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  1. I used to. I have loads and loads of DAWs, VSTs and drum mics to go with my real drum kit. I have a few basses (shhhh doan spread the rumour about the Alembic though) and three guitars. And some hardware two.
  2. NVM> I thought you said Tightey Whiteys.
  3. What does his choice of undershreddies style have to do whiff it?
  4. Bapu

    Days Won?

    I was hoping I could cash them in for a paid week off work. 😞
  5. I do that already. But only in the house. They say it's not safe to go out yet.
  6. Bapu

    89 (Breaks Fail)

    You always put a smile on my face Jesse.
  7. Bapu

    deadly medly

    Okay okay I'll let you pass. 🙂
  8. Douglas, nice old school rock song. Well done!
  9. Feels like way too much compression on the drums and maybe too much verb on the vocals. Nice arrangement and writing though. Catchy chorus.
  10. Bapu

    Diamond Sky

    Very meditative but where are the whale calls? J/K
  11. Bapu

    Jeremiah's Lament

    Clipping like there's no tomorrow and with the way things are going there may not be.
  12. Bapu


    This song has a Tom Petty feel to it. Which is good to my ears. Choruses could have used a harmony to really top it off, IMO.
  13. I have 5 days won in my profile??!!?? Is that like a get out of being banned jail card in Monopoly?
  14. Or mebee he's running for the president in a 2020K?
  15. Since he purports to be a musician this is not political but music related gnus. He's running for President in 2020.
  16. @Leadfoot Thanks for listen and comments
  17. Brilliant! If I had customers, I'd use that when it became necessary.
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