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  1. Decided to get an extra pair in anticipation of the future when working with a co-mixer in my place. Discount code still applied sucessfully.
  2. Just did an hour run through comparing these to my ATH-M50s through SONARWORKS. Extremely comparable IMO.
  3. I gave them a quick run through last night. Pretty nice. I'll be keeping them.
  4. I opend the box and took them out. Construction is on par with ATH-M50x. Maybe just a tad heavier.
  5. That was fast. Thy arrived today. I'll give them a run tomorrow.
  6. Q A NUN??!!?? I already had my coat on, I'm out the door.
  7. On cclarry's (aka Larry Shelby) KVR page: Cubase 11 Pro - $300 - includes eLicenser and shipping also includes Spectral Layers Pro 6 https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=444861 That's *almost* 50% off the going price today.
  8. So now that kazoo day is over is today 'up the wazoo' day?
  9. Bapu

    Team Group 15.3 TB SSD

    Can I order 2?
  10. Bapu

    Problems with Cakewalk

    So does it feel like this guy is telling you your baby is ugly? 🙂
  11. Bapu

    Reaper Updated to 6.21

    Thanks Lars, downloaded and installed it.
  12. I still have two pair of these from the 80s as well as my refurbished (left side went out) K270 cans from the 80s as well.
  13. Bapu

    Problems with Cakewalk

    CbB is a great DAW.
  14. Bapu

    Reaper Updated to 6.21

    I do that. That is one nice skin. I'm gonna have to find that one. But of course Paulo will hate it because the transport is at the bottom. 😉 Some skins have it at the bottom, some the middle and some the top. @InstrEd There are hundreds of free and some paid for (usually just a few bucks) skins for Reaper.
  15. I wonder how The Kingsmen's Louie Louie sounds on Ken's system?
  16. Looks like 3 drivers according to the text in the link I posted.
  17. I honestly don't recall, it's been years since I bought them.
  18. I use https://pro.ultimateears.com/products/ue-reference-remastered ain't cheap ($999USD) but you can get custom mold earpeices by having a qualified audioligist make an impression of your ears.
  19. 3 pedals @ $399USD each. Meh!
  20. deep fried should be an official food group
  21. Had to do it at such a price too.
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