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  1. The Royals are dropping like flies?
  2. I have been waiting to find something to do with my finger.
  3. I really did like the video and the performances, though
  4. Is that ProTools behind Liz? I'll get me coat.
  5. So, you gave him the Strat too? Seems easier than trying to open it and replace the lock.
  6. bapu backwards is upab. Bill backwards is llib. Or is it Bachwards?
  7. I have the UAD version. It's a decent amp sim, IMO.
  8. Obviously you have the one and only band of wimps on earth. Well done.
  9. Only two days of work next week for me then I'm off until 4 Jan 2021.
  10. Aha. Thanks Matt. But not in EZK or EZD yet?
  11. Am I wrong in that EZD, EZB and SD3 still do not have tempo and time sig changes in the song arranger like EZB does? Or are there hidden menus/shortcust to do that?
  12. That thing you use once the hurricanes drench your house. 🙂
  13. Looks like a closed laptop in front of that (with some cables on on top of it).
  14. Beagle smells a gudun, fanks mate.
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