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  1. So is where I'll be in 15 years? 🤢
  2. Bapu

    Reaper updated today

    What it doo?😅
  3. Wanker bass player dinnit know what he was doing. That's fixed now.
  4. AEA R-84 Ribbon mic. It suits my voice best. Other decent mics I have for vocal are: 1x AKG C414 B-ULS (Transformerless mod). This one seems best on female vocals 1x AKG SolidTube. If I did not have my AEA R-84 I'd use this one for me.
  5. Paulo, I'm perfectly aware of what I dropped. The ball. Long ago.
  6. Zacto. The inmates are running the asylum. (and making up rules to boot)
  7. Strange, in person Noel freely talked about Reaper and Studio One and did not once slam either one.
  8. Bapu

    SampleTank 4 is Out

    I never imported ST2 libs into ST3. Man is my work cut out for me when ST4 MAx arrives on the USB stick.
  9. Bapu

    SampleTank 4 is Out

    <taps foot at mailbox for ST4 MAX on USB stick to arrive>
  10. Think of the additional plugins I could get with that $4K.
  11. ~said Bapu never hyuk hyuk
  12. It's a nice plug-in. Some of the presets are great starting points.
  13. The first iteration (at 10:10AM) I posted did (unintentionally) had mastering turned on. Then I reposted the song to BL (at 1:00PM) with no mastering. So I'll assume you listened to that verison. Which tells me I'll not be posting finished songs that I've "mastered" to BL anymore.
  14. Bapu

    BandLab preferences?

    Can my BandLab account have a default of turn off mastering for uploads?
  15. Can you gents please confirm that the Soundcloud version is "better"? I used the same .wav file on both platforms but maybe I screwed up on the BL upload. I thought I chose no mastering. But.... who knows.
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