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  1. Yup, my fav from that album.
  2. We did New Day Yesterday, For A Thousand Mothers, Bouree & Nothing Is Easy from that album.
  3. My band used to do My God & Acqualung from that Album.
  4. That's "Stan Dupp and The J Tillies" to you good sir. Had to do "J" as SC was limited size on username.
  5. That number is fake gnus (see wot I dud there?)
  6. Just remember that was me buying components and doing the build. Jim just guided me on the bios tweaks (O.C. etc) and did the cleanup of the obsolete drivers etc. And also remember that I already has a case, psu, rom burner and vid card that was not included in that $1700.
  7. Good cover Shane. Recording is clean. Mix is well balanced.
  8. Bapu

    Harrison AVA Bass Flow

    You are allowed to have more than one way to skin a cat.
  9. Jim is great. I did my own build based on his recommended list of components basically the same as haydn12 (w/128gb of ram) that I put in my existing Antec silent case, 750w psu, silent vid card and cd/dvd burner. Total cost of CPU, mobo, ram and Thunderbolt 3 card was ~$1700 + paid consulting from Jim doing the setup remotely (we took all the drives from my current DAW, which were less than a year old, and put them on the new mobo/cpu/ram).
  10. Bapu


    BOC's Godzilla?
  11. Bapu

    Drumforge Bergstrand

    Hmmmmmmm seems like it's outside of the Drumforge engine. IOW a VST in it's ow right. Strange.
  12. Aye haz know eyeDah wot Straummy iz awn aboot.
  13. Some eggshellint random thoughts today
  14. Bapu

    Harrison AVA Bass Flow

    This was a freebie for me. I'm a Harrison Plugged In Member. (wait, that sounds like I'm some kind of a tool)
  15. There goes the monthly becan budget Bill.
  16. After all the expense of trying to 'soundproof' your place, why not just buy the place below you and you'd be the landlord. Might be cheaper (and more effective) in the long run. 🙂
  17. "Post count matters not to bapu" ~bapu, 2010
  18. Macca gets -1 for Yellow Submarine. Gawwwwwwwd eyes doan liek that snog. (typos on purpose)
  19. I don't recall having to update drivers specifically to move from Win 7 to Win 10. Occasionally I check to see if there are updated drivers, but never for a problem. This unit has been rock solid for me. It (and the Octa Mic II units) along with my latest I9 build are the cornerstone of my modern recording environment. Intel I9 10900K processor O.C. 5.0GHz, Asus Prime Z490-A mobo, Gigabyte HD 5450 Fanless Video, 128Gb DDR3200 RAM 1TB - SSD Boot Drive, 8TB - Sample Drive, 2TB - Project Drive 2 x UAD USB Octo Satellites
  20. I have the RME UFX (original version) bought it almost 9 years ago to the day (1/21/2012). I later added two RME OctaMic II lightpipe modules giving me a total 20 high end mic preamps and 8 line inputs. I use 16 mic preamps for my live drum set and 2 mic preamps for my bass rig (which I've not recorded ye, but soon....)
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