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  1. even from "that" folder or John's?
  2. Fredus interuptus is a very bad thing. Did an older boy make you do it?
  3. Even if he was a major Ar$sH()le (I know, I have a friend who did live sound for VH in the heyday and again in like 2010 or so) it's sad to have a talent like that go so early.
  4. Those are quite a fill two (or are they three?)
  5. Maybe the number juan fill of all times
  6. But I will say there are three monkeys in the pic. Is that a hint? Mebbe.
  7. Like some (well juan) person's medical stats, I cannot confirm or deny either situation.
  8. Oh wait, no one has noticed the closet.
  9. The open closet is a turn off
  10. Perfect Emulsion Now In Showing
  11. I only have an Adam sub. I don't remember if it was on sale of not. Not that I search for Adam sales but I don't recall one in recent years. For your sake I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Released today. Only a deal if you have prepaid serial #s. 🙂
  13. Bapu

    JRR Shop

    So you must use Netscape Navigator or AOL? I hope you have a 14.4K modem.
  14. Simple Simon met a potent Pie Man?
  15. I'd be exhausted after 400 blows.
  16. Daryl for Department of Homeland Monkeys
  17. The first computer I touched was an HP3000 making modifications to a business application programmed in Fortran.
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