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  1. I've been sussed. Yup, I'll pay and be happy to do so. It is my main day-to-day DAW after all.
  2. So will it cost me $199, $149 or $99 to upgrade from 4.5 Pro?
  3. Bapu

    Kawai K1 vsti

    Been there, done that.
  4. OK, so tell us what it is. Are you on the beta team?
  5. Yeah, it's the forum and for the most part the users here don't dogpile on those of us who don't use CbB as the primary DAW anymore.
  6. Yeah, be like IK Multimedia and announce Joe Satriani Amplitube pre-sales in January and *then* wait 6 months for it to arrive. 😉 I was never bored waiting for it, or hearng about it because I'd completely forgotten about it.
  7. Bapu

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    Check back in a year when you've gone to 90% utilization rather consistently and you're scouring the web for a deal on another Octo. It will happen. Oh yes, it will happen. 🙂
  8. I jest new he wood.
  9. Since Noel never delivered on a Hover Car, maybe Presonus will make good on our wishes.
  10. The Am bazz note played entirely through every track will really tie the room sounds together.
  11. The guy with the rack s behind me gives me the feel of hardware. The leader said "years of work". So.....
  12. Bapu

    JST Soar tape delay

    I paid considerably more for it. Maybe I should buy a spare?
  13. Bapu

    My king, where art thou

    It's killing the economy. LOL!
  14. Bapu

    My king, where art thou

    @huskerSince I have not heard back from him that's good to know.
  15. Yes, I yam a knob(jockey).
  16. ^^ This ^^ Because of my current workflow of building demos for my collaborators I use the Chord Track quite extensively.
  17. Looking good. Now everyone will just copy your format/template LOL!
  18. Yeah, Studio One is not up to CnB's MIDI capabilities. TBF Cakewalk started out as a MIDI sequencer decades before Studio One was even born. I'm less and less a MIDI guys these days. And where I am is using EZKeys, EZDrummer and Superior 3 with minor edits. And then only to give a live drummer or keyboard player a basic idea of where to go. I have EZBass but since that's my main instrument for over 50 years now EZBass is just a thing to have in the locker (just in case).
  19. Studio One is my main DAW with exports into CbB and Reaper because of my collaborators (die hard users 🙂). Sometimes the reverse: CbB into Studio One if I'm not the driver/producer.
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