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  1. 23 hours ago, Old Joad said:

    wow, the delay on the vocals is awesome, all around cool song🤩

    Interesting production note. Ken mixed his vocals, against a mix of the song, the way he wanted them and sent me his project and I imported it exactly as it was into my final mix project. I only had to set the level to sit in the pocket.

    Thanks for the listen and we're glad you liked it.


  2. On 10/13/2020 at 11:41 AM, freddy j said:

    I love this "little ditty"!!!  I think that a lot of us can definitely relate.  Lyrics, performance, instrumentation, mix, etc. all well done.  Great job y'all!!!!

    Thanks for the listen and kind comments Freddy

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  3. 19 hours ago, TheSteven said:

    As others have said by switching to manual scan you avoid that.

    2 of things I frequently use in MenuMagic* are
    1) Scanning my VSTs on demand without having to run Cakewalk (using MenuMagic's icon tray app shown here)
    I run the scanner this way everytime I add, remove or relocate a plugin.
    I have Cakewalk set for manual VST scanning for a quick(er) load.

    2) Using the Plugin Info Grid to check before downloading or paying for a plugin to verify that I don't already own it.

    * Forgive the plug for my retail app but it seemed appropriate in the context of this discussion.



    Does it work with Studio One Pro, Reaper, ProTools Pro, Digital Performer, LogicX, Samplitude, MIxcraft, Cubase and Mixbus 32C? 

    Again, I'll get me coat.

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  4. The Cave
    (c) 2020 BJZ

    BJZ are:
    Vocals - Ken "Zargg" Nilsen
    Guitars - James "Jyemz aka jamesg1213" Griffiths
    Bass, Strings - Ed "Bapu" Kocol

    Special guests:

    Piano, Organ, Synth - Dave "Bitflipper" Townsend
    Drums - Hugo Ribeiro

    Verse 1:
    Black holes spread across the skies
    Silent bubbles, emit no cries
    Lost in whirlpools of empty dreams
    Built upon all the silent screams

    I'm crawling out of my cave
    Looking for something
    To save me from the night
    I'm crawling out of my cave
    And walking toward the light and you

    Verse 2:
    Worlds so strange they are frightening
    With silent thunder, and invisible lightening
    We long to be there and start again
    Before we begin it may be the end (of us)

    Repeat Chorus
    Repeat Chorus

    Everyone has a cave
    A place to call their own
    What it cannot do is save
    The world by being alone

    Verse 3:
    The solice was once so welcome
    All the while defining my freedom
    The world may never be the same again
    Brought to bear by the ego of men

    Repeat Chorus
    Repeat Chorus

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  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that since you used a drum VST, I'll then say the song could really shine with a live drummer.

    The vocals are really good as are the guitars. Bass is foundational, which is all this kind of song requires. But I'd up the bass by at least 1 db.


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  6. On 10/24/2020 at 8:18 AM, emeraldsoul said:

    You could also get more fills going in the drum patterns, and maybe scoot the drum kit forward in the mix a bit.

    ^ This ^

    Overall it's a good mix.

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