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Found 4 results

  1. Just had some quick fun with some free stuff and also my purchase of Triad during the PA recent sale. Not sure what to call this one. The picture is 3 of my Mexican folk art carvings that are called alebrijo, which I think means fantasy. This type I think is called aliens. There are some that are amazing ! I have maybe a dozen of different types. I thought they went well with the concept of covid-19 variants coming for ya. Wanted to capture the motion aspect of motion and running, and some weird stuff floating around in this song. Thanks for listening or comments, stay safe from these guys, Treesha
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pI_ASl4Y7Q&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2FtjazqJIokf1kq1w5tHooHiJXWWTO6Wsi9eWkUqIcpOzO9C3ht8hF4c4
  3. https://youtu.be/-QAl5hkl73o My incredible wife wrote this powerful song, and for over two weeks, we've been producing this as fast as we could in order to get it out to everyone of us who are locked in, alienated, weirded out and disturbed over the situation and heartache our whole world is experiencing. Give Nancy some love and feel free, if you like the piece, to share it wherever it is most needed or could do the most good. Free Mp3 link in the YouTube description. Thanks everyone! Stay Home | Stay Safe and be blessed, 'giving thanks in all circumstances'. Hard to do, we know ... Live To Tell (formerly known as 'Flagrant Regard) Martin D.
  4. Greetings All! I recently got a bigger & better tv(which is what I use for a computer monitor). I noticed that after awhile, the menus start functioning in a faulty manner. I also noticed that some of the control bar modules won't respond to mouseover or mouse click commands with the Snap module being the one that's really killin' me because I can't change the values. Did my modules get the Coronavirus or does SONAR Platinum AND CbB have issues with 4K resolution(2560x1440)? Understand that I've also adjusted the "Make text and other items larger or smaller" option too(Custom - 138%).
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