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    A minor nuisance

    I find that USB midi devices tend to be this way. I always make sure any USB devices are turned on before Cakewalk. The same thing happens with my USB Audio Interface. Having said that: Having A minor nuisance is better than having it turn out to B Major. That would be a sharp experience.
  2. Disabling display waveform was I believe intended to speed performance for those who were having performance issues. My guess is (as above) this is probably your issue.
  3. Arranger Tracks make the markers entirely obsolete. They are easier to see and easier to use and color coded. Multiple Tracks are possible so you can label both the song section & the chords. And the bonus is you can use it to arrange. Ctrl - Page up/Page down moves you to Next/Last section of the active track.
  4. We've got kids so my wife is a real mother.
  5. I'd say you guys are slipping - but really is there any further that you could go ??????
  6. This is why I mostly use external modules.
  7. My keyboard only has a few flute & oboe sounds, so it gets kind of warm since there aren't too many windy spots.
  8. Cars are expensive and there is always something that needs to be fixed. There's always another bill. But you know it's the times when they don't brake that you really have problems.
  9. On the drop down Edit menu undo (Ctrl-Z) does not sync with the activity list when you select History from the Edit menu. (The full activity list seems to show the correct first item. Could be confusing)
  10. Yeah - I sent it to my kids as well.
  11. Yes, sometimes I have to re-boot the machine when things get bogged down too much. A nice touch might be something inside of cakewalk that could clear all of that up. Maybe there is I don't know. I can say that the audio re-set doesn't do it.
  12. So what the first thing I did when I saw this - sent it to my kids.
  13. I've said it before but this is the number one thing I would like to see in cakewalk. Game changing is what it would be.
  14. Mod wheel CC#1, Volume CC#7 & Expression CC#11 are good places to start. CC#11 Is nice because it can change the volume of an instrument as it played, CC#7 changes the volume of all following notes but not the currently playing one. (at least on my setup for external sound sources)
  15. Yes, and 99.46541 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
  16. And kind of on that theme: My Doctor said I had acute diarrhea but I disagreed.
  17. If I understand your issue here, using a MOTU 5in/5out midi interface I have had none of these problems. If all of your devices have the 5 pin midi port connections then you could use that and all of your names would remain constant. The devices do not even have to be on when you boot cakewalk. They will always be on the port number you have connected the device to. You can change each port name to the name of your device & cakewalk will always get it right. (So looking back now I guess I am agreeing with some of the answers above)
  18. I was reading on the internet that acute liver failure can occur in as little as 48 hrs. The ugly ones take a little longer.
  19. I wanted to add as a comment that when I saw David Crosby perform (the last time for me) he played the song Delta. One of his best I think. Before he started the song he told a story about how he was with Jackson Browne when he wrote the song. It was during the period, as he said, he was a "Junkie". Crosby talked about how he wanted to get up and get more drugs but Jackson made him promise to finish the song first. So with the help of Jackson Browne we got Delta. There is a part of the song that goes: "I love the child Who steers this riverboat But lately he's crazy For the deep" I always figured it was a self reference - now I think it was about the drugs. David Crosby later said that the police saved his life when they arrested him.
  20. I only had one problem & for me that was not being able to get the NanoKontrol driver to work. (that's just one guy though)
  21. Two screens are great. I use one for lyrics when I am singing. At one point while I was still working I had three. But most of the time, one large one works for me.
  22. One older man was asked what his secret to longevity was. He said: I have a bowel movement every morning at 7:00........ Then I get out of bed.
  23. Something I did not know when I got married: I've got a really dirty wife. But she promises to shower soon.
  24. I told my wife I was sorry I was boring her to death. I mean really there must be a faster way ?
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