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  1. 3 minutes ago, PavlovsCat said:

    Do you find Studio One better? 

    Personally I do now prefer Studio One Pro, but that does not stop me from using CbB (Cabewalk by Bandlab) occasionally, or any of my other DAWs when the need is there.

    But, that's just a personal taste thing. Others here will downplay Studio One and I respect that.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, SteveStrummerUK said:

    What did I miss?


    Has McQ drifted by in his shorts - - -> Good times 🙂

    Is asparagus back in fashion?

    Has Bill been honourably mentioned?

    Did Bapsi do something funny?

    Has CJ posted a pic of his real studio?

    Did JB do something tax-free?

    Has Straummy finally got it?

    Did CraigB (ITIHRN) post a witty meme he didn't steal from me 😊

    Will anyone think of the children?

    Did the subtle forum humour of quoting Blazing Saddles and/or Airplane suddenly lose its appeal?

    Has Wibbles wobbled (but he didn't fall down)?

    Is CakeAlexS back in town?



    Enquiring minds really need to know 🤔

    All or none of the above.

    I'm so binary, Am't I?

  3. Too cool for school Kurt.

    Personal taste; the rhythm guitar might be better in the background and the lead guitar more up front. Again, just a personal taste thing.

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