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  1. With the controller pane showing, use the transform tool. Activate this with a little button in the bottom left corner. It looks like a square with a dot in the middle. Then drag the corners of the box that appears in the controller pane. Cheers, Peter.
  2. Same here. Using CbB latest release (2019.11-build 54), and latest Melodyne (
  3. Just a heads up - the MIDI buffer size has remained at 20 msec as set by the Early Access release. I thought it might have been reset to the new default of 50 msec.
  4. Looks like this is fixed in the beta driver Their change notes mention this fix for some DAWs but not specifically for CbB. I've installed the beta driver and can confirm the fix for CbB for the 1st gen 8i6.
  5. Loving being able to change latency from Preferences rather than having to get the ASIO panel up. I do notice with my Scarlett 8i6 1st gen (latest driver 4.63.24-564, firmware 608) that the lowest I can go is 16 samples, although 8 samples is available. If I choose 8, it simply resets to 16.
  6. For MIDI, there's a Track Inspector setting "Time+". Be nice if this was duplicated for Audio tracks. If you still have Sonar Platinum installed, Channel Tools is available in CbB.
  7. Do you have "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" ticked? It's in Preferences/Project/MIDI
  8. Why is Xpand!2 so much cheaper through Pluginboutique? It's $99 on Air Music's web site.
  9. Thanks. Interestingly, I can't reproduce what you describe. So long as a key (I tried T and A) is bound to "Go to Time" and no project is open, there is a crash, regardless of whether the project is open/closed while binding/unbinding. I'm guessing that "Go to Time" is looking for variables or structures related to the timeline that have not been created until a project is open. The question is, do these variables/structures persist when a project is closed. This is really a small issue, and unlikely to occur very often. I only came across it very much by accident. Cheers, Peter.
  10. Thanks. I thought I had unbound T and tested this case, but apparently not. So it only happens when T is bound to "Go to Time". Not surprising that there is a crash as there is no timeline when there is no project!
  11. Sure - minidump is attached. _10162019_124406.dmp
  12. A trivial crash - pressing T when no project is loaded causes the following crash. T was bound to "Go to Time", but this also happens when T is unbound.
  13. In the PRV, right-click on the piano notes which brings up a small window, then select "Use These Note Names Instead", and in the drop down menu just below that, choose whatever you want (these are *.ins files provided with Cakewalk - you can edit your own too). Try selecting, for example. "General MIDI drums". To ensure note names show up on the actual notes (rather than just on the left instead of the piano notes), in the PRV Notes menu, choose "Show Note Names". Cheers, Peter.
  14. This should be the higher-res version. Edit: nope. It gets shrunk when posting. Here's the Dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb139y7fm25c7tt/Cakewalk-timeline.png?dl=1
  15. I wonder if the timeline could be redesigned slightly to move the selection/loop indicators above the timeline (see example below - click to enlarge - Edit: sorry, it doesn't get any clearer - I don't know how to attach the original high-res version. It's only 192KB). It would need a bit of thought as to how to incorporate the mouse zoom/scroll function that currently uses the space above the timeline.
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