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  1. 1. Clip must be selected and deleted. Click the clip & hit Delete key. or 2. Right click clip & select Bounce to clip(s). You do not need to delete notes in PRV if you want to delete the entire clip.
  2. According to documentation, only when the button is dimly-lit is there a Take Lane. The moment you press the button, one is created and becomes dimly-lit. like me So either CbB is oblivious to the insertion of events other than recording and won't create a T/L until you press the button... Or it thinks there is no need for one until you press the button. Either way, the T/L button is OFF indicating no Take Lane is present. It would be nice if they make it so any data input creates a Take Lane - with dimly-lit button. To me, Edits (non-recorded adjustments) & Takes (recordings) are 2 different things. 1. "A take is a single continuous recorded performance." "In music recording, a take similarly refers to successive attempts to record a song or part. Musical takes are also sequentially numbered." 2. PRV & Staff View are "editors". Anything manually entered into them is an "edit", even if starting from scratch. Takes can be entered into them by recording, but manual insertion, note by note, is an "edit". To me this is why the button remains OFF. Why, copy&paste-ing a clip will create a Take Lane but dragging one won't until the button is pressed is confusing. I.C. So an extra step to close & reopen Take Lanes is required to see the 2nd lane. Documentation is not so clear on this. Even so, if a 3rd, or more, overlapping clip is dragged in, a 3rd+ lane is NOT created at all, ever. Extra step to create 3rd+ lane, and another step to drag the clip there are needed. So documentation is only partly correct. This doesn't bother me so much because I normally don't drag clips around like that.
  3. Yes, but the button will remain dimly-lit. OP wants button to go OFF when lane is collapsed with or without clips, but that's not intended behavior. Agreed. Behavior indicates that a Take Lane is not "officially" created until a "take" is recorded or the button is activated. Dragging a clip to create a new track or entering notes in PRV aren't "takes" so the button remains OFF because no Take Lane was created. This can be confusing because if another clip is dragged into the new track the button becomes dimly-lit. Even more confusing is they will both be on one Take Lane if they overlap. According to documentation, they should be on separate lanes. A dimly-lit state merely indicates a Take Lane exists on the track. It does not indicate the presence of a clip or how many lanes there are. I like the idea of using a numbered state to show how many lanes exist.
  4. The problem is that button is not changing it's state everytime as it supposed to be. Because Means: If you drag a clip on to the project or create notes on PRV or Staff View, or even you create an event with the Event List, that button do not change it's state. But if you drag a clip to another track, Take Lane button of the dragged Track becomes that dim lit state. That button should be at dim lit state all the time when there is a clip on the track. That makes the confusion.
  5. I see what the OP is getting at now. If you create a MIDI clip by drawing in the PRV, the take lane button remains in the 'no lanes' state until you expand it once, and then there's no way to get back to the orginal state while keeping the clip, I would say it's actually unexpected and inconsistent that creating a clip by drawing does not 'activate' the take lane button like recording, drag-and-drop, copy-paste, etc, do. The correct behavior would be for the button to be activated whenever there's any content in the track, no matter how it's created.
  6. and deselecting the option "Notes | Show Durations in Drum Grid" in the PRV for drum map editing. fwiw, never run across a use case for entering/hand editing super short midi notes.
  7. I can't think of ever not using the Smart Tool. The only time I do change tools - is when I would paint automation. Other than that, The smart tool is the best feature ever created in Cakewalk to this date. If im right: The issue is a simple one everyone encounters daily, but subconsciously fix the problem. You can actually see it happen in as you draw in those notes. You're crossing in to another clip. So this happens because of the two individual clips. If you bounce the two together and make them one clip - the problem will disappear. You can see this when your snap to grid gets disabled in the PRV on the third note you're drawing in - as the note is currently laying underneath the other one that overlapping. Somehow that clip got split. Bouncing that clip should fix your issue.
  8. ... which links to another issue The PRV has an issue following the TV/CV graphically. The other issues come up when multiple MIDI tracks drive one synth. So Simple Instrument (combined MIDI/Synth) tracks may behave differently from separate MIDI/Synth tracks. Tho confusing at first, they seem to be operating as designed for discernable reasons. The exception would be Muting a Synth in TV, which doesn't Mute it's Synth Rack equivalent. But it might be a 'mute' point by now.
  9. Something similar was reported quite a long time ago with Exclusive Solo in the PRV Track Pane. Probably the same root cause:
  10. When both MIDI and Synth tracks are displayed in PRV, invoking Mute or Solo acts oddly or completely different that Track View behavior. Actual: Activating a MIDI track M or S button does not activate the corresponding Synth's button until the mouse hovers over it. Then it's activated without actually clicking it. Expected: Activating it should activate the other, as it does in Track View. EDIT: This may only be a graphical issue.
  11. Using the PRV Controller Pane or a 2nd controller pane or another TV Header lane would be cool. Currently the B/P buttons don't change leaving you scratching your head when ICR sets in.... or is that CRI?! Oddly, setting Controller type in Event List seems to have no affect on my synth. It plays correctly no matter which one is selected. FWIW I always wondered why the "Insert" commands were split between the Insert Menu and the Project Menu.
  12. I believe that a patch/bank controller lane in the PRV that can look up patches as defined by a VST or an INS file would be much easier. Patches are easier to look up by defined names than trying to remember what patch number is assigned to what patch/bank - especially when you are using a synth that has over 1250 patches (which I do). Until then I am just going to continue using the standard Insert Patch/Bank command to insert patch/bank changes.
  13. No - The transform tool only works on Controller events and note events in the PRV. I already explained what Transform Tool can do, where it can be used and what we are actually talking to in this comment: But thanks for your effort.
  14. No - The transform tool only works on Controller events and note events in the PRV.
  15. No it's not. PRV or Clips Pane, the same. You can use any kind of supported Time Rulers in both views. That's not the point because there is no proper way to show only Bars in the Cakewalk. There is M:B:T. Means Measure Beat Tick. No Measure only Time Ruler is supported.
  16. For what its worth, 12/8 with different horizonal zoom settings. The down side of using 8ths is the metronome. I would prefer variable ping intervals (e.g., 12/8 with a ping every 3 or 4 beats), but its not that critical because I can use a drum-based metronome. OH! I get it. Its a PRV thing. 🤪
  17. Can we please have advances for the PRV transform tool. One I can think of is holding CTRL while scaling makes the pivot point for scaling the centre of the transform rectangle.
  18. Minor Bug Report: When switching from Track View (TV) to any other view, using the "D" key after moving the mouse cursor outside the Clips Pane, the TV's Aim Assist Line remains frozen in place in those views. This does not happen when using the "D" key while the cursor is within the Clips Pane OR clicking a Multidock tab to switch views. The TV's Aim Assist Line is a solid line. The PRV's Aim assist line is a dotted line which functions properly and is unaffected by the lingering TV line.
  19. Yes, we need "Patch Change" in the" MIDI Envelope Menu" to edit Program Changes with the Automation Envelopes in the Track View or with the Controllers in the PRV.
  20. Patch changing is clunky at best in Sonar/CbB. Surprising since it's the best MIDI Daw out there. Either Samplitude or SO does this well in PRV.
  21. Based on the number of vocal advocates for the PRV in the forum, it would seem to be a benefit to PRV users not to have to use the Event List to change patches/presets (as long as it doesn't require non-PRV users to have to use the PRV). Having a patch/preset lane makes sense since there are already options for Velocity, Wheel, Channel Aftertouch, CCs, RPNs, and NRPNs. For me your "workflow logic" is not universal. Having a tab in the MultiDock set to a patch change track right next to a tab for a MultiTrack PRV works quite well for me. I can click in a P number in the patch change track and the specific event is selected in the Event View (and vice versa).
  22. The Inspector only shows the initial patch for a MIDI track. He means patch changes that have been entered within the project. It would be good if we could see them via the PRV (preferable using a PRV controller lane) I am not sure what you mean by “In Track View go to the top of the Controller Pane”
  23. Not sure what Event Viewer you're using but... There are several ways to access Bank/Patch changes. File Menu > Insert > Bank/Patch Change... In Track View go to the top of the Controller Pane, click the righthand button and select ALL. Bank & Patch viewers are now displayed. Console View Sends/Bank/Patch Module which is also displayed in the Track Inspector to the left of Track View. They can be changed in PRV but this is one area CbB can be improved on. Go to the top of this website and click the Cakewalk by BandLab tab. Then click Online Documentation or Reference Guide PDF for more information.
  24. Nowadays more and more people are controlling external devices during live playback in an automated fashion. This used to mostly be keyboardists but now were looking at guitarist, bassists and vocalists wanting to do it as well. Currently the only way to edit a Bank/Patch event is via the Event Viewer. In Track View you can actually see the patch number and where it lines up right on the midi clip (although to see it you have to stretch the clip out a ways). From here, workflow logic says we should be able to double click the clip and edit the event in the PRV but we can't. Would be possible to allow us to edit them in the Controller Pane? Maybe in an Automation Lane that could be converted to a midi track eventually or something? It's pretty painful to automate them for an entire song right now when you may need to enter, change value or move an event to a different bar/beat. Thanks for listening!
  25. I absolutely hate the way Cakewalk can have multiple overlapping midi clips but can’t display them usefully in the track view. Copy a phrase from earlier in the song and past it elsewhere and you often get visual ‘holes’ in the track view even though there’s no such gap in the PRV. Problem is exacerbated if “Paste as new clips” is enabled, and it seems to be a default that keeps coming back. i’ve never wanted overlapping midi clips in the first place, and whenever I get one I have to bounce, resplit clips at the markers, and rename the clips because the name got lost in the bounce. It’s clunky as hell.
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