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  1. 1. Not likely very soon, I'm just hoarding them for now. 2. A hoarders dream.
  2. 8 EZD, 7 EZK I always stock up on more when I'm down to 2 left.
  3. Of course the real deal for EZD & EZK MIDI is if you have prepaid serial numbers 😜.
  4. 20% off the EZDrummer and EZkeys MIDI at Time & Space
  5. And yet not one DAW has ever given us a hovercraft. Sad.
  6. She does look like she eats healthy.
  7. Wait, CbB is free? No one told me.😟
  8. Great Idea! It's not like I'm running low on reverbs lately.
  9. Bapu

    XLN updates

    I'm sooooooo up to date now.
  10. Reverberate Owners can get 3 for 50% off by requesting discount coupons on the website (under STORE dropdown). $49.50 puts Reverberate 3 in the Valhalla pricing range. Not bad.
  11. An oldie but a moldy. Not as moldy as the chesses those mice were selling though.
  12. So in this sample size of 1, 100% of "rotten" T-supporters are high?
  13. And I have a $10 off coupon for some of that junk.
  14. chocolate = CbB pistachio = Reaper cookies and cream = Cubase vanilla = ProTools gellato = Studio One rocky road = Digital Performer smoothie = Mixbus 32C chocolate mint chip = Reason strawberry = Acid Pro neapolitan = Logic X licorice = Garage Band
  15. Why oh why would anyone use cable for internet? πŸ˜‰
  16. I can't show my spoiled doggie here. I'd be banned for sure. 😜
  17. That's just a down payment. More to follow as soon as I collect my share from that Nigerian Prince.
  18. "It's Just The Way It Is" ~Bruce Hornsby
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