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  1. Nuttin', nada, zilch. And that's what my collaborators say about my tracks too.
  2. DOH! I bought it twice, thinking I didn't already have it. I keed, I keed. I have three of them 🙂
  3. Pretty good. I used to play with a guitar player who could so that with all the instruments in a song he never heard before. Amazing it was.
  4. Uh Oh, only 2 EZDrummer MIDI Serials available (at the old price). 😞
  5. Nice. But I'll wait for an unlocked sale on the complete collection which could be cheaper than the Console 1 version's price today.
  6. Ah yes, Cubase that gets used maybe twice a year vs. SSD that is used nearly every day.
  7. PCost count matters not to bapu. 🙂
  8. Speed baby, speed.
  9. I make every effort to replace HDDs after 5 years (to be safe). So I guess 4 years for an SSD would be about right. That means next year my DAW SSD should be be replaced.
  10. Bapu


    Already gone. Sorry guys and gals.
  11. FP16 works great in SO. It also works straight up in Reaper and Mixbus 32C. In CbB and ProTools you need to switch to HUI, not a big hassle but it's a step to remember.
  12. All my collaborators are here and 3 of them still use CbB (not that it actually matters when we're only exchanging full length .wav files). This is a great community, always was and always will be imo.
  13. I'm no poseur. 🙂 I mainly use Studio One Pro 5 now because I grew up with it's Arranger workflow and I'm more in tune with it that the CbB approach. I also really like their Chord Track implementation. Even though I grew up on Cakewalk (from PA4 through SONAR Platinum) and still use CbB from time to time, as Bruno says, the workflow in S.O. suits me (not everyone) better.
  14. I posted the advert for the course in the Deals forum (about 7 minutes before you my dear Straummy).
  15. I'm a lously marvel, Am't I?
  16. The DAW is the deal, the course? Who knows!!??!! Hey Bapu, Hope you’re doing marvellously well! When it comes to choosing your DAW, there are plenty of options. However, one free DAW stands out from the crowd: Cakewalk by Bandlab. Now, we also have a course that will teach you exactly how to harness the power of this free DAW: The Ultimate Cakewalk by BandLab Course! Whether you’re looking to produce music, film audio, voiceovers, or podcasts, you should keep Cakewalk by Bandlab on the top of your list as one of your best options. With no strings attached, you’ll get an unlimited track-count, a high-quality 64-Bit audio engine, VST 3 support for 3rd party plugins, as well as a wide array of stock plugins, virtual instruments, warp editing capability, and more! However, even with an amazing DAW at your fingertips, you still need to know how to use it in order to produce professional music. In this course, professional engineer and 15-year Cakewalk power user, Robert McClellan, shows you how to get off on the right foot with Cakewalk by Bandlab and make it a digital workhorse that allows you to pump out pro-grade audio projects on a daily basis! With 10 modules and 6 hours of detailed instruction, The Ultimate Cakewalk by Bandlab Course will teach you everything you ever need to know about creating music in this powerful, free DAW. Get The Ultimate Cakewalk by BandLab Course here! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing! Warren Huart
  17. Make sure your heir has access to your email account and the vendors password. Simples, you live on to be possibly 100s of years old. 🙂
  18. Does the player also have to do a load of your tighty-whiteys?🤣
  19. Currently unavailable on Amazon.
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