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  1. Dream Pop was updated too
  2. The two Eds should do an air drumming battle.
  3. Not right now. Our air is exceptionally clean. Once things open up more, that's a horse of a different story.
  4. So that I can relax in the studio.
  5. For free? No. For hire? Airgigs
  6. Sad day Mark. My condolences.
  7. Possibly subtle influences on mu guitar playing were many country stars that my father listened to: Roy Acuff Hank Williams Sr. Chet Atkins Buck Owens Case in point: In my 8th grade cover band our lead guitar player said I strummed guitar like a cowboy. Shortly after that I switched to bass.
  8. Influence, imo, generally informs ones style and approach. Yet many of the things I loved listening to did not necessarily inform my style (at least consciously). My listening "range" my not be very wide compared to Pedro or CraigB but for me it was somewhat diverse over the years. The Beatles (and much of the English Invasion) Genesis/Gentle Giant/Yes/Tull Joe Pass Return To Forever Ray Charles Hendrix Cream (and all of the spinoffs) Chicago/Blood Seat and Tears Stevie Wonder Elvis Zappa Edgar/Johnny Winter Primus ELO .... and so much more, that's a just a small sample.
  9. Same Birthday as one of my step-sons. Feb 11th, but not 1964 obviously.
  10. Good thing you added imo or I'd have to unfriend you. Wait, I'm not really on FakeBook.
  11. A peek here would be appreciated
  12. You should have plugged it in to the charger. DOH! 😜
  13. Jethro Tull's album? For Mr. Kite? Whaaaaaa?
  14. Urban Myth (as yet proven or unproven) is that DSOTM was written to sync to The Wizard of Oz movie. @garybrun In 20 years or so whatever music floated your boat some young turk will chime in and say the same thing. I've got 11 years on you as I tuned 68 yesterday, so from The Beatles (they landed in NY on my birthday 1964) on through the '70s all rock music is pretty much king with me. My son, an accomplished musician, composer and arranger, is 46 and to this day still doesn't 'get' The Beatles. He says "they're ok". I still love him anyway.
  15. So you watched TV by candlelight?
  16. As Jeffery Lebowski said, "That's a bummer, man".
  17. The guy who was testing my used gear couldn't understand why there was a dead channel on a mixer I brought in. I walked over and cleared the mute button. "Huh!" was his replay. Must've been a drummer.
  18. I saw a naiz 5 string upright electric in GC yesterday. $2K was just out of my reach by $1.3K. 🙂
  19. Bapu

    Reaper update to 6.23

    That might just be the smallest fix list for Reaper I've ever seen.
  20. My Birthday Covid Clock
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