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  1. Seems Uke forgot juan Straummy.
  2. I would love to work at 64 sample buffers whilst having 100+ tracks and multitudes of VSTs active. 🙂
  3. I know where it ends... The Rolling Stones are the last band standing. The virus is eradicated and they are the *only* touring band in the world. Footnote: Keef was ground zero for the super anti-body for COVID-19.
  4. My Intel 10900K arrived yesterday. Mobo, memory and cooler due Monday.
  5. @Jim Roseberry Please define the range of large buffer sizes. 1024? 2048? 4096? larger? Is smallest 512 and lower?
  6. I always stock up on that 6 pack when I'm down to one left (as of today I have 3 left) . It's one of the main reasons how I own every drum MIDI pack they've produced up to and including today. 🙂
  7. My friend Randy "Root' used to hang out with him and his band before they were famous. The first drummer I payed with with Randy 'Root' was really close friends with DLR before they were famous. One or two degrees of Heaven BECAN.
  8. even from "that" folder or John's?
  9. Fredus interuptus is a very bad thing. Did an older boy make you do it?
  10. Even if he was a major Ar$sH()le (I know, I have a friend who did live sound for VH in the heyday and again in like 2010 or so) it's sad to have a talent like that go so early.
  11. Those are quite a fill two (or are they three?)
  12. Maybe the number juan fill of all times
  13. But I will say there are three monkeys in the pic. Is that a hint? Mebbe.
  14. Like some (well juan) person's medical stats, I cannot confirm or deny either situation.
  15. Oh wait, no one has noticed the closet.
  16. The open closet is a turn off
  17. Perfect Emulsion Now In Showing
  18. I only have an Adam sub. I don't remember if it was on sale of not. Not that I search for Adam sales but I don't recall one in recent years. For your sake I hope I'm wrong.
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