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  1. Since I really did not find my specific wish (ProTools Upgrade Perpetual to Ultimate Perpetual), all I really got was a $149 upgrade to the UAD Neve Complete Collection. Which now gave me a $25 coupon good until 28 Dec 2020. Not sure I will use it though since I have very little else from UAD that I'm craving where $25 will make a serious dent. In fact I'm craving very little from them these days. Not a BF deal but I did subscribe to a year of the full Kush audio suite for $99. I did get a Riffendium loyalty offer for $58 from AudioPluginDeals, so I took them up on that. Got packs 4,5,6 and the bass pack brought me up to owning the entire Riffendium suite.
  2. Mebee I shudda included my bass playing two?
  3. I apologize for any songs posted with my vocal in 2020. They probably should not have happened. 🙂
  4. Thanks Ed. Melodyne is my second best friend. 🙂
  5. Nigel, thanks for the kind words and listen.
  6. Since I'm not going to archive it, right now the last post was by john Braner on 24 Nov 2020.
  7. I never understood whey Bo (aka Space Cowboy) *really* liked Flo.
  8. I don't know what that is but I wouldn't put that Bill's mouth for any amount of compensation.
  9. So little info is needed for any wife/GF/SO to arrive at that conclusion.
  10. Oar summat liek dat
  11. Personally I do now prefer Studio One Pro, but that does not stop me from using CbB (Cabewalk by Bandlab) occasionally, or any of my other DAWs when the need is there. But, that's just a personal taste thing. Others here will downplay Studio One and I respect that.
  12. Meh, I got Lars on my side.
  13. Doom MIDI is installed. Typical, ya?
  14. I think my request of what music to put to a story line was deleted too.
  15. All or none of the above. I'm so binary, Am't I?
  16. I've not seen Mesh's peaches but I'll assume they're ...... nevermind
  17. Small crit: Vocals could come up at least 1.5db maybe even 2db. That's some really good acoustic guitar playing. Nice solo.
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