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  1. So I can eat them from anywhere else they land?
  2. The only thing I know that is rounding the corner is 2020 and I certainly don't want a 2020 do-over in 2021.
  3. Bubba was Ubiquitous? Mooch4056 had Lew as a neighbor? Pistol Pete was ornery? WAYNE IN SF was OUT? Phucket Ling Ling was all crash in the loudspeakah? Anyone could change the title of a fred? Post count mattered? Julie was a bee? Momma was a bear? Clarise Carissa was a woman?
  4. I got a bonenut today and I'ma gonna Grover with it.
  5. Except in Arizona. They're rebels. And they've pretty much banned every Yoko Ono album. Rightfully so.
  6. Next up, Gloria? You almost don't need to change chords pans.
  7. I might have to go phishing for the details.
  8. I knocked out a tuna fish sammich the other day, does that count or make me a bad person?
  9. That is NOT eggshellint, RIP Sean "Bond, James Bond" Connery
  10. Thanks @bjornpdx for the very kind words and listen. I also think Dave's piano is the real hidden gem in this one.
  11. Thanks @Douglas Kirby for the kind words and the listen.
  12. Perfect to my imperfect ears. As Borat says: "Very Nice!"
  13. Good point from your situation. I'm not in AT4 MAX status. I just bought piecemeal so the $105 upgrade (after using JambPuntz) is worth it to me.
  14. If that holds true then $149.99 minus $45 in JammyPointz is not sooooooo terrible for me. Just hoping to hear @Peter - IK Multimedia confirm.
  15. In order of appearance: American P-Bass, Rick 4003, Alembic Series I, Gibson EB-4, Hofner Ignite, Squier Jazz Fretless, Custom 5-String, Line 6 Variax Bass not pictured Kala Uke Bass
  16. @Peter - IK Multimedia If I own AT4 Deluxe and *every friggin' collection released to date and every Custom Shop product released to date*what do I gain in AT5 MAX that I don't in AT5?
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