driver to UWP, after applying this change the whole application froze and stopped responding. Now, whenever I open Cakewalk the starting screen freezes and stops responding too and no matter how long I wait it doesn't start responding again. As of now I have tried rebooting in safe mode and shift running Cakewalk which did not work, I've also tried renaming the aud file to aud.old but obviously this didn't work as it is a Midi driver problem, not an audio driver one. Is there any way to fix this? I would really like to be able to use my DAW again.. I am on windows 10, 64 bit.
  6. Just to be clear, I'm not a huge expert on computers, so most of the computing terms (especially stuff about drivers and all) would be hard for me to understand. So I would appreciate if you guys could briefly explain me these words when using them. Thanks So I installed Cakewalk yesterday because I started getting interested in music prod. I followed this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmmjnqVcL3o&list=PLWrEj8vjQQuuWOFepN-6PiD59thD7lD64&index=1&ab_channel=AdKStudios. When I got to the part where he explains the "Get started" window, I noticed my driver mode was already filled in as ASIO. I changed it to WASAPI Shared as shown in the video, not really knowing what it was. I stuck with it, but when I started to play around with VSTs and all, I couldn't hear ANY sounds at all coming from Cakewalk. I tried changing the volume, but it just wouldn't work. I suddenly remembered the ASIO thing and wondered if changing it to WASAPI was the problem. So I went into preferences and changed it to ASIO, and then it crashed. When I tried to reopen Cakewalk, it was just stuck in the "loading screen" forever and I had to forcefully close the program rather than waiting (I waited for more than an hour). I tried to reinstall Cakewalk, but it still wouldnt load. I tried a bunch of stuff coming from forums that I researched and all but the problem persisted. I don't know what to do now, I don't even know what the problem was in the first place... I just need some help if possible. I will gladly answer any questions as best as I can. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! Every time I enable MIDI sync ("Transmit MIDI Start/Continue/Stop/Clock") Cakewalk just exits, with no warning. What I do: I start a blank project and straight away go to Preferences and enable the setting as per the screenshot below. It doesn't have any effect whether I actually have a synthesizer connected to the MIDI port or not. I'm running Cakewalk 2022.11 Build 021 The MIDI port belongs to my PCIe card RME HDSPe AIO I have minidumps saved for a developer to look at. (I had a shot at loading the minidump in WinDbg Preview myself and found the error code 0xc0000005... 🤔) Is it better to post about my crash problem here or should I submit a request here? See screenshot below for the setting that causes the crash when I enable it: Thanks a lot for any help!
  8. Opening all older projects containing BREVERB causes CbB to crash upon "Preparing Project". This may be due to differences in the original BREVERB and the current CbB version? I have to open the projects in SAFE mode and say NO to BREVERB, then re insert it and guess at what settings I used back when.
  9. Hello, I am having a problem where cakewalk is crashing right after it exports out an audio file. I am exporting to WAV with the default settings. This problem started suddenly this week without any known changes. I tried updating to the latest Cakewalk version and installing all of the Windows updates and nothing has helped. Any leads would be appreciated thanks. CJ
  10. Dear Cakewalk community, My cakewalk has started crashing when I play my project files. The music will play for approx. 2 seconds before crashing and exiting the software with no error message. Just to give some background: I was having issue with exporting WAVs of my project which was also crashing the software (exporting mp3 files seemed fine though). Anyway I think the exporting issue is fixed. I suspected this was due to workload or memory on the computer, so I went through my files and deleted unused files especially from my downloads folder. This was to free up space. All the VSTs that I use are also in a Cakewalk plug-ins folder. I have opened up crashlogs and it seems that Sitala VST is the issue. Here are some examples from the crashlog: EXCEPTION_RECORD: (.exr -1) ExceptionAddress: 00007ffa840e3973 (Sitala!VSTPluginMain+0x00000000003d6d33) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) ExceptionFlags: 00000000 NumberParameters: 2 Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000 Parameter[1]: 00000000000000f4 Attempt to read from address 00000000000000f4 STACK_COMMAND: ~0s; .ecxr ; kb SYMBOL_NAME: Sitala+3d6d33 MODULE_NAME: Sitala IMAGE_NAME: Sitala.dll FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: NULL_CLASS_PTR_READ_c0000005_Sitala.dll!Unknown I have re-installed Sitala several times and it makes no difference. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do? Other plug-ins I use are Surge, Molotok, TAL dub delay, and CamelCrusher. Interestingly my smaller project files seem to play ok even though these also involve Sitala, so maybe it is a performance issue? I never had issues before today/before I started exporting large projects as WAVs. Many thanks in advance, PS It has also just crashed when trying to freeze a track. The track used Sitala.
  11. Let me describe my problem pretty quick: I've been using SONAR (Cakewalk) by Bandlab on my PC for around 2 years now, everything worked without any issues until now. Since the last update, when I open a project, hit play and then PAUSE, it's suddenly freezing and crashes. I already took a look at the Windows event log which just said that it has crashed... Now the weird thing is, that i never changed anything in the program settings since i used it, which is why i am curious what could be the reason for that. I'd be glad to get any help on that Cakewalk - [kick.cwp] 2022-08-06 15-21-05.mp4
  12. NPM

    cakewalk by bandlab

    cakewalk crashing after bouncing to tracks but sonar 8.3 does not with same project. WIn 10, Scarlett18i20
  13. When I export my project to a Wave or MP3 file it crashes about halfway the project. I went deeper into to it to find the problem and took a look at the moment it crashes (1 minuted 44 seconds). I went to my project to that time stamp and started removing stuff to find the problem. I ended up finding the cause of the crash which was the automation of my chords (Xerum plugin). less than a second after the moment it crashes comes the end of the drop where the cutoff of the chords goes down. I know the problem but I have no idea how to fix it while keeping my automation ofcourse. on the attached picture, the white line is the moment the crash happens.
  14. Narrowing down my previous post, I am getting continuous crashes when applying Melodyne to audio tracks. It seems that it only happens when applying the plugin to at least 3 contiguous audio tracks. The crash occured in the process of "Initializing Regions", according to the state bar. There is no minidump created, even when ExceptionHandlingSeverity is set to 7. I'm able to reproduce it by following this steps: Insert 3 adjacent audio tracks Record some material Select the 3 tracks at once Apply Melodyne from the Right Click context menu Crash Anyone having the same problem? PD: I'm updating Melodyne team with this new information, that they are already addressing.
  15. Hi everyone here is the jist of it; Problem started yesterday when the record button would go red after clicking and then blankout after starting to play. Then when I tried to restart the programme the open screen would appear and then the daw in the background but after about three seconds just vanished! Decided to do a complete new install of prog. The problem is the same. Been trying to find similar problems here in forum but to no avail please help if possible.
  16. Using Cakewalk by Bandlab, I keep getting thrown out of my song--and the whole program. This is very frustrating obviously, since I lose all my work. I realize I must start saving every few minutes, but, other than that, are there some settings I can tweak for my project/computer to be able to handle this load? THis occurs when I start having more tracks than usual. I do realize that. But it's not like I'm setting up tracks for an orchestra. I did notice that I had some internal effects on, but since then, I turned them off. I"m using a Dell, with i5 intel processor. It is about 5-7 years old. Thanks. LNovik
  17. Hello guys, I have started using analog lab V and I noticed that cakewalk needs tons of time (like 3/4 minutes) to add the analog lab instrument and if I have more than 2 tracks with it, cakewalk itself stop responding and I need to manually close it from the task manager. What can I do? I have tried to reinstall analog lab and update cakewalk to the latest version but I could'nt solve the problem. I have never experienced a problem like that, sometimes it took a couple of minutes to load a project with lots of tracks (with just TH3 and some instruments) but with analog lab it is impossible to use. I have an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G and 16Gb of DDR4
  18. I'm currently experiencing a strange problem with my CbB installation. Yesterday I got rid of my old MIDI keyboard, and replaced it with a Nektar Impact LX88+. To use all the fancy bells and whistles of the new keyboard, I installed the Cakewalk integration package from Nektar. That's when all hell broke loose. Immediately after adding the control surface, I got a message box saying that no audio device was available. In the preferences dialog, I could see that my audio interface (Roland Quad-Capture) had mysteriously disappeared from the list of available devices. First I tried to simply restart CbB, but that did not fix anything. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the Quad-Capture device driver, and also upgraded CbB to the newest version. The list of available devices would now be filled up with cryptic entries that made no sense to me. However, the Quad-Capture was also listed, but every time I tried to select it and click Apply, I would get an error message about the current audio format not being supported on any device. However, after a couple of reboots and a bit of experimenting with the settings, things suddenly seemed to be back to normal again. But much to my disappointment, as soon as I tried to open a project, CbB would terminate. This happens consistently whenever I try to open an existing project or create a new one - even if it's empty. CbB will perform the usual actions as indicated by the popups in the lower right corner, but just when it's ready to update the GUI, the application dies. No error message or anything - it just disappears. This is obviously a bit of a showstopper, so I really need to find out what's going on. I also observe that the Quad-Capture will repeatedly disappear from the list of available devices. Rebooting the computer fixes this, but it's still annoying. Any suggestions on where to begin the troubleshooting?
  19. Cakewalk is crashing whenever I attempt to load a project. it will load for a bit, and then invariably a "cakewalk has stopped working" dialogue will come up. there seem to be a few rare exceptions to this, in which case a "cakewalk is about to crash, would you like to save a copy of your work?" dialogue will come up. If I were to guess, I would say it has something to do with the "VSCO2 Orchestra" plugin, since (very rarely) when I don't use that I can successfully open the project. I am using windows 7, if that helps. I've attached dump files, which only seem to show up in the "do you want to save a recovery copy?" scenario. S3 theme redo redo_05222021_103726.dmp S3 theme redo redo_05222021_103726.txt
  20. Hi, Just reporting again a crash in the new version each time iZotope's Insight is loaded. It's been working fine up to this version. I previously sent a dmp file but was informed by Freed that I was using the Early Access version, which was confusing, as I not down this for years. Freed said to roll back and it will be fixed for the final release - which I thought I downloaded? So I rolled back and then ensured I had downloaded the current version. Unfortunately, Insight is still crashing Cakewalk each time. Anyone reproduce this? This is Insight original version...not Insight 2. Workarounds, fixes? Thanks Untitled_05022021_143441.dmp
  21. Hi Bandlab and Cakewalk support, I want to submit a crash report and hope you can resolve this issue. Since the latest update to Cakewalk when I load a project in progress I experience many crashes and cannot work on the song now. Could you advise what to do as I have never seen a reference to RPCRT4.dll before from Cakewalk. Please find attached the Cakewalk Version and Crash Report captures. Thank you Jozsef
  22. Cake crashes whenever I attempt to open one of the new project templates or an existing project. have been having this issue for a while now. I was hoping that it would be addressed in the 2020.11 update but it appears that it hasn't. Anyone have any ideas what can be causing this? Thanks
  23. When I open the program, I'm greeted by the small rectangle window that says cakewalk. It never progresses past this screen. I've used the workaround that involves renaming the cakewalk core folder in the appdata folder, which works, but I end up having to do so every time I launch the application. Even a minute after closing the program it does the same thing when I try to launch it again. Any help or insight would be much appreciated.
  24. Hi folks! I'm brand new here, and new to recording/producing - looking forward to getting involved, looks like a great community. My problem is this - I've recently started running into CPU problems with a project I'm working on as it gets bigger. I've read that freezing tracks can help with this - in particular freezing the track on which you have CPU heavy plugins. I'm using the free TH3 amp sim on my guitars. So I'm routing all the DIs to an aux track with the plugin in the FX rack. When I try to freeze this track Cakewalk will just instantly crash - no warning or anything. So I'm left with the situation where I don't seem to be able to freeze the tracks which I suspect are using the most CPU. Has anyone else encountered this or am I doing something incorrectly? Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks, Conor
  25. Hi, All my effects plugins work fine in Cakewalk, except with my new Amplitube 5 plugins . When I load the vst3 or the vst2 plugin of Amplitube 5 in Cakewalk, the session crashes with the following error: Do you have a suggestion on how to solve this? Thanks a lot, Jan.
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