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  1. Ok, after going around and around with tech support they suggested I rename the DLL to "SugarProcess.dll" instead of "Sugar.dll". That--weirdly--worked. I'm up and running.
  2. Thanks, but I did all that. It isn't excluded. (Been using Cakewalk since 1992). I actually haven't done a "log" yet, and if there isn't a solution here in the next 24 hours or so I'll do that and contact the Bandlab folks. It's so odd that ONLY Cakewalk doesn't recognize the fairly popular plugin. NEVER had this happen before, and I've probably bought well over a hundred plugins over the last almost 30 years.
  3. I see it in the correct folders (both the VST2 and VST3 versions). It shows up in Fruity Loops. Invisible in Cakewalk. I've reinstalled, rebooted, read the posts about rescanning in Preferences, etc. Still nothing. I have NEVER had something like this happen before. Thoughts? EDIT: Also...FL Studio DOES see the VSTs--but not Cakewalk!
  4. I just GOOGLE "YouTube to mp3" and there are many free solutions.
  5. Jerry Pettit

    Vocal Timing

    Things I have done: 1) increased the volume of the metronome in "Preferences", so I could hear it better; and 2) Melodyne 5.0 will let you quantize to beat.
  6. Wow! Cakewalk user since 1992 and never had an issue like this. I have several midi tracks routed (trust me!) correctly to TTS-1 and several routed to Aria Player. When I press PLAY the midi meters dance and so do the audio meters but...no sound. And when I stop, THE AUDIO METERS ON THE TTS-1 INSTRUMENT AND THE ARIA PLAYER INSTRUMENT FREEZE. There remains a "frozen green signal" half-way up to unity for all of eternity. Never get any sound. I suspect Aria Player is a culprit here--anybody able to get its products working in Cakewalk? Other ideas?
  7. Hi, guys. First time at THIS forum, but longtime user at the old Cakewalk (SONAR) forum. Just started using Cakewalk by Bandlab (had continued with SONAR) and exported a dozen songs as stereo WAV files--as I've done before on this same computer (Windows 10) many times--and when I tried burning to CD with Windows Media player (my default player) it gave me error messages. That has not happened before, and I've successfully exported WAVs many times on this same computer. Can't play with Windows Media Play, and importing WAV into Audacity show signal in the meter but no sound. If I import the WAV into Cakewalk, though I hear it just fine. What the heck is going on? Thanks in advance for the help. Looking forward to attending to this forum more regularly--I was on every day at the old one. EDIT: Oh, Lordy--these exported WAVs won't play in SONAR Platinum either? They will play ONLY in Cakewalk by BandLab. WHAT IS GOING ON??!! I'm "Exporting" via the File Menu--I see that there is a slightly different menu to use to EXPORT right under that on the BandLab version and it defaults to 44100 and 32 bit. I've been exporting at 16 bit. Is that an issue? (I think I've always exported at 16 bit...) Just exported at 32 bit and WAV still not playable with Windows Media Player or anything else. Is there any danger in opening these songs back and forth in the 2 programs--the old SONAR Platinum and the BandLab version? I get a warning when I do that, so haven't gone back to Platinum to see if things would work there. Checking "Properties" for the files, they are all 30 to 40 mb, as they should be. And, again--they play fine if I drag them back into Cakewalk. Just nowhere else! [IMPORTANT EDIT: Exported to mp3 per custom and THOSE don't play either. There is something very wrong with general Exporting] Jerry Tascam US 2x2, using ASIO SOLUTION: Turns out that when I changed the drivers (rolled back) to my Tascam US 2x2 Audio interface and changed my Preferences accordingly in Cakewalk, "things happened" in other audio programs such as Audacity and Windows Media Player. I went into those programs, changed their "outputs" and things are working great now. Windows Media Player burnt my WAV files just fine.
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