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  1. At age 21 is my maths are still in tact.
  2. Shabadabadia translated to English is YabaDabaDoo?
  3. That's one way to get a becan lovin' guy to notice wimmins. It may take a while but it should work.
  4. Or maybe she says I'm really trying.
  5. The Lovely Lady says I'm really good at trying.
  6. Guitars are a nice topping for Becan.
  7. "Follow the dots" ~Steve Cropper
  8. Like DJ Drumph I was just repeating what "I'm hearing" 🙂
  9. too late, I dinnit wake up until 7AM (PST) which is 3PM UK time.
  10. I expect 50% royalties on that wickle diddy
  11. He went to the other DAW But remained the same vicious c***?
  12. Even in my most dire of financial times I kept my 1976 Alembic Series I bass. I've since added a custom 5-String, Precision, Rick 4003, Hofner Ignition, Line 6 Modeling bass, Squier Jazz fretless, Kala Uke Bass, 1971 Gibson EB-3. And of course, EZBass and all the U-Jam Basses. Although there are a number of excellent basses to choose from I think my last bass to buy will be a Danelectro long horn. It's kitschy man. WRT to guitars I own a 1980's Japanese CBS Strat, a custom body Tele (all Fender parts though) and Line 6 JTV. I think the last two guitars I'd like to own are a LP and and SG.
  13. Come to think of it, you may be right.
  14. Isn't October is usually Metal month for Toontrack? I wonder what that will bring?
  15. Sounds like every song I've ever worked on.
  16. There's at least one person on this forum who would lurve to pluck a string or or two with at least one of those picks.
  17. Bapu


  18. Mmmmmmmmmmm I wish there was some becan in that pic
  19. I have Ten Giga Bits for it.
  20. ^^ ?? ^^ I would never keep one of these in my studio, especially whilst running. 🙂
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