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  1. Bapu

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    I got that far. Registered it to my USB device, no problem. The problem is I can't yet use any purchased modules without them being in Demo mode. I'm going to assume it's because they don't work weekends for manual activations or their activation server(s) are down.
  2. Bapu

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    So I thought I'd enter into the ReValver fray. 1. Downloaded Revalver and installed it. 2. Purchased some amps and cabs (two different orders, one included RIR2) I have yet to receive any activation codes and thus everything loads in Demo mode. A little disappointed I must say. It's been over 12 hours since I made the purchases.
  3. I'll need my Buck Rogers secret decoder ring to sus out the hidden message there.
  4. So I can lord #10 over craigb (ITIHRN).
  5. Best free crash days you've ever had? Having not had to pay for them.
  6. Bapu

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Since I own everything else, might as well bite on this one too.
  7. I'm kind of big deal around here. Or so says Mooch4056.
  8. Your eruputations are safe Straummy. At least for now.
  9. I thought "Ok, more becan for me then".
  10. Lemme open up PRV and BRB.
  11. If the masses asked what DAW do you use?
  12. Since I'm a subscriber, I got it 'free'. WUP that Fleer.
  13. Maybe next time they have a sale like this I'll go for the Full Monty Bundle.
  14. All of them. I'm near deaf, remember?
  15. Thanks for the heads up on those two. Todays price for both of those is $218. I can get MMixingFXBundle for $289 which includes those two and I would get 29 new plugins. I'm going to give that a think. Because even at the typical "Round #x" sales I'm still getting more bang for the bux on the bundle sale.
  16. I own: MMultiAnalyzer (NFR) MSpectralDynamics MAutoDynamicEq MConvolutionMB MVintageRotary MHarmonizerMB MDelayMB MSpectralDelay (NFR) My maximum spent is $305 so I can get MCompleteBundle for $790 (106 new) or MTotalFXBundle for $694 (102) My maximum spent is $270 so I can get MEssentialsFXBundle for $69 (9 new) My maximum spent is $217 so I can get MMasteringFXBundle for $158 (20 new) My maximum spent is $116 so I can get MCreativeFXBundle for $229 (30 new) My maximum spent is $30 so I can get MMixingFXBundle for for $289 (31 new) Too confusing for me to wrap my head around. TBH I hardly use what I have beyond the Rotary and the Delay.
  17. My cover band should be called TaTa Beetles, not The FMs.
  18. They're WUPing my azz with all the updates.
  19. Or Steven Slate. Francisco Partners have been waiting years for that promised update to FG-X. With that acquisition they could finally have it.
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