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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I was trying to do this in the track inspector and can't get it to work there. I don't normally have the I/O controls displayed in the track pane. But I added them and it works there, so I guess it's a good workaround. I just didn't want to have to switch to the console to do this, so I've been re-routing them one at a time!
  2. When I have multiple instrument tracks selected, I can change the output of all of them at once in Console view by holding the Ctrl key and changing the output of one of them. However, I don't seem to be able to do this using the Inspector in Track view. Does anybody know if there is a way to do this? I'm wanting to route several tracks to an Aux track. Thanks,
  3. Thank you!!! I was having a similar problem as what you describe. For some of my track templates only the first 2 channels had audio output -- but some of my track templates were still OK. Could not see any differences between how the templates were structured. And whenever I added a new Kontakt instance and did the "append" method, I could not get audio output beyond the first 2 instruments. What fixed it for me was: 1. New empty project 2. Add Kontakt instance as a per-output instrument track. Don't load any Kontakt instrument. 3. Reset the Kontakt outputs the way you described, saving it as the default configuration. 4. Exit Cakewalk without saving and restart it. So now (fingers crossed) all my existing track templates appear to work and I can add new multi-instrument instances of Kontakt. Thanks again. I was spending a lot of time trying to figure this out, and I don't know if I could have solved it without seeing your post. (Latest versions of both Cakewalk and Kontakt.)
  4. I often hear a low hum when I engage my sustain pedal while I'm playing. But there is no issue when I play back the track so I'm learning to ignore it. I'm recording midi, not audio. Is that what you are doing?
  5. Thanks for listening! I do everything using my ATH M50s headphones. I don't know much about mixing so I just do it as I go. And then run it through Ozone when I think I'm finished. "Space yoga" makes me picture a bunch of people floating around in zero gee trying to get into a lotus position!
  6. musekamp


    Great overall sound and atmosphere! The combination of the guitar sound and synths works really well together. How are you doing the "lap steel" sound? Is it a bottleneck or are you using some kind of pitch shifter?
  7. Nice song and good playing! I like the overall sound of the combo and the way you bring in the keyboard strategically. My only suggestion would be to try to vary the dynamics a little more. Maybe start off a bit more gradually, or even drop out everything except guitar at some point and build back up. Anyway, good work! Not sure if you're looking for suggestions but my comments are meant to be constructive so I hope they come across that way
  8. Nice! I really enjoyed the call and response between the 2 synth voices in the last half.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I've been finding a lot of "space / sleep" music on Spotify. I guess quite a few people are working in this area. I've always been a fan of music that is chill in some fashion, and I like the outer space aspect. Smelly candles
  10. Thanks! The synths are AAS Ultra Analog, Alchemy and Rapture. For the orchestral instruments, I'm using Nucleus and various Spitfire Originals.
  11. musekamp


    Very nice! Looking forward to hearing the other moons!
  12. Thanks for the comments! I've been studying chromatic harmony this year so I'm trying to find places to use some of the ideas I've learned. I like the idea of bringing in more delay strategically to highlight certain things. I'll have to listen with that in mind.
  13. Thanks! I get what you're saying: trying to find my own voice seems to be an ongoing quest for me (in any genre). A challenge I'm finding in ambient pieces is how to structure them without imposing too much form. I guess I need to keep listening and learning. Luckily I'm retired now so I've got more time for it!
  14. A couple of space ambient pieces. Supposed to make you relax or space out, or something Thanks for listening. Any comments are appreciated!
  15. Great (re)arrangement! I enjoyed that.
  16. musekamp

    Gas Giant 2?

    Very nice! The combination of bells and pads is quite cool!
  17. As others have pointed out, the video import in CW is really to provide a reference for scoring to picture. You need to use a video editor for what you want to do. There are some good free ones available that you may want to check out. I like DaVinci Resolve - very full-featured with quite a big learning curve. Needs at least 16GM RAM. Some alternatives that are a bit easier to learn and run fine on 8GB: ShotCut OpenShot KdenLive
  18. I've been using a ZEDi 10FX for about a year now. I remember in the store that I had to choose between the "ZEDi" and the "regular" ZED, but can no longer remember why I chose the ZEDi. They're quite similar. Haven't had any issues but my use is pretty simple. I like to have a small mixer for recording audio with direct monitoring. Although truthfully I mostly just work with MIDI.
  19. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Thanks for the suggestion, Tom. When I first put the sleigh bells on, I had them playing sixteenths but I thought it sounded a bit hectic for the rest of the music so I switched them to eighths. I'll have to re-visit this. Thanks for listening and commenting!
  20. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Thanks for listening and commenting, folks. I appreciate it. @garybrun Yes! I agree Orchestral Recipes is a great resource. I've also been working my way through it.
  21. Nice groove and smooth feel. The vibes in the outro sound very relaxed and suit the piece. I understand what the other posts are saying about the piano. But it's quite a good tune. I wouldn't mind hearing it re-worked on maybe a flute and/or rhodes-type of piano sound.
  22. Wonderful vocal recording, and a great nostalgic vibe!
  23. Cool track, made of think of Jean-Michel Jarre. I'd say it's definitely worth another round of exploration!
  24. musekamp


    Very cool! I really like the contrast between the guitar figures and strings in the B sections.
  25. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Although I've been a guitar player for most of my life, I've started down the road of learning about arranging for orchestral instruments this year. As I was working on this sketch in A-flat (a very unfamiliar key to me!) it started to become more and more seasonal-sounding ... So happy holidays to one and all! Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. https://youtu.be/zNF8l75qOTw Walt
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