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  1. Cakewalk already has a magnifier for PRV called Microscope. So implementing the same thing to work anywhere in the software might be easy since there is already a working code. And that tool can be toggled by a shortcut anywhere when needed.
  2. Thanks for the information. If Studio One is doing the thing with the same way with the Cakewalk it doesn't seem helping the issue. It needs to be dynamically creating staff when you add notes as I stated earlier. Dark Theme is a needed feature. With the white screen my eyes are bleeding. You can do a photon ray bombardment your eyes anytime by the way. And as I stated earlier this topic is about improving the Staff View, PRV is out of topic. And he also mentioned that he doesn't want to have to use another software.
  3. I prefer not using Inline PRV because of this: PRV has no issues, we need the same note drawing standard in Inline PRV.
  4. Also he said that he is not using PRV and already requested Articulation Maps for the Staff View. Using Articulation Maps for keyswitch is a good advice though.
  5. This behaviour changes exists to help productivity so I expect it. What I don't expect is when it does the thing it shouldn't do like mentioned in this thread: Smart Tool is not working as expected in PRV when drawing modulations. However same tool works as it supposed to be in Inline PRV.
  6. We ship basic chord triads as articulations with CbB as standard, but these are there for convenience in the PRV and fall way short of a chord track. A chord track, to my mind should: 1. Identify the chords within the existing audio/MIDI, allowing the user to correct them if necessary. 2. Allow the user to change chords within the chord track, and have this alter the chords within both the MIDI and audio - you should be able to exclude tracks from this process. 3. When changing chords, the chord picker should suggest alternative chords based on the current chord and key of the song. Alternative chords should be presented in order of which is most closely related to the existing chord, to those most distant.
  7. So I'm wondering can we call it a bug? We can't nudge the frozen clip unless we split and merge the Instrument Track, or select MIDI from PRV. I think this is an issue needs to be fixed.
  8. Selecting all MIDI in the PRV with the Freezed Audio in the Track View can also work to nudge freezed Instrument Track. Great observation Willy. But the Numlock thing still exist. Because the default shortcuts use number keys for Nudge, when the Numlock is off these keys turns to alternatives and these keys won't work for nudge.
  9. Just like "MIDI Event Chase on Play" action. This behaviour will keep and read the note till the end. MIDI Event Chase on Play is for playback, this will be for editing. By the way Ableton LIVE also works the same way, you won't need editing in PRV for this action:
  10. 1. Each menu has different purposes. "Track View/View/Display" is for Clips "Track View/MIDI" is for View only MIDI "Track/Edit Filter/Notes" is for Editing selected CCs So no problem with the menus. 2. Menu is closing with every selection. It can stay and disappear whenever we click outside of the menu. +1 3. They use only use Track color in Clips mode but yes, they can use their color in faded mode. So +1 4. Absolutely +1 5. Yeah, unfortunately. We should be aware of notes when selecting a CC in Inline PRV. +1
  11. This would be nice. Tho in PRV the CCs have black outlines and already vary in color DEPTH by the velocity value which may make it challenging to do.
  12. So I think I'm seeing what you are talking about now... I have a track that has Modulation and Pitch Wheel on it... In the "Lanes" in PRV the modulation value is kind of a this color and the pitch wheel is kind of this color... When I hide the lanes with Display Multiple Controllers the modulation turns kind of this color but the pitch wheel stays this color... And this color is a lot brighter than this color and really overly distracting...
  13. I'm not talking about changing the Controller Colors. I'm talking about when the Controllers are visible in the background, they should be darker than the current situation. This will be an overall process for every Controller. Just like they made it brighter to improve the visibility of Clip outlines in the PRV, the same thing, but this will be darker, not brighter like with the Clip Outlines.
  14. I just checked and you can change the PRV Grid Background color under Preferences -> Customization -> Colors... There are three different colors, PRV Grid Background. PRV Black Keys Background (Db, Eb) and PRV Black Keys Background (Gb, Ab, Bb)... Now if you are talking about changing the Controller Colors that is different than the background...
  15. With the Release 2022.11 Update developers"Improved MIDI clip controller rendering" But they did only for Clips Pane. We also need the same thing for PRV.
  16. When the Controller Pane is closed and Display Multiple Controllers checked with showed CC value, while working with Notes/Velocity, the background is too bright. Just like the New Dark Controller Events in the Clips Pane, making it possible in the PRV View would be great.
  17. In the PRV, events change frequency determined by event drawing resolution. In the TrackView it is controlled by AutomationDecimationMsec variable. So actually in the Track View or in the PRV, they do the same thing for automation, both are sending individual events. I am requesting a preference to automatically disregarding Snap settings when drawing automation in PRV. So transitions between events will become smoother without disabling the Snap everytime. Also we can't do everything with the envelopes:
  18. There's no real automation in the PRV - what you're actually doing is adding MIDI Control Change events. As each control change is an individual event, the snap settings are applied to it. You can either continue to use CC events in the PRV with snap off (which by the way will potentially add hundreds of CC events), or use actual MIDI automation in an automation lane in the tracks view.
  19. I thought an image can make it more clear. This is the thing. When the Snap disabled, automation steps does not follow the PRV Snap rules and automation becomes as smoother as it can be.
  20. To be clear, when the Snap is on, the automation is drawing by the PRV snap distance.
  21. Notes in the PRV will show the same velocity adjustment tool cursor when you hover of the upper edge of the note near the center.
  22. Bob Bone, Reanimator! In the few years since I originally posted the frustrated rant, the devs blessedly fixed a big issue and using drum names in the PRV is now persistent. Also, I've reasonably tamed the Drum Map Beast. Not that I don't stand by everything I said; okay, after 5 years I finally got it to work, even though it's still a hassle, and I still sometimes forget that after "creating a new drum map," I still need to switch the track's output to use the drum map. This suggests that the learning curve is just slightly less than flat. One thing I didn't mention is the fact that, AFAIK, there are UI benefits to using a drum map beyond just getting the note names. I like programming drums with the little triangle-y notes where it's so easy to adjust velocity per note rather than having to open the velocity pane at the bottom. Unless there's something I'm not grasping (probability: high), you must be using a drum map in order to get that.
  23. In the PRV, when the Controller Pane is closed, when we select a Controller Event instead of Notes/Velocity, Smart Tool is not working as it is supposed to be like Drawing Tool. So I have to change from Smart Tool to Drawing Tool every time. I am requesting Smart Tool to work like Drawing Tool when editing a Controller Event on PRV.
  24. When I change the mode to Inline PRV on Clips Pane, it shows velocity with the notes and I close it everytime because the preference doesn't save on Project Template.
  25. There is no facility in the PRV to edit Poly Aftertouch. The only way to edit Poly Aftertouch is via the Events List View. I'm sure adding something to the PRV has been discussed in the past, but since the majority of keyboards don't even support channel aftertouch, let alone poly aftertouch, it was probably deemed too much effort vs the number of users who'd benefit.
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