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  1. Are you talking about the Keyboard on the PRV or the keyboard that you can play? I am assuming you mean the one that you can actually play. I use this on my Surface Pro and it works extremely well. Little to no lag at all which makes it useful. I also see the key I press gets darker when I press it, so I have visual feedback as I am playing. However I do not find it desirable to have the key playback when my trk plays back. Nor do I want anything to affect the way the keyboard works now. For us using it on small systems, it's works! That's all we care about. : )
  2. I think the current PRV virtual keyboard we have in CbB needs some additional features: 1. Animation to show the PRV virtual keyboard playing when we input notes (midi/mouse) and when the track is playing. Most other DAWs have this feature, and I think it is useful as well. 2. The PRV virtual keyboard should change velocity according to the position of mouse clicks, instead of just sticking to the velocity value we drew the last time. Thank you!
  3. My normal view of the controller lane in the PRV is with "Show Multiple Lanes" disabled. If you have multiple controllers on a track, the Key/Pitch part of the pane lists the controllers you can click to display that particular controller's data. If would be handy if you could hold down a modifier key (Like SHIFT, CTRL or ALT) while clicking on another controller to add that controller's data to the controller lane. For instance I might have many controllers in a given track, but I only want to display the lane for Volume (CC7) and Pan (CC10). While I know I could just select "Show Multiple Lanes", I sometimes use up to 20+ controllers per track, so enabling this would make the controllers uneditable. I would only really need a few visible at one time.
  4. There is a transform tool on the PRV where you can adjust the contours of consecutive controller events and velocities to follow the general shape of a bounding rectangle. It would be great if we had a similar tool to change the curves of automation nodes.
  5. X3 does have "snap to" in the Controller view and it is also able to be disabled / enabled by typing an "N" when in the PRV. Of course it doesn't look the same as in the newer PRV. CBB is the same, in that you can disable / enable "snap to" in the controller lanes by typing an "N" which also works for notes. The value that I see in snapping controllers to the grid is that it saves visual space and is more easily edited in some instances. If you're recording your controller data real time with a keyboard it will not snap to the grid. If you already have controllers in the wrong place then type an "N" to disable snap and then use the move tool when holding down Shift and you can easily move them to before the note without loosing their vertical value. "V" (Invert view) seems to have been removed because of the new PRV design. The work around is mouse oriented but functional, but I agree the older PRV was more hot key effective. Also, Creating Filters is something you should look at. I'm still doing all of my serious work in Sonar Platinum ... the version just before the new PRV was introduced, and I still have X3 installed also, but I'm attempting to use CBB to see if I can get used to the new PRV. A Time+ hot key doesn't seem necessary to me. If I ever have to use it for larger values I just click in the box, hit ENTER and then type in my guess like 32, 64, 80, 100 etc. and then as I hear it getting close I refine the choice.
  6. Tedious stuff. I was given hundreds of live recorded piano covers midi files to process them and make ready to print as score sheets for third party score software. I had to manually separate left and right hand, clean, quantize, undupe, make legato etc. CAL, interpolate and multitrack prv were my best friends
  7. I was trying to use Cakewalk BL's Piano Roll, but I returned to Sonar X3 again... I describe some reasons. 1. There are no need for 'Snap On' for controller datas. [Picture. 1] Most of controller data is useful when they present preceding or after notes. If they were on the same position of the note, it is possible to occur unpredicted volume error. Because the contoller become effective after the note sounds, sometimes. The Previous 'Sonar 8 and Sonar X3' didn't have this function. Cubase does too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. I suggest option for "Smart tool catchs controller On/Off'" [Picture. 2] Some people prefer "Off" . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. I suggest 'The Switch for alternative tools', as StudioOne4 or Cubase. For example: Alt + PencileTool => SmartTool (or) Selection Tool Ctrl + PencilTool => Enable to enter note. Shift + SmartTool => Adding the selection (Like Sonar 8) Ctrl + SmartTool => Exclude the selection (Like Sonar 8) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The 'Time+' parameter needs for shortcut key in Track inspector. [Picture. 3] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. I suggest the shortcut key for 'snap on/off' in PRV. [Picture. 4] 6. I suggest the shortcut key for switch the selection fo visual tracks in piano roll view, loke as old Sonar.
  8. CALs saved me impossible to count hours of manual work in prv.
  9. "The smart tool’s hot regions are small, so changing what the tool does requires hovering over tiny portions of notes." I don't know, I kind of appreciate how deep is he going into details. Such things, most people aren't even aware of, when first time working with new software. Those things you typically rather sense somehow but not notice consciously stright away. I can imagine, if you're new to Cakewalk, and have been trying some other DAWs in meantime, then you may get the feel of it as 'clumsy' or 'unresponsive', I've heard that about Sonar in the past. Of course I'm used to work with Cakewalk since more than 20 years so yeah, I may be "20 years behind" too, but he seems really experienced with handful other DAWs... "I have spent 100+ hours in each one of these products creating detailed lists and coming up with objective evaluative tests to compare them. I’ve also worked for a handful of companies making these products, written various extensions, themes and a number of VST plug-ins. Oh yeah, and I am a recording engineer with OCD..." I actually would love to see some bits like the 'smart tool's hot regions' adjusted. I believe I can work fast in Cakewalk but as I'm watching some videos where people are working in prv in, say, Fruity loops I can't stop wondering how faster are they. I'm not a programmer and have no clue how much work would that need. However the most important thing would be some proper decisions as for how much to adjust them. And as I read the article I see honest approach and no hard feelings: "Cakewalk - WINDOWS ONLY I have included this because it is a great product despite being Windows only." So yeah, I probably would set goals according to this guy.
  10. A large amount of my time is editing audio and aligned midi synced tracks. I tend to work back and forth on each sometimes just a few notes worth at a time, sometimes chopping large clips. I think it would be huge improvement to work flow if we were able to lock horizontal scaling between the Track View for audio editing and the Piano Roll view for midi editing. I think I spend 50% of my editing time resizing views between PRV and TrackView.
  11. I would like to be able to drag notes in the PRV chromatically, press a key and drag diatonically, or press another key and drag by octaves. Should a chord track ever be implemented and it contain chords outside of the key,, then diatonic movements would be to than key, instead of the key signature. It would also be nice to then add the shortcut to drag to the nearest chord/guide tone.
  12. Differences would be showing the MIDI notes as diamonds or triangles, showing the kit piece names instead of the piano keys, ability to mute and solo each kit piece, and maybe some "fill every 2 beats" type functionality. The step sequencer does some of this already but it would be nice to have this drum view in the PRV as well.
  13. There is a VST opcode (eff GetMidiKeyName) used by CbB, implemented by Fxpansion in the BSD series and the old Cakewalk Session Drummer which automatically displays note names instead of the keyboard in the PRV note pane. Unfortunately, they are the only plug-ins I know of that implement this feature. Fortunately, CbB has a way to display text instead of the keyboard in the PRV note pane using the Note Names dialog. Right-click the keyboard in the note pane to open the dialog, select "Use these Note Names Instead" in the Note Names dialog and select the appropriate entry from the drop down. The drop down may by extended by editing the master.ins file. In fact, the image above shows "AD2 Standard" which I created some time ago. The master.ins is a text file in %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core To modify the master.ins open the file in a text editor and 1) create an entry in in ".Note Names" such as [My Drums] 35=Acoustic Bass Drum 36=Bass Drum 1 37=Oink 38=Rooster Crow .... 81=Open Triangle 2) create an entry in ".Instrument Definitions" like this [My Drums] Patch=1..128 Key[*,*]=My Drums Drum[*,*]=1 This will add a "My Drums" option to the Note Names "Use these Note Names Instead" drop down. The only downside to this approach is the assignment is not persistent. Every session and every time a new PRV is opened the alternate note names must be selected. It would be a nice feature is this were persistent like the drum map assignment.
  14. With Key switches / articulations becoming more prevalent in VSTi's, it would be great if the PRV could be enhanced to cope with these. The sort of thing I was thinking about is: You'd define your key switches in a similar way to a drum-map, giving them names etc. The key switch area would appear between the velocity/controller view and the main PRV - like a split window (a bit like those code editors that have the split bar you can drag down to split the editor horizontally in two for the same file). This key switch view would be "sticky" in that it would remain visible & vertically focused on the key switch range regardless of vertical scrolling of the rest of the PRV. It could be minimised/hidden if necessary. So what you'd get is a normal PRV at the top, immediately below it would be a drum style key switch area, then below that you'd get your normal velocity/controller view. The velocity/controller area would behave as normal - i.e. it would treat both the PRV & the key switch area as if it was a normal single PRV view.
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