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  1. A place to hold extra picks?
  2. Maybe get a buck or two on ebay for them?
  3. I'm savin my pennies for that suite.
  4. Insanity is keeping a forum up day after day expecting different results
  5. A classic instrument made with vintage specs. The Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit Solid Body Electric Guitar brings back one the most iconic guitars in rock. With all the right stuff, including Gibson Burstbucker pickups, this '59 Les Paul Standard is destined to please serious guitar players on a budget or not. If you're looking for a guitar that sounds great and plays even better, this Les Paul is an obvious choice. This Epiphone Les Paul model features the same body tonewoods you'd find on an original '59 Les Paul: namely mahogany with a AAA maple veneer top. Available in two sunburst finishes, the woodgrain shines through and so does the tone. The neck is made of mahogany and shaped to match the original 1959 Les Paul with a rounded medium C profile. Along with an Indian Laurel fingerboard and long tenon neck joint, the feel and response of the body and neck will satisfy aficionados and young players alike. Electronics and hardware matter, so it's no surprise Epiphone choose Gibson BurstBucker pickups for this Les Paul Standard because they come closest to the original tone of a vintage '59 Les Paul. '50s wiring with CTS potentiometers and Mallory capacitors ensure that in any position, or volume/tone setting, you've got the sound you've heard on countless albums and hit songs. Nickel hardware includes a period-correct LockTone ABR bridge and stopbar, along with deluxe Tulip-key machine heads. The Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard comes beautifully bound with an aged gloss finish. It'll arrive ready to play and includes a nice hardshell "Lifton" style case with pink interior and tan tolex.
  6. Dec 2nd, 2020 is quickly approaching. That is the day "BMD" goes off life support. Thanks to all that participated.
  7. My buddy who has about 20 Gibby LPs checked out the specs and he believes with this model they did not skimp on the pups or wiring harness. He's the one who told me to put a bone nut and new tuning pegs on her.
  8. I'll wait for the holiday sale.
  9. I've been told to put a bone nut and Schallers or Grovers on and I'd be good to go.
  10. I got one of these: Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit Electric Guitar Aged Dark Cherry Burst - Pre-Ordered today.
  11. I'm Pro-iLok. Been using it for over 8 years now with nary a problem.
  12. AT KVR Will give extra 5% discount to CbB forum members. Note: will only ship within the USA.
  13. Bapu

    Studio One 5.1

    Nice additions. I've updated.
  14. I always get WUP cashback but since I'm WUP'ing the entire product line I *never* get to spend that cashback. Stoooopid to give it to me.
  15. @cclarry Bummer. Did you both clear buttons too? I forgot to say that.
  16. If money were no object I'd simply go buy out a major studio etc.
  17. MIxbus 32C didn't show anything for Waves either. It required me to "pretend" I updated the scan paths. Then asked if I wanted to scan. I replied yes. Closed Mixbus and reopened. All was fine. So far Studio One Pro, CbB, Reaper, ProTools, Cubase and Digital Performer also now scanned and recognized V12, with nothing more than opening them. Yet to go/scan on PC DAWs: Reason 11, Samplitude, Acid Pro and MIxcraft. Then the editors: Wavelab and Soundforge. Then I'll complete the Mac installed DAWs.
  18. Pretty Extensive Nonsense Is Secured
  19. On my windows machine the resizing of one test (Abbey Road Chambers) was great. 200% was nearly crystal clear. 75% was too small (DUH!). This was in Studio One Pro V5. In CbB 200% was ever so slightly fuzzy, but workable for me.
  20. The single biggest arrrrgh is that I have a long wait on initial new scans in all my DAWs on both machines. 😞
  21. Irony = BLA has an update button that won't update without a manual download of the installer
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