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  1. Select all notes that you want to effect in either TV or PRV and using the Event Viewer Module [on the Control Bar]; click in the <duration> field and enter 98% (or similar) to shorten all data by a few ticks. This works well for notes that are quantized and/or justified on the same number so they don't overlap each other.
  2. Currently we have the option to hide notes in muted clips in the Piano Roll View. I would like to also have the option to also hide notes in muted lanes in the PRV. Same use case for having the muted clips hidden, just extending that courtesy for when I have an entire TAKE I want to mute, which I do with the Mute button in the lane header. I seem to repeatedly follow this path: Record a few MIDI takes Notice that the performance I want to focus on is in a particular one Mute the other takes Open the PRV for some note nudgin' and.... Wonder why there are multiple notes stacked upon each other Flip back to Track View, mute all clips in already muted lanes Is there any reason not to have the option (option option OPTION) to hide the notes in muted take lanes? I mean other than "no way, bakers shuld use their code hours to write a chord track not protect lamerz, git gud or go home."
  3. On my test project with a 96:01:000 measure long note, the off screen measure point reached 64:04:049 when the note was no longer selectable the 1st time. On a 2nd occasion it reached 66:03:056 before it was unselectable. So apparently no precise point where it happens. Zoom is about 55-60% with 9 measures showing in PRV. Kind of annoying but only a few projects affected by it so really not a big deal for me.... maybe for others tho.
  4. As best I can figure out, CbB/Sonar doesn't like when the start of a note is more than about 64 measures off-screen. At minimum zoom with the PRV at maximum width and no keyboard, I can get 740 measures on-screen, and I can manipulate a note that's 804 measures (740 + 64) long; but as soon as I scroll far enough out to see the end of it, the start is now over 64 measures off screen, and I can no longer edit it in the PRV and have to resort to the Event List or scroll back to nearer the start time.
  5. To prevent SessionDrummer 3 from inadvertently triggering a drum fill pattern, I have a full length note in PRV on the "OFF" key. When the note reaches measure 258 in length on a 4/4 beat pattern, it no longer responds to the mouse when zoomed in. Can't select it. Can't stretch it. Nothing. There are similar issues with CC values where they simply disappear when reaching a certain length. I can break them up into smaller lengths, but is there a limit to how long a MIDI note/CC can be? Or is this a Zoom bug?
  6. Perhaps this is a bug then, David: I carefully made sure a certain set of tracks was selected in Track View, then opened PRV, then verified the same set of tracks was selected in both, then used Edit-Select by -Time .. the selection of tracks changed to ALL tracks. Right-click and drag requires NOTES so it is impossible to select a group of controllers or patch changes or pitch wheel that come, as they generally do, BEFORE a certain note or notes.
  7. Edit > Select by Time operates on tracks selected in the track view which can be more than just the one you have enabled for editing in the PRV, depending on how you switched views. When I want to select a time range in PRV, I usually just right-click and drag to lasso with or without snap enabled which will limit the selection to the the track that currently has focus in the PRV.
  8. I'm sorry not to have stated clearly enough the problem. It is the operation found (in track view) under the "Edit" menu: "Select", "By Time" that gives me difficulty from the piano roll window. The way "select by time" works is to give a pop up window allowing entry of bar numbers for start and end of the selection. I use the shortcut key FROM A PRV WINDOW very frequently to select a set of bars often far different than what is visible on the Timeline (which is why selecting by clicking on the timeline is not very useful). It is this operation, or some usable work around, that I'm hoping to find. Some way to select a group of bars for a limited set of tracks, those in use in the PRV .. I don't have an active version of the old Sonar right now, but I'm pretty sure it worked this way during those days: from within a PRV (which then could be set to include ONLY certain tracks) select by time gave the selection for just those certain tracks.
  9. You might want to read up on the "Auto Focus" & "Auto Lock" button functions in the top right corner of the PRV. I cannot recreate your issue when those are properly adhered to.
  10. Funny this topic came up because I’m not liking the new layout at all. It never puts the last projects in the cue. I’ve ended up opening back up versions by mistake. I can’t put my finger on what it is that has made this worse than the Cakewalk version and I’m one to slowly get used to new things but it’s been over a month and I’m still hating this thing. The start screen and the inability to make the PRV background white are my only 2 complaints so far.
  11. EDIT: Not an issue. Thought I had restarted Sonar (as it says "Requires Restart"), but I may have just closed/reopened the project. After a complete Sonar restart the note blobs scale as well. Nice! Noticed one glitch with the Custom Scaling. When you go above 100% (at least on my 3840x2160) the PRV note names get cut off. Here is 100%: Here is 105% - the top of the note names get cut off. Maybe the note blobs need to scale as well?
  12. Exactly. Cakewalk notation view is more for using as an alternative to PRV for composing basic midi driven music. It is by no stretch a full featured scoring app. Just like the Video feature is very basic as well. Use proper dedicated software for those tasks and then use Cakewalk for what it is designed for.
  13. I think that KeyAft events will become more important. For example, we build pipe organs and our new design is a smARTvalve which allows the pressure of each single pipe in the organ to be controlled individually. In midi V1, KeyAft is the only controller we can think of that can hold the information. The above suggestion of Promidi seems the way to go. Once you show the KeyAft information in the PRV, the "Key" selection should automatically switch to the selected note. As for the comment of msmcleod that the KeyAft information would become ghost information when the note's themself are deleted, I feel that KeyAft information is only available during a keypress from note/on till note/off, so it should be considered an integral part of that note and be deleted with it. All considered, I think that it should be very easy to implement this option in CW, as it is no different compared to the controller part: Controllers (already in place and working flawlessly in CWs PRV): select the control number, the control value is showed in the pane and can be edited with all the different tools. KeyAft (not implemented in CWs PRV yet): select the key number, the KeyAft value is showed in the pane and can be edited with all the different tools. I have no insight into the code of the CW program, but with me doing a lot of programming myself, it seems that it could be done in an hour, just duplicate the "Controller" item and add it to the list as "KeyAft", and re-associate the Controller-number to point to the Key number, and re-associate the Controller-Value to point to the KeyAft-Value. As for me, I'm really in need to have easy access to the KeyAft so that I can manipulate it with ease, so adding this function would be greatly appreciated.
  14. If you have 2 midi notes overlapping on the same key in PRV, when you try to select just the top one, it also selects the one underneath, unless you click on each note one at a time. (This is when you hold right mouse click and drag to mark multiple notes)
  15. Exactly, it just doesn't make any sense to me. I also found out that if you have stacked notes in the PRV and you mark all of them and you want to transpose them up or down, you can't select multiple notes by marking them, because when you do, it also selects the ones below that I didn't want to move... CbB seems to have a lot of silly things like this spread throughout, and it's messing too much with my workflow that I will have to look elsewhere to do my composing. I really wanted to get into using it as my daily driver, but it just keeps throwing shade at me, when I'm trying to do simple things. It's not really because I don't know how to use it properly, it's because I'm trying to do something and the program gives me resistance and says "Nope, I see what you are trying to do, but you will have to do it in a less intuitive way, at the expense of being pulled out of your creative flow".
  16. The way midi tracks display when there are overlapping clips has been annoying me forever. And CW just loves creating them when you play around editing in the PRV long enough and start copy/pasting or ctrl-drag-and-dropping, or whatever. I’ve never once wanted overlapping midi clips, but there ya go. I’m used to bouncing them back to a single flat clip and re-splitting them at my markers (and losing my edited clip names in the process), but yeah, if the Track View wasn’t lying to me by saying there’s no notes (or fewer notes) where there blatantly are some, I probably wouldn’t care about the overlapping clips thing. —- FWIW, my use case is “I never record any midi; I compose & ‘type it in’ in the PRV.”
  17. Absolutely. When I first tried Cakewalk I was 100% midi editing in DrT KCS event list. As we know Cakewalks event list is limited and the PRV is for the details. I think it took me a few years before I finally gave in and started using it. My event list workflow was over 15 year old. So it’s probably a good thing Cakewalks event list sucks as it forced me to learn to use a much better tool. And my overdub preferences are directly descended from the days of analog recording gear. Bad take! Record over it! Why would I want to keep a bad take? Workflow habit that is 40 years old.
  18. When you read these ideas you realize how we all have such totally different workflows. I hate it when I start working on what started as a pure midi file and find out the default setting of comping is turned on. All my templates are Overdub mode. Just now that happened to me and when I opened PRV to edit my 10 th and final take only to find PRV a total mess of notes! All 10 takes were there stacked up. It was easy to open the lanes and delete all but take 10. But it super annoying to me that the default is this instead of Overdub like most DAWs. Funny Cakewalk Next default is Overdub.
  19. not sure, but not an issue for me. when i open the PRV i see all the MIDI on the track regardless of number of clips or takes on that track. so it's later that if i know i'm going to copy the MIDI onto another track, i'll select the clips, bounce to clip (almost instant) and continue.
  20. Yeah, what John said. I upgraded to Melodyne Studio several years ago, and I don't regret a cent of it. Best money I've ever spent at the DAW Thing. The ability to work with multiple tracks simultaneously is so critical. I use it on everything I actually record, both vocals and guitars. (Everything else I do in PRV.) Vocals: adjusting lead vocals, and tightening up timing and fixing (or creating new) harmonies. (You can get away with a lot on backing vocal tracks.) Guitars: tightening up timing on multi-guitar rhythm tracks and leads, cutting out any noise between 'chugs', and occasionally tweaking a lead note. I record guitars dry and do the amp sim in-the-box, so even if any artifacts are introduced, they get crushed by the distortion applied afterwards.
  21. I used to do what you are doing. I don’t look at the meter I use the peak and hold numbers. I worked in small sections which more or less are one line of the lyrics. I have the G shortcut key to open the Gain dialogue. I would drag over the quiet parts and add a few db of gain. Play the part and observe the meter peaks. It was more of a visual editing process looking at the waveform to find quiet parts as well as listening to understanding the lyrics in the mix. When done I would print the track by exporting it, then I learned about bouncing to clip. This was a lot of work! Now it’s easy. I discovered a levelling tool in Melodyne which is brilliant and became part of my new workflow. It has 2 sliders one to bring up quiet parts and then one to lower the loud parts. It’s percentage based and I’m using around 70% on each. The results are I can toss the compressor and limiter in the trash bin. Well. I still use them as watchdogs. Im not sure at what version level of Melodyne this is included as I had it in the Editor version and I just upgraded to Studio. It’s on sale for a few more days if you need to upgrade. Best $99 I ever spent. And now I can work on harmonies all in one view. So all the tools you need to work on vocals are right there just like you’re working with midi in PRV. If used correctly there’s no noticeable artifacts.
  22. In PRV, holding the Alt key invokes the Scissor (note lower half) & Eraser (note upper half) tool cursor which are used when Left-clicking. However, holding the Alt key when Right-clicking Moves/Copies notes between tracks in PRV, but still uses the same cursors which is confusing because you're not sure what's going to happen next. Is this unavoidable because of the Alt key?
  23. When 2 clips are linked, any changes made to one automatically changes the other so you don't have to edit them separately. In PRV I often want to edit a series of notes in a linked clip, so I right-click lasso them, then copy & paste to a new location. At the new pasted location is where adjacent notes will disappear for no reason. Lasso selection is what causes this. Not sure if that's intended. Obviously single notes in linked clips don't need to be lassoed. But lassoing several notes is much faster than Shift+click selecting them individually.
  24. It doesn't work if auto-focus is enabled in the PRV.
  25. Right. There are times when it works as intended and then moments when it doesn't. Usually after a long session of editing. The full length clip thing happens sporadically at will. I could blame it on my version of Windows, but these issues have been with me forever. I prefer working full screen but may try splitting TV and PRV so switching is faster.
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