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  1. I used Cakewalk and Addictive Drums to create the drum tracks for Andy and Zomby Woof on this CD. My part is manually input, but the bass, vocals, and guitars are all live musicians recording their own parts for the songs. You can hear the tracks a bit further down on the page: https://zeroensemble.bandcamp.com/album/six-of-one
  2. Anyone else having issues? When I installed Addictive Drums 2 VST3 on my new Windows 11 PC and tried to load it in CbB, it threw an error asking me to Enable (risky) or Disable it. I chose Enable. It wound up in the PIM Excluded list. I contacted XLN who had me remove and reinstall the VST3. So far every attempt to reinstall it has failed. The XLN Installer says everything's up to date but the VST3 is nowhere to be seen. When I restored the original deleted VST3 to it's folder, CbB again throws an error when scanning it. I Enable it but it doesn't show up anywhere in the PIM list. XLN support is ongoing. SOLVED - see below.
  3. I've created an Addictive Drums 2 "minimalist" drum map. I found the default AD2 drum map too elaborate and too jumbled to manage, so I've reduced the entire map down to the sounds I'm most likely to use. Image is attached here. As pictured, I've neatly grouped each category of drum piece together as closely to the traditional GM map as possible. (I wasn't satisfied with the AD2 custom GM map either.) I'll eventually create a Cakewalk drum map that matches this so it's reflected in the PRV. But, to further educate myself and tweak the drum map accordingly, I request clarification of the behavior of some drum sounds: What's the difference between Bell, Tip, and Shaft hits (esp. Ride and HiHat)? What's the difference between Snare Open / Shallow hits? (These sound alike.) What's the difference between a Snare RimClick and SideStick? Am I clear in understanding that the designated Flexi hits don't stay saved in the map, as they're variable with each AD2 kit? Part of my confusion is that many of the corresponding hits sound alike. If any drum enthusiasts out there can enlighten me, much appreciated. After all, this will be a universal drum map for me and I don't want to change it later after I've used it in several projects. Thank you!
  4. Hi folks! If you are thinking of getting the awesome Addictive Drums 2 or already have it, take a look at my guide for using it effectively in Cakewalk! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/N22NT39huQI
  5. Included are several guides on working with AD2 in Cakewalk, as well as a few "Advanced Drum Editing" guides made by members of the CW team published during the SONAR era (Still relevant for current Cakewalk release as of mid 2021) Addictive Drums 2 (Project Temp +Track Temp +Drum Map) separate-outputs.pdf Cakewalk - Setting up a Drum Map for Addictive Drums 2 in Cakewalk.pdf
  6. How do I get rid of a Synth Plug-in loading I no longer need to be in a project. (mainly to save DAW resource) In this instance I'm talking about Addictive Drummer 2 and this is the scenario 1. Use midi to 'play AD2' into Project as Audio 2. Now I have all my audio drum tracks I no longer need to load AD2 3. Delete the midi track and all the previous tracks that were pointing to record from AD2 all show as audio tracks So now when I save and load the project - I notice that it still loads AD2 even though I'm no longer using it. How do I stop it loading? It's not a show stopper by any means, but I'm just curious how to release that Synth from the project. Stay safe peeps.
  7. Hello guys. I'm trying the latest release and here the QUICK GROUPS (CTRL+"Parameter click") are behaving kind of weird for me. Here are some of the problems I can see (have not been able yet to reproduce 100% of the time, but still... ) I've seen these "problems" while testing ADDICTIVE DRUMS2. I've inserted 2 instances in my project. One using the "old" multi-out instrument insert method and the other using the "newer" INSTRUMENT PER TRACK OUTPUT method. (So, both instances are MULTI-OUT PRE FADER from the instrument). I'm playing the VM using only its internal pattern play button. So far, I thought I could notice a different behaviour based on how I inserted the 2 instruments. Not so sure now. Here what is happening on my end CONSOLE VIEW - Input gain knobs Parameters not always updating accordingly After some other tweaks with other parameters (not grouped), Input gain knobs values seems to changes randomly. Also, I'm even starting to wonder if there is not some kind of bug with the input gain know itself. Sometimes, my tracks / Buses in Cakewalk are clipping. So, I'm tweaking to correct using the GAIN knobs... Sometimes I am cutting as much as -18 DB and the readings on the meters are just slightly impacted. (Both for tracks and buses)... I'm going crazy or what? Project on my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AomdelJR9b9HjGbELCZm5J5v9plJ?e=rV8JN8
  8. Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying this lockdown with extra creativity and recording. I was until Cakewalk started acting up, and i'm hoping someone has had this same issue, as i have not been able to find anything on the internet for this one. DAW loads up with no problem, when i load up a song, it stops when it gets to Addictive Drums 2 and this prompt pops up [Attached below]. The only button that does anything is the 1st-Switch to, and it takes me to my Windows 8 start screen, and i can't find anything open. I cant do anything with the DAW and its an endless circle, the only way to get out of it is to restart my desktop. Ive checked the drum maps and everything looks as it should. This started when i was still using the old official Sonar program, thought that could be a problem so downloaded Bandlab version and its the same. Updated AD2 and Melodyne before i switched to Bandlab, and i know updated can mess things up, Thank you if anyone has any ideas. Im not the most computer literate person so there might be a simple answer.
  9. Hey out there! I'd like to share my new EP with you guys. I think I've done some steps from the first one, but it's still a long way. Nevertheless I can tell that I'm satisfied with the result. What definitevly changed a lot is the the use of Addictive Drums 2. I already love the drum sounds. All instruments played by myself, as well mixing and mastering! Enjoy!! Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3c47DSPCiPWiddGlNb2mF3 Bandcamp: https://sebastiandoebbelin.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-outdoors Youtube:
  10. Hi, Can anyone give me the directions to add the addictive drums 2 drum map to cakewalk by bandlab. I was trying to follow the old sonar directions but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks, Alan
  11. XLN Audio updates are available for DS-10 Drum Shapper & RC-20 Retro Color. Can't find any info on what the changes are or when they were actually released. Run the XLN Online Installer to obtain.
  12. XLN February Madness Sale - 50% off EVERYTHING from Feb 21-26 https://www.xlnaudio.com/ at checkout use code: SPRING2019 Cheaper at resellers: JRR Shop: https://www.jrrshop.com/xln-audio?dir=asc&order=name for additional discount use code: GROUP Best Service: https://www.bestservice.com/xln_audio.html (sale prices not yet showing) Note: if you're still building your XLN collection of kits consider getting the XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2: Custom at the current sale it's around $62 USD at JRR Shop with code: GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/xln-audio-addictive-drums-2-custom This bundle is not showing at XLN web site - they probably pulled it for the sale.
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