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  1. Decent. Not particularly ground breaking. Borders on flimsy construction. 😞
  2. Do I have to give them my VST versions?
  3. Do they own my VST versions now?
  4. Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Got it?
  5. ooouph, I thought it was the Class A version. Almost made a double purchase.
  6. Wasn't this longer in coming to fruition than SampleTank 3?
  7. I watched a show about boomerangs. It just kept coming back to the beginning.
  8. DOH! Something I'll probably never need again.
  9. My Old School by Steely Dan always give me goosebumps. Especially the guitar solos. The entire song "does it all for me". Horns, drums, piano, bass it's got it all. I even did a cover of it some years back, with some help from Daryl and his Current Mrs. Daryl, Jamesg1213 and The Straummy. With special appearance by Old55 on the "Oh No" lines.
  10. I watched a show about ducks. Bunch of quacks on that show.
  11. JST's shopping cart is horrendous. Once at checkout there is no way to either go back or clear the cart. You get emails for days saying "you left.....".
  12. I did use Howard Benson Vocals once. It was pretty nice.
  13. Be careful it's not too hot or she'll sue you like the McDonald's lady.
  14. I still get goosebumps when the solo for Badge by Cream comes in. For vocals, almost any Freddy (except that stooooopid bicycle song, man I severely detest that one).
  15. I watched a show about bees with my honey.
  16. Bill, I've done an audit of your humour. It has stood the test of time.
  17. Apparently you can (from the "create pause button" tutorial listed earlier): 1. Create a custom tool bar 2. Create custom buttons and tie them to macros This guy put his custom Transport buttons in his custom tool bar at the top of the page. Granted it kills some real estate (and leaves the standard transport controls at the bottom of the page), However for me, things like position of the Transport Controls are not a deal breaker, I just adapt in like 5 seconds by using my FP16 condole. 🙂
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