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  1. I saw Leslie with Mountain (and talked with him and Felix) outside the backstage door (Santa Monica Auditorium). I was the dude with the camera so I have no pictures of me with them. Felix was a riotous loud mouthed New Yorker but Leslie was a gentleman. Then I saw Leslie with West, Bruce and Lange at the Palladium in Hollywood. Both great shows.
  2. @Matthew Sorrels ProcMon didn't really tell me anything. But I found the errant plugin. FYI it was a plugin called LimitX by Bill Wall plugins. It seems to only cause this behavior in CbB.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean here. I will try procmon.
  4. No mini dumps. I can open the projects in safe mode by declining all plugins (rather than one by one).
  5. I have some CbB projects form 2017, 2018 and 2019 that no longer open. They get to the end that says "Almost Ready" and then CbB closes with no error. How can I find out what is causing this? [SOLUTION] A plugin called LimitX by Bill Wall Plugins is the source of this behavior. I had forgotten that I discovered this last year (2019) and reported it to Bill Wall. He said he cannot duplicate it.
  6. Spelunk away Gregy. Thanks for listening.
  7. Are those things for sale? Looks like a used car lot.
  8. If the video star is to be believed.
  9. Bill are you happy to see Craigb or is that a banana in..... nevermind.
  10. "Well, it's one louder, innit" ~Nigel Tufnel
  11. The Royals are dropping like flies?
  12. I have been waiting to find something to do with my finger.
  13. I really did like the video and the performances, though
  14. Is that ProTools behind Liz? I'll get me coat.
  15. So, you gave him the Strat too? Seems easier than trying to open it and replace the lock.
  16. bapu backwards is upab. Bill backwards is llib. Or is it Bachwards?
  17. I have the UAD version. It's a decent amp sim, IMO.
  18. Obviously you have the one and only band of wimps on earth. Well done.
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