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  1. Thanks! Is Rapture Pro getting any updates now?
  2. Hi everybody, I've recently jumped back into Cakewalk by Bandlab to render out multitracks for projects from years ago. For one project, I got the message that Rapture x64 needed registration and I was not logged in as Administrator. I reinstalled Command Center and ran it and it logged me right in. From there I reinstalled Rapture x64 and everything was OK for the project that needed it. I can also add Dimension and Rapture, plus the other Cakewalk Instruments in my other DAWs. I love the sound of these and I've really missed them. It was great to play on them again. Even though Command Center got me on my feet, I'm assuming that's not supported any more. I was amazed it worked. Have there there been any updates for these instruments that I should check on beyond what I was able to do with Command Center? Thanks, Donny
  3. Hey everybody, I've recently fired Cakewalk back up and I've kept it up to date regularly. I've been spending more time in it recently to render out multitracks from my old projects and it's been nice. It's been AMAZING to put my hands back on Dimension and Rapture...I love how those sound. Donny
  4. doncolga

    "Can't Get Up"

    Thanks Douglas! I will revisit this tonight. Thanks so much for the feedback.
  5. doncolga

    "Can't Get Up"

    Thanks for the listen and comments. Lol that is super perceptive of you. I haven’t really tracked vocals in years, so indeed, I felt a little shaky doing that. I may do them again. I’ll try that adjustment on piano. I had put more effect on it and turned it up slightly for this version.
  6. doncolga

    "Can't Get Up"

    Hi everyone, This is my first song post here on the new forums, and a very long time since my last song post on the old forums. Very cool to be back. I wrote this back in 1992. Here goes:
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