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  1. 2 hours ago, InstrEd said:

    Anyone who has SO5 try out the built in notation yet and can report on it pretty please 🙏

    I have not, cuz I ain't a score keeping kind of guy, but I watched the groove3 video about it and it looks pretty slick.

    Also, I've not used CbB's staff view either, so I can't really compare.


  2. 21 hours ago, bayoubill said:

    I contacted tech support and they said I should have a redeem button present in MyPersonus Studio One 5 Artist. All I've seen is upgrade. 

    I sent a screen shot and waiting for a reply

    Shouldn't you have a redeem button on your MyPresonus Studio One 4 Pro? 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Tezza said:

    Once Google bombarded me with women's underwear adverts and scantily clad women in underwear. Wherever I went it popped up, a bit embarrassing, when I was using the computer in a public place. I don't know why, I hadn't been looking at women's underwear or bought any, it just suddenly started happening and then just as suddenly stopped.


    19 hours ago, craigb said:

    Never question the logic of Google's YouTube algorithms!  😆

    ^^ this ^^

  4. 2 minutes ago, bayoubill said:

    Thank you very much for telling me that!!! No I haven't read anything like that,

    At the moment I feel a bit ripped off. IF I'd known version 5 was coming out I would have waited and get that one.

    ANY INFO on  if you purchased within the last 90 days you get 5 for free. PLEASE LET ME KNOW

    I would think if you go to the Presonus store and add the Pro 5 upgrade to your cart you will either see a $0.00 due or not.

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