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  1. Hi there, so I'm just setting up my Zoom L20 mixer https://zoomcorp.com/en/us/digital-mixer-multi-track-recorders/digital-mixer-recorder/livetrak-l-20/ with CakeWalk, and I think (!) that Cakewalk is "seeing" the L20 OK, (see attached photo) BUT try as I might I cannot get it to get any audio channels / sound from the mixer, and I'm really stuck as to what the issue is. I have the most up to date Firmware in the Mixer, and have the L20 drive installed on my PC laptop (Win10) too, which seems to be functioning fine. Any thoughts / insights on this would be greatly appreciated, or any images showing me what is should look like would be terrific. Many thanks in advance Edward
  2. Please excuse if this has been answered. Tried various searches to no avail. On my projects, MIDI tracks have an "END" marker at the end of each track, but on my recorded audio tracks, there is no "END" marker. What happens is that Cakewalk reaches the end of my recorded audio track and just keeps on running until I actively stop it using the mouse/keyboard option. I always have the Stop At Project End option checkmarked, but it does not seem to work on recorded audio, logically because the audio tracks have no Project End marker. I have previously contacted BLCakewalk support in mid-2019 about this issue, and they appeared to acknowledge the problem after reviewing my submitted sample project, but replied that they would add it to the list for future "fixes". Not sure if others have the same problem, as it may be some unidentified setting in my Cakewalk, but in it's simpliest form, Is there a way to force an "END" marker at the end of an audio track?
  3. Just to be clear, I'm not a huge expert on computers, so most of the computing terms (especially stuff about drivers and all) would be hard for me to understand. So I would appreciate if you guys could briefly explain me these words when using them. Thanks So I installed Cakewalk yesterday because I started getting interested in music prod. I followed this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmmjnqVcL3o&list=PLWrEj8vjQQuuWOFepN-6PiD59thD7lD64&index=1&ab_channel=AdKStudios. When I got to the part where he explains the "Get started" window, I noticed my driver mode was already filled in as ASIO. I changed it to WASAPI Shared as shown in the video, not really knowing what it was. I stuck with it, but when I started to play around with VSTs and all, I couldn't hear ANY sounds at all coming from Cakewalk. I tried changing the volume, but it just wouldn't work. I suddenly remembered the ASIO thing and wondered if changing it to WASAPI was the problem. So I went into preferences and changed it to ASIO, and then it crashed. When I tried to reopen Cakewalk, it was just stuck in the "loading screen" forever and I had to forcefully close the program rather than waiting (I waited for more than an hour). I tried to reinstall Cakewalk, but it still wouldnt load. I tried a bunch of stuff coming from forums that I researched and all but the problem persisted. I don't know what to do now, I don't even know what the problem was in the first place... I just need some help if possible. I will gladly answer any questions as best as I can. Thanks.
  4. So I have no sound coming in from sitala. I was fine last night, and then this morning I had issues opening the software so I opened it in safe mode and removed the plugin causing issues and it opens fine now but I can't for the life of me hear anything. I recorded some vocals and I hear those well but not the drums. please help. this has happened quite a bit. :(
  5. Hello Everyone! i'm a music composer and I use to create short form music just like short videos. I would like to know is there any best auido editing application for mobile. I want to test out some of things.
  6. Alright so I just got this DAW and have been fiddling with it for several hours overnight following every forum post and youtube video related to "no audio in cakewalk" but I still just cant seem to get it working. The audio drivers are all correct, master bus, sound card, inputs and outputs, you name it I have done it. Yet there is still nothing from playback. There is audio when I am recording, I can here my guitar and the tone is changing through the amp sims, but playback gives nothing. I am at a loss at this point and IDK what to do. Are there any other things I could have missed? I can provide screenshots of specifics if needed.
  7. Johnny-D VGM

    Audio Issues

    Hey, So it seems that Cakewalk, for me, has decided to just stop working audio-wise. There's no audio coming from recording or play back, Even the metronome, which I had on for both playback and recording, isn't making any noise. Now, usually when something goes wrong, like this, or updating Opus in the middle of working on my project, I always copy my MIDI and paste it into a separate project so I always have it and don't have to rerecord it, that way if I need to delete any tracks for some reason, I can copy the MIDI from the back up project and paste it back where it was before. When I first had this audio issue, I tried deleting the tracks, copying and pasting the MIDI tracks from my back up MIDI project, readding the same tracks with the same instruments I had before, then putting the MIDI back in the tacks they belong in. It worked, but then when I reopened Cakewalk after exiting to take a break, the same problem was back. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but if so, I would appreciate some pointers. Thank you.
  8. My project has randomly started "cutting out" during playback. The weird thing is it changes places every time. For example, I will hear the sound cut out at 2.10 so I replay that timestamp and it doesn't repeat. But if I keep listening it will cut out at a different spot. Every time I try to pinpoint the cutout it changes. It's not a full audio cutout, its almost as if the level is lowered for one second or so. I've tried importing other tracks and it happens to them as well, always in different places. I'm also not getting any dropout messages and I can't see any change in the waveform where the cutouts are happening. I exported the file to a .wav file to master it and the cutouts happen in the wave file as well, but at least they stay in the same place. Happens in mp3 format too. I've restarted my computer and rebooted everything but nothing works. I'm starting to think I'm going crazy. Help!
  9. Lately CbB has been fidgeting with my audio making it unusable. I've gone back to using Sonar Platinum x32 which (currently) has no issues with my interface. I've made all the audio settings I'm aware of identical in each one, so I don't know what's going on.
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  14. im really want to know how to do this but i cant find any information on the cakewalk help guide so i entered here to search for help
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  20. How do I record the Audio output from the Arturia ARP 2600 3 Virtual synth ?
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  22. Hey Everyone. Need some help badly. Iv been using cakewalk for the past 3 years and have honestly enjoyed it. But I am having some issues with the playback and any track exporting of any kind. The Issue: While either listening to the raw file in DAW, Bouncing tracks or Exporting a project, I am being met with audio dropouts. But not like complete dropouts. Just volume decreases. Almost like someone it quickly moving the volume fader down and up again, or some major compression randomly kicks in. I have just recently upgraded to a desktop PC after coming from a laptop and I wasn't having this issue on my laptop Ill leave an example below Notice the annoying audio dips in volume and you can visually see the dip in the export. I have updated my drivers in windows and gone to the manufacturer site to get the drivers. I have uninstalled and re installed. Been through a bunch of support with no avail. I have tried a lot of things and I cant even seem to pinpoint whether it would be some sort of sound card issue not liking my interface, Driver issues or what. I have no idea. PLEASE HELP, this is a project ruining issue. PC Specs: *all mid to high specs* Windows 10 Ryzen CPU NIVIDIA GPU I'm using a focusrite Scarlett 2i2 issue track.mp3
  23. Hello everyone, Let us introduce you The Beastverb (VST3/AU) Our 1st plugin is here to inspire relentless productions. Click below and get your mind blown! Meet the BeastVerb This journey starts with a 7-Day Early-Bird offer for all of you who have supported us to this very day and gave us the strength and motivation to expand and develop! A new chapter for Beastsamples starts today and we invite you to come on board. From the triggering sound to your album cover and now with the perfect tools, we aim to be the team you trust when it comes to making it different! Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
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