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  1. It's not as simple as making it a controller lane. With CC's, ignoring the MIDI channel, once you've picked the CC number (which is the lane), a controller message has only one parameter which is the controller value. Add the time of the event, and you have the 2 dimensional controller lane. Again ignoring the MIDI channel, Poly Aftertouch messages have a note and a value. Once you've added the time of the event you have 3 dimensions to cater for, so the the controller lane isn't really suitable. A more sensible way would be to show it on the PRV itself, as the first part of the message is the note number. However, showing the value in a sensible way is then the issue - you can't use "length" as this would be confused with duration, and you can't use "height" as this is already used to denote the note value. Poly Aftertouch messages are almost identical to Note On messages, except instead of velocity you have the pressure value. However, whereas with notes it's usually the note value / duration that are the most commonly edited parameters, with Poly Aftertouch it's the value (i.e. the equivalent of velocity). So yes, there have been discussions in the past, but they've been dismissed so far for two reasons: 1. We've yet to come up with a sensible way to display/edit Poly Aftertouch - and looking at other DAWs for inspiration doesn't help, because most don't support it in the PRV either... and the ones that do (that I've seen), IIRC are basically showing a cut-down event view. 2. The work involved to overhaul the PRV to support this outweighs the number of users that would benefit from having it. As far as point 1 is concerned, the only options so far were: Option 1: To show poly aftertouch in a lane, but have a note dropdown in the header. This might suit editing to an extent, but really doesn't help with visualizing what poly aftertouch messages are present... you'd have to create 128 aftertouch lanes (one for each note) to see what is there, which again isn't really that helpful. Option 2: To show poly aftertouch in a lane, but filter the messages shown based on the note selection in the PRV. This is slightly better, but if you had messages for a note that isn't in the PRV (say you deleted the note, but not the PAT messages), you'd have no way of showing them, and therefore editing them. Neither of these options are very good. If you've got an example of a DAW with a good method of showing/editing Poly Aftertouch in the PRV, please let us know.
  2. @msmcleodhave there ever been any discussion at your dev meetings to support Poly Aftertouch as a controller lane in the PRV?
  3. Another thing that makes CbB a cit cumbersome is you can't configure a plugin to be MIDI only. Those exist and you can't use them in CbB as they simply don't appear on MIDI tracks. Heck, even the built in plugins are no categorized as MIDI, which makes things weird when you want to use them in the PRV and they live in a strange "Uncategorized" field. Even adding plugins which are MIDI Only to the correct menu and saving the layout results in the plugin not showing on the list.
  4. I have assigned a keybinding for this (In my case, SHIFT + C under PRV keybindings) Though an on screen indication of status would be nice (without having to mouse to the PRV menu).
  5. I have at times used one Instrument track for the MIDI notes and added another MIDI track for the controllers and automation, and keyswitches (before the Articulation map days) so that I could edit/transpose the notes without messing up any of the controllers, then bundled all into a folder. Now with ArtMaps and Automation lanes, I generally don't do that as much anymore. But I like your idea if it wasn't buried too far in the UI. Like a small popup menu below the Controller lanes in PRV similar to the Transform Tool. <Bypass Active> or <Bypass All>
  6. If there isn't already a way to turn on & off or bypass a MIDI track's controller lane, it would be nice to add it. Prefer individual CC lanes but even all lanes at once, so we can make quick A/B checks. A time consuming Convert to Envelopes could be a work-a-round, but not very efficient.
  7. Yea. Also not an issue in Sonar Platinum 2017.01 - the last version before the PRV change.
  8. Must have happened when they "improved" SPlat's PRV Track view list format. Not an issue in Sonar X3 and before. The Add Track button dialog also has a limitation of 99.
  9. Currently, in the PRV controller lane, CC events on different MIDI channels require their own lane (in single lane controller mode). Can we please have an option where all CC's of a given controller can be displayed on a single lane, regardless of their MIDI channel> This was possible with Cakewalk Pro audio 9 (yes going back a bit) by setting the display MIDI channel to “All Channels” With the latest Cakewalk, “All Channels” for CC Event controller lanes has been removed. It would be great to get that back.
  10. Greetings, Is it really the case that the PRV track numbers have a 2 digit limitation? Am I the only one that sometimes uses more than 100 midi tracks in a project? Mousing over the numbers above 99 should at lease show a tool tip showing the full number? See Attached screen grab. Thank you! Steve Karl
  11. Can this be done? Ability to move entire selected area freely. Also, stretch corners independent of each other like Photoshop Transform>Distort.
  12. @Glenn Stanton If you noticed the Event List captures (or opened the session file), all the key signatures were applied for each dominant major scale. [of course, each track can only have ONE scale constraint applied at a time...] So, yes... there is a quirk that seems to only happen in the note names in the PRV. And I'm not referring to the instrument definition list. Seems there should/could be a solution to this in the algorithm, but it may not be an easy code fix. Not mission critical, but it makes teaching music theory using CbB somewhat confusing for students.
  13. I've seen that as well and just ignored it - but it is weird. Not sure why the note names in PRV would not follow the key signature (unless you intentionally alter them).
  14. This feature request would be great to match any VST that uses Key switch or custom Key map settings. 1) PRV Multiple Custom Color Key Overlay and ability to change Each Key Color and Text. displayed over the Key Also 2) a toggle all note names off/on displayed on the Keys at all times, not just on Mouse over. ability to change the Key Color and Text. mouse Over? ...is their a better term than "mouse" in 2023? lol What do the kids call it these days? Mouse LC = Mouse Left Click MRC = Mouse Right Click MMC =
  15. According to the Cakewalk manual “The pattern tools do not work on audio clips, MIDI clips, PRV notes or AudioSnap transients.” They work for automation events. A workaround would be to generate patterns in automation and then convert them to actual CC MIDI events. See: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tools.14.html#1232134 Having these available in the PRV Controller lanes would be handy. Personally, I have written some CAL scripts to generate triangle and square waves using MIDI CC Events . I have also written CAL scripts to convert straight lines to curves to build sine waves.
  16. Might be a feature or a Bug. KEY: Lc Mc Rc (Left, Middle, Right, mouse CLICK) In Piano Roll view, (the lower screen to edit Velocity, Wheel, etc.) PRV Controller lanes "Wheel" 1) Mc--> select Draw Tool "Sine" Trying to draw a sine wave pattern not working and Mc (Middle Click ) does not re-open tool options. 2) To open the right click menu again, Tool Options: Must Mc in the Piano Roll View to work again. The only Draw Tool that worked was "Freehand" and Line" I was trying to draw a sine wave pattern in the "Wheel" Controller Data.
  17. HI:) I hope I can find all scripts. Cause of a lot Midi Glitches and Problems with PRV, which are not reproducable I switched to Reaper last summer and not working with CbB at the moment, but stay in Forum for sure, CbB was my beloved DAW the last 30 years:) OK, let's see, Move Notes Up/Down and Left/Right you can do with the NUMPAD! As far as I can see I deleted the Insert Note Script, but it's very easy to write it over the weekend! I attach the other scripts and load many other scripts into my cloud! The Problem in CbB is that CAL sometimes work and sometimes not, that's like Transformtool to stretch midi ccs in the PRV and working with CC Lanes, they will only sometimes work:( I have all functions on my Midi Controller, but I have to take a look how I did it, I'm sure I can change the length from the notes on grid basis.... Here the link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mk51-R-Da9Wrjq4QTxQ?e=hHoB40 Attached also the PRV Mode(PDF)ParPl-8 - PRVMode (Pre1-B1).pdf from my Controller where all functions are listed, so we can find the scripts for sure! MOve notes on grid is made with NUMPAD arrows (Nudge, set up in CbB settings, Nudge Settings, I set one to Grid(Snap)) Greetz;) Bassman. P.S. Here it is the Insert Note CAL (insert From 1 NOTE 36 100 960) . Inserts a Note at Edit Cursor with Midi Channel 1,s Note Number 36, C3, Velocity 100 and quarter length at Timebase 960) With this CAL it will be easy to insert other notes with different Note Numbers and different lengths and give the CAL a Shortcut!Insert_Note.cal EDIT: UPS instead of From it should be written Now for the Now Time, From is the From time, Thru the Thru Time.Insert_Note.cal Note_Length.cal Note_Length_+10.cal Note_Length_-10.cal Transpose +12.cal Transpose -12.cal Velocity +1.cal Velocity +3.cal Velocity -1.cal Velocity -3.cal LEGATO.CAL Insert_A#3.cal Insert_A3.cal Insert_B3.cal Insert_C#3.cal Insert_C3.cal Insert_C4.cal Insert_D#3.cal Insert_E3.cal Insert_F#3.cal Insert_F3.cal Insert_G#3.cal Insert_G3.cal Insert_D3.cal
  18. So... there I was... tweaking a script for a Bad Robot trailer that I did in the key of C (relative) minor (Eb Maj Ionian key signature) when I noticed something in the PRV that captured my curiosity. The dominant major scale in the key of Eb (3 flats) shows note names in the PRV as 2 flats and 1 sharp, with G# being the outlier. If you move to the key of Db (5 flats), you will find that the PRV now displays the dominant major scale with 3 flats and 2 sharps, F# & G# being the outliers. Similarly, in the key of D (2 sharps), we find that the display is 1 sharp and 1 flat, with Db being the outlier. Likewise in the key of E (4 sharps), we find that Db & Eb are the outliers. However, when actually printing this session to a Staff script, all of the key signatures are correct, and all the naturals are in the scale with no incidentals. If one was to look at the Event list in this session at each individual scale, the notes in each key signature are called out correctly. Key of Db for example: Key of E for example: So here's my query: would it be possible, since the note names have a data conflict between the GUI display in the PRV and the Event List, but must (probably?) be derived from the same data, to have them displayed in the correct nomenclature for the assigned key signature? Also, possibly revise the display of the Inspector MIDI scale flyout menu to look similar to this (which would just be the display data, since the application call already works): Attaching the project file (CWP) so that anyone else can confirm or deny my findings. Key Signature Test.cwp @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick
  19. So a trumpet in Bb, means when you play a C on it a Bb comes out. If you're using a VSTi, then obviously everything is non-transposed so... So to get the notes right, you need to: - Transpose the MIDI up 2 semitones, so all Bb's look like C's in the PRV / Staff View. Then to get it note sounding at the right pitch: - Use Key +/- down 2 semitones.
  20. See Q: It transposes the track's key audibly but not physically in PRV. Adjusts octaves with mouse wheel. Adjusts semitones with shift+mouse wheel. 2x click to reset -0-.
  21. I've never been able to draw notes on the inline PRV. This is interesting. But- secondly, make sure snap is turned off?
  22. Finally figured it out! My Screenset was locked ... once I unlocked it, the note names in PRV are now persisting.
  23. For me, the note names do not persist across sessions. I have to re-select them again each time from the Notes Names dialog. I normally open PRV by double-clicking the track (MIDI or SIT). I'm running the latest CbB (2022.11). Is there perhaps some setting I'm missing?
  24. It would be very helpful to have a high lighted border around the pane that is in focus. Especially useful when using keyboard commands that have different functions depending on whether you're in the TrackView or PRV panes. For example Shift-S\ back spaces in the TrackView but solos/un-solos all tracks in the PRV is in focus. Also useful if you activate the scrub tool, which hangs if you're in the TrackView.
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