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  1. To prevent SessionDrummer 3 from inadvertently triggering a drum fill pattern, I have a full length note in PRV on the "OFF" key. When the note reaches measure 258 in length on a 4/4 beat pattern, it no longer responds to the mouse when zoomed in. Can't select it. Can't stretch it. Nothing. There are similar issues with CC values where they simply disappear when reaching a certain length. I can break them up into smaller lengths, but is there a limit to how long a MIDI note/CC can be? Or is this a Zoom bug?
  2. In PRV, holding the Alt key invokes the Scissor (note lower half) & Eraser (note upper half) tool cursor which are used when Left-clicking. However, holding the Alt key when Right-clicking Moves/Copies notes between tracks in PRV, but still uses the same cursors which is confusing because you're not sure what's going to happen next. Is this unavoidable because of the Alt key?
  3. May have mentioned these in the past but these 2 issues have persisted for years thru every version of Sonar/CbB. I don't change any settings and they seem to happen at will. Using Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V 1. Sometimes pasted notes don't go to the intended track. They (1) end up on another track, or (2) disappear completely even tho "Undo Paste" is in the Edit list. Normally I can select the target track with the PRV Track list, but not always. When that fails, sometimes I have to switch to Track View and Select & Focus the intended track for it to paste there. Sometimes even this does not work and the note simply doesn't paste. 2. Pasted note clips should only be as long as the notes themselves but about 50% of the time they will paste with a new full length clip. Is this intended behavior?
  4. Request ability to Shrink/Stretch grouped PRV notes by Ctrl+Shift+Dragging both ends of the notes, like you can with Track View clips. Currently you Shrink/Stretch grouped PRV notes by Ctrl+Dragging either end of the notes. This works but is confusing when working between views. BTW, Shift+Dragging grouped notes makes them all the same length and only works on the left end of the group. EDITED
  5. If there isn't already a way to turn on & off or bypass a MIDI track's controller lane, it would be nice to add it. Prefer individual CC lanes but even all lanes at once, so we can make quick A/B checks. A time consuming Convert to Envelopes could be a work-a-round, but not very efficient.
  6. Currently, in the PRV controller lane, CC events on different MIDI channels require their own lane (in single lane controller mode). Can we please have an option where all CC's of a given controller can be displayed on a single lane, regardless of their MIDI channel> This was possible with Cakewalk Pro audio 9 (yes going back a bit) by setting the display MIDI channel to “All Channels” With the latest Cakewalk, “All Channels” for CC Event controller lanes has been removed. It would be great to get that back.
  7. Greetings, Is it really the case that the PRV track numbers have a 2 digit limitation? Am I the only one that sometimes uses more than 100 midi tracks in a project? Mousing over the numbers above 99 should at lease show a tool tip showing the full number? See Attached screen grab. Thank you! Steve Karl
  8. Can this be done? Ability to move entire selected area freely. Also, stretch corners independent of each other like Photoshop Transform>Distort.
  9. This feature request would be great to match any VST that uses Key switch or custom Key map settings. 1) PRV Multiple Custom Color Key Overlay and ability to change Each Key Color and Text. displayed over the Key Also 2) a toggle all note names off/on displayed on the Keys at all times, not just on Mouse over. ability to change the Key Color and Text. mouse Over? ...is their a better term than "mouse" in 2023? lol What do the kids call it these days? Mouse LC = Mouse Left Click MRC = Mouse Right Click MMC =
  10. Might be a feature or a Bug. KEY: Lc Mc Rc (Left, Middle, Right, mouse CLICK) In Piano Roll view, (the lower screen to edit Velocity, Wheel, etc.) PRV Controller lanes "Wheel" 1) Mc--> select Draw Tool "Sine" Trying to draw a sine wave pattern not working and Mc (Middle Click ) does not re-open tool options. 2) To open the right click menu again, Tool Options: Must Mc in the Piano Roll View to work again. The only Draw Tool that worked was "Freehand" and Line" I was trying to draw a sine wave pattern in the "Wheel" Controller Data.
  11. I prefer not using Inline PRV because of this: PRV has no issues, we need the same note drawing standard in Inline PRV.
  12. When the Controller Pane is closed and Display Multiple Controllers checked with showed CC value, while working with Notes/Velocity, the background is too bright. Just like the New Dark Controller Events in the Clips Pane, making it possible in the PRV View would be great.
  13. In the PRV, when the Controller Pane is closed, when we select a Controller Event instead of Notes/Velocity, Smart Tool is not working as it is supposed to be like Drawing Tool. So I have to change from Smart Tool to Drawing Tool every time. I am requesting Smart Tool to work like Drawing Tool when editing a Controller Event on PRV.
  14. When I change the mode to Inline PRV on Clips Pane, it shows velocity with the notes and I close it everytime because the preference doesn't save on Project Template.
  15. Can we please have the ability to rename CC lanes in the PRV (When the name is visible)
  16. When stretching a note in PRV, the tooltip creates a flickering image of itself. This only occurs on my new Win11 laptop's 2nd monitor when CbB is maximized full screen. (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti laptop GPU) Not noticed on previous Win10, Win7, or XP systems using the same 2nd monitor. And does not appear on the laptop's main screen or when floating on 2nd monitor.
  17. Yeah... I run into this a lot. Need/want to revert or change zoom is always a manual zoom in the PRV. I think it would be very handy to have the various zoom methods available in this view as well as the manual method.
  18. It is still currently necessary to enable disable both global snap as well as PRV snap when working in PRV to turn snap on/off. If you simply disable PRV snap, the system reverts to using the global snap. A bit of a pain most of the time for me as I essentially never want to use my global values in the PRV. If I turn of PRV snap, I mean for snap to be off completely. It would be nice. Maybe an option for off vs revert to global?
  19. When both MIDI and Synth tracks are displayed in PRV, invoking Mute or Solo acts oddly or completely different that Track View behavior. Actual: Activating a MIDI track M or S button does not activate the corresponding Synth's button until the mouse hovers over it. Then it's activated without actually clicking it. Expected: Activating it should activate the other, as it does in Track View. EDIT: This may only be a graphical issue.
  20. Seems all note names are black even on black notes. This makes it impossible to see them on medium to dark notes. They only turn white when selecting a note. Can we have contrasting note name colors so they can be seen by all?
  21. See the video below. I've got snap enabled, and the grid set to 16th notes. I'm drawing notes that are roughly a 32nd in duration. If you do a clean click, you get a note of the desired duration aligned with the grid. But if you move the cursor slightly to the right while clicking – because you're entering a bunch of notes and you're in a hurry – the note snaps to a tiny line (duration = 2 ticks). Once you've released the mouse (again, because you're quickly entering notes) it's not possible to stretch it because you can't grab the right edge. Pretty much all you can do (mouse-wise, without involving the Quantize command, etc.) is lasso them to select, delete, click one of the good notes to reset the default duration, and get back to note-drawing.. I can't imagine a case where having the note snap to a well-nigh uneditable 'zero duration' blob would ever be desirable. In any event, it's odd that the note does this snapping when the cursor moves into the rightmost 1/3rd (or 1/4th) of the blob, but if you keep dragging right it unsnaps to where the cursor is, before snapping to the next grid line as you keep going. Hardly fatal, but it's annoying and it happens frequently enough. At least for me. cakewalk prv.webm
  22. There are times when it is advantageous to select all controllers in a lane quickly. Click-dragging isn't always thorough and time can be wasted searching for the elusive "phantom" cc. It would be cool to select all CC data by shift+clicking the Edit Filter "G" (controller name box).
  23. Title says it all. Currently, these names are derived from the “Standard” entry in Preferences | MIDI | Instruments. > Define. While that is a a great start, they are global - in that the same set of names appear regardless of what vsti one is using. We either need a way to define them on a per VSTi basis, or rename them as they appear in the PRV Track pane.
  24. Changing Clips Foreground Color Does not Affect PRV as you see below:
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