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  1. These commands no longer slide audio-/midi-clips back correctly nor correctly reset meter/key changes.
  2. In GP4 (GigPerformer 4) the Guitar Rig 6 effect is A/B split and sounds correct with Some sounds are Left or Right depending on frequencies. Stereo Track in Cakewalk with Same Guitar Rig 6 effect does not do this. What are some ways to get a stereo effect in Cbb to split Left/right? Anyone have this happen? Cakewalk 'Stereo Interleave ' bug...? 1) Default stereo track 2) add Stereo effect (GR6) 3) EVERYTHING WORKS 4) change 'Stereo Interleave ' to mono (everything mono as expected) 5) change 'Stereo Interleave ' back to 'stereo' - BROKEN this is where the confusion happened, the Stereo effect never works again unless creating a new track and starting over. The bug might be with Guitar Rig. opening a new stereo track and a new instance of GR6 is the only way to fix this issue (so far)
  3. I upgraded my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Generally speaking, the switchover went smoothly, but there seems to be a problem with the UWP MIDI mode on Cakewalk. Some MIDI messages are no longer getting through, including "Machine Control" messages. I'm using the VS-700C: I receive all status messages on the VS-700C, but I can't send any to Cakewalk, i.e. one-way communication. However, the control surface is well configured. I can only use MME mode. With Windows 10 I didn't have this problem. Perhaps it's Microsoft's rapid abandonment of UWP mode towards "Project Reunion" that's the cause, but obviously for many users it seems that using MIDI UWP mode is problematic.
  4. Hi Everyone, This is my first time up in the forum and I wanted to share some really strange behaviour in Cakewalk; the problem being that in the exported mix file the left channel is significantly quieter than the right whilst they are on a par when simply playing the song through the master bus. I've tried everything! By-passing all the plugins, checking all the export parameters and, of course, the panning of every track. It all looks fine. However as soon as I export just one track, let alone 24, the difference in levels is already apparent. Fortunately I found a workaround which was to export the master bus instead of the entire mix. Same thing. And that works, so there must be a gremlin in there somewhere. But when I uploaded the (good) mix file into another cakewalk project just to master it, the exported file also had the weak left channel !! Same workaround. Export the master bus itself instead of "entire mix" of the single mix channel through the master bus and it was ok. Any ideas? I've only encountered the problem in this project so far, but now I'm worried ... Richard.
  5. Hello guys, I had to reinstall Cakewalk, but after dat the app doesn't exist (look ss). I tried clickin uninstall, but after dat nothin happens. I've been strugglin with this for 4 hours now, please help.. 😭
  6. Hello, since the latest update (the final) of Cakewalk bbl I have a serious issue with audio. When I change the audio interface (and therefore the audio driver) from Zoom H4n Pro to MOTU the whole project is silence. No more audio! I tried to change the project name, saved it under a different name, used the packed project feature, moved the projects to another PC. Nothing helps! I cannot bring the project back to play a single noise. Any ideas? Intel 5 11.Gen Windows 11 16GB Ram
  7. Is there any valid reason why (accidentally) using the scrub tool in the track window would make Cakewalk freeze and drop out? It freezes for about a couple of minutes or so. It happens when I use the scrub tool in the piano roll, and then clicking anywhere with the same mouse pointer/tool in the track window. It's not that I want to use the scrub tool in track view (I'm not even sure that would work?) but rather that I forget to change back to another tool, like the smart tool, before I go to the track window. This is quite irritating. Is this a bug? I guess it should not be like this. I'm using the latest version: 2022.11 (Build 021, 64-bit) on Win 10.
  8. I've been running into this issue quite frequently as described by the title. Cakewalk really doesn't seem to be capable of making looped events which are in odd measures. For example, here's a measure in 19/8 I'm trying to make a looped pattern of: With it selected as it is and making sure it completes the measure, performing `Ctrl+L` to loop it results in Cakewalk removing the last 8th note of the measure: If I try to prevent this behavior by creating the loop by selecting one extra note of the next measure, it will simply ignore that and clip the last 8th note as it that selection didn't exist. If I extend the event to include that extra 8th note with the provision it will be clipped once the loop it's made, that empty 8th note space is added as part of the loop. WTF: If I make that a two bar pattern, it makes the loop normally. WTF #2: Considering the complication Cakewalk already impinges upon you if you want to deal with multiple time signature changes, why looping a pattern in that format is inconsistent like that? Why does it clip the last note of a measure even when it's not invading the next measure? Why does it add an empty note space when you go over?
  9. there is 2 bugs rendering to mp3 actually. one is when you start render and then just push button to cancel/stop it / wish to keep (no)- a crash detected the other is when you try to write a id3tag title (actually flac and wav also has tags to write name of song etc, so for a whole project this should be usual info) like "Hello i love you v2.v (reCover won't, you, tell, me, your name)" - it also has an error that sometimes can lead to a crash or just that second err. yes, there are tags of project and they are imported to mp3 tags, but if mp3 tags changes, they don't change and it is not used for other media types and not seen in export window
  10. After toying around with the FX Chain presets, I noticed the Guitar and Bass ones which include TH3 have improperly mapped macros or some knobs don't actually do anything. Here are a few examples:
  11. Tried reinstalling, rebooting after install...Nothing.
  12. Here's a little bug with Exclusive Solo. I'm on Version 2022.11 build 021, 64 bit) 1) Turn on Exclusive Solo for a track. 2) Select some notes on the PRV and perform any Process, such as Length... or Scale Velocity. 3) The track is silenced - Cakewalk behaves as if the track is unsolo'd, even though the tracks Solo button is still lit.
  13. I noticed Paste Special does not work perfectly when using 'Slide over old....' option. Not everything is being slidden. Example 1 (arranger sections not slidden): before: after: Example 2 (tempo change not slidden): before: after:
  14. Notice that, despite me having both PX-64 and VX-64 added to the plugin layout, they don't appear on the "+" menus, only showing up at the top portion of recently used plugins.
  15. 2023/12/6 A retrospective. Since the post was shared and applied to related issues, I have recorded the following at the top. If you're impatient, just look here. However, this method will not solve the problem completely, and you will need to do it again when you reinstall the Cakewalk. [The simple repair method] 1. Click the PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll download link (the link is from the support team) 2. Move the PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll to :\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\Internal\PC2ALevelingAmplifier. If you have the patience, please read the main text. As of now, I don't know if the issue has been fixed. [The Main Text] The bug has been confirmed by @Kinn2021 and can be reproduced stably. When running CakewalkSetup.exe, select English to download and install PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll and PC2ALevelingAmplifier.chm (PC2A Leveler) properly. If you select Chinese, PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll and PC2ALevelingAmplifier.chm will not be downloaded and installed properly. (I didn't test for languages other than Chinese and English. But I don't rule out the possibility that this bug also applies to other languages.) [The Old Main Text] As the title suggests, the PC2A Leveler cannot be found in Cakewalk. After checking, I found that PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll, which should be stored in :\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\Internal\PC2ALevelingAmplifier, is missing. PC2A Leveler used to be a paid feature of ProChannel in Sonar, but BandLab later added it to Cakewalk for free. Unfortunately, I have not been able to install PC2A Leveler successfully since the beginning. As of now, I have tried the following solutions, but none of them work. - Run VST Reset from Preferences - Clean installation of Cakewalk (all antivirus software is disabled) - Replace other computers (Windows 10 and Windows 11 ) - Rollback old installer (from the first version of PC2A Leveler announced by BandLab) I contacted the support team via email and received a copy of PC2ALevelingAmplifier_64.dll. I placed it under the corresponding file path and the problem was solved immediately. But it's temporary. If you reinstall Cakewalk, the problem will still exist. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. I prefer to think that there may be a problem in the Cakewalk installer itself. But some people do have PC2A Leveler. Perhaps it was previously purchased from Sonar and then upgraded to Cakewalk by BandLab and retained. If you install Cakewalk by BandLab separately, do you still have PC2A Leveler? Special Thanks (Sort by reply time.) - @hadada - @msmcleod - @In A Week
  16. Hello. Apparently, time stretched clips (CTRL+SHIFT+Drag) will not snap to grid properly. The clip seem to snap according to its original start and end times, BEFORE it was stretched. This happens independently of the "BY" or "TO" setting on the "SNAP TO GRID" panel. Bouncing the clip (Right Mouse Button->Bounce to Clip...) stops this behaviour. Is this a bug or just some setting somewhere I am not finding?
  17. Sometimes Clip Gain automation is ignored when exporting audio. For me, some clips with a gain envelope are handled just fine when exporting audio, others have their gain envelope ignored. See two attached screen shots. PLEASE NOTE: The Clip Inspector Properties shows Automation Read IS CHECKED (i.e., ON). There are NO REGION FX. In fact, no FX whatsoever. There are NO sends to any buses. If I move this clip to any other timeline position, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio, OR a different problem occurs: The Clip Gain is treated as -INF (negative infinity) for the beginning of the clip up to the point where the envelope rises for the first time. If I insert another blank audio track anywhere, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio (on the first try). Then after saving the .CWP file, the Clip Gain is again immediately ignored when exporting audio. THIS PROBLEM is EXTREMELY HARD to discover when you have many tracks and many clips. How do you know which Clip Gain envelopes are being ignored during export and which ones are not? I have done extensive testing and discovered that if I “Flatten Comp” for all tracks that use Clip Gain, then the export seems to include Clip Gain automation adjustments. For now, anyway ... until it doesn't ...
  18. Scenerio: In one of my projects I direct two stereo tracks into a mono bus. I render audio in non real-time mode. After the render Cakewalk always crashes. Render it in real time audible mode - it will not crash. Switch the stereo tracks to mono - it will not crash. I tried to recreate the scenario in a different project and everything worked just fine. Strange.
  19. Hello, Whenever I leave a Cakewalk project open for a period of time and I don't use the software in that amount of time, I can no longer drag anything on my laptop. Cakewalks effects freeze when I try to drag them (see attached photo) and I can't drag anything else on my laptop until I do a full system restart. This only happens after I launch cakewalk then leave it open for a period of time. If any of you have a fix, besides for restarting my computer each time this happens, please respond here or dm me on discord: Nocturnal#8344 Thanks.
  20. The bug I want to talk about has been there since I remember and it has never been addressed. It's about deleting sections of tracks with "Delete hole" option checked. See the first picture. In this example clips in tracks 1-8 and 17 will be shifted and the selected part deleted but the remaining tracks will be un affected. Cakewalk for some reason decides that the selected empty space should be ignored. That's definitely not the way I imagine this should work. In the second example absolutely nothing will happen when you try to remove the empty section. You can try both Delete Special or Cut Special with the same result.
  21. Hi there! I use bandlab for large projects (radioplays, podcasts), and every once in a while I have problems with the clip automations when exporting. Sometimes bandlab cuts off samples earlier than it should, sometimes it does not follow the automation correctly, so that clips are too loud or too silent or the fadeout happens too soon or too late. The strange thing is, when I listen to the project inside bandlab, everything sounds correct. Also, when I freeze the track, the resulting audio is correct. Only when exporting, the clip automation is incorrect with SOME clips, not all clips. These errors are replicable, that is they are not a glitch, but they come out wrong every time I export the project. What I also noticed several times (and I think these problems are connected) is that when I copy a clip in a project, the new clip sometimes has some weird behaviour - like it references the original clip, and if I move it, the waveform-graphic is being moved, but the clip still is to be heard at its original position. Normally when this happens, I delete the clip and copy it again. Of course I am not sure, if these two behaviours are related, but it is very strenuous to not be sure that the export reflects the automation in the project. When exporting large projects of ~ 1 hour you will have to listen to everything carefully, hoping to not miss any errors that ocurred during export. Is there anything I can do to avoid these problems?
  22. I'm having this issue and its super frustrating, whenever I use the smart grid in the piano roll, the size of the grid never changes, when whenever I change the size of the note, the smart grid turns itself off. If anyone can tell me how to fix this issue, please do.
  23. Happy new year everyone! After using Cakewalk for 20+ years I found out I have been using synth (VSTi) automation all "wrong" these years!🙄 🤦‍♂️I've always just used MIDI CCs and the MIDI CC learning features of every VSTi synth... but it turns out, you can just select the parameters for a synth... IF some things are correctly configured. It's the IF that threw me... 🥴 and maybe there's a bug? Read on... 1. If I manually select the synth track like below... 2. ...I get the synth parameter list in the Edit Filter (hooray! this is revolutionary... for me! 😆😞 3. THE WEIRD PART: But looking through the "Insert Soft Synth Options" in the synth rack, then the option "Display Automation On" has actually always been configured to "First Synth Audio Track". So, in theory, step #1 would always be performed automatically. But this has never worked for me (I would've found this long ago if it did), and still doesn't! I don't think my expectations are wrong, as the PDF manual states: "Any automation data you create for this synth is displayed by default on the Synth track for this synth." What gives? Does the above setting work automatically for you guys? Thanks for any input!
  24. This is not the first time it's happening. But sometimes, when I select a clip (with "Select Track Envelopes with Clips" selected in the Options menu), and copy this clip, automation from one of the clips automation lanes are for no reason duplicated to another track. In this case, when I copy (CTRL + DRAG) a clip on track 26, to another place on the same track (track 26), the automation from automation lane 1 (A1) is added as automation on automation lane 2 (A2) on track 24 ! This is nuts and must be a bug. I've redone the operation several times, just to double check I've not accidentality selected another track or clip, but I'm doing it right. Also, only automation data from one automation lane is duplicated, and not all the automation from automation lanes, even if there's other automation too. I've encountered this several times before without knowing WHY there was weird automation on some tracks. Now I know those were only duplicates from other lanes, with no reason. Also, this have also happened in at least 2 projects of mine. Both with the latest Cakewalk version/release/update, and versions before it. EDIT: Also, the mentioned tracks have completely different VSTi's, so there should be no confusion. EDIT2: It's worth to mention, there's no duplication on automation data when automation is drawn in or altered that way. This "ghosting"/duplication only happens when a clip is copied.
  25. Hi there, I work with quite large projects, as I am mostly editing radioplays and podcasts. Sometimes I have to change the location of source-files (for example, Bandlab copied the File to C://Programs/Cakewalk/ProjectA and I want the original file to be referenced that is on another Drive (D://MyProjects/ProjectA). As there is no possibility to manually reference a new file (which, I think, there should be!), the only possiblity I have is to delete the files from the folder and start up Bandlab, so it asks me where the files are when I open the project. So far so good. Inconvenient, but it works. Now I have three options when selecting the new file: - Move the file to the project folder - Copy the file to the project folder - connect the file from the current location The first two options work, but do not render the desired result - I want to reference the file on a different location. So I choose the third option - which does not work! After selecting the correct file, the parts of this file are being replaced with silence. Also, the reference to the Audiofile is lost (no entry in the window: right mouseclick->connected audiodata). If the file has not the identical filename, a warning appears, but the reference will still not be safed. I think this is quite an important bug, as Audiofiles can always be corrupted and have to be replaced by a working file. There simply is no way to do that atm in bandlab. Some further remarks: - The 'Search' Button for the audiofile would be way more useful, if you could specify a folder to search in. - The standard selection for this action should be 'Copy the file to the project folder', not the 'Move to ...' Option!!!
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