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  1. 'Eyyy Danny, Thought I'd take a stab at achieving that depth you were after. I don't have the time right now to do a full remix in Cakewalk, but I've been 'mastering' an album's worth of tunes for a local fella, and figured while I'm in stereo mixdown mode. Worst case... I get some free practice -Lolz Had to throw it in my Dropbox due to the size of the mp3. - Corona Blues - If you can get ears on it and hit me with some crits, it'd be appreciated. Lovely day to you guys (and gals), Ron
  2. Too late for that! Not to worry though, I enjoy the hurdles. They make me a better 'runner'. -Lolz Driver/firmware update didn't help anything. Probably didn't hurt though either. I cracked the code after my shift last night! It was the silliest thing 😆 . . . I had recently checked out a MAGIX Samplitude demo, and during install it added a 'Magix generic low latency ASIO driver' that it seemed to default to when choosing ASIO as my driver mode. In the selection window it was checked, and all of my Antelope I/Os were greyed out (generally meaning they are not an option, in the old X3 anyway), so it appeared that I couldn't check the Antelope I/Os, which of course I tried, to no event. Eventually, I simply unchecked the Magix driver, and then my Antelopes became an option. In X3 you could select several different I/O sources, which I guess you cannot do in its newer iteration(?). Annnnnd that's where they threw me Fortunately (for now), that's a wrap! Thanks for the chimes fellas, Ron
  3. Good call. Somehow, that hadn't dawned on me. Trying it now (fingers crossed). Grazie!
  4. 'ello everyone, I'm new(ish) in these parts. As far as all things Cakewalk go, I'm a bit of a 'legacy act' -Lolz I've just switched from Sonar X3 to the bandLab outfit, which seems real nice in comparison, but as fate would have it (always), I'm 'busting my knuckles' already. Everything seems good and well, other than the driver config/settings. When I set it to ASIO, which is the proper mode for my get up, I don't see the proper inputs. The input selection window doesn't look right, I don't have the same 64 i/o's as before, and only show only 3. When I pick a 'lesser' driver mode, I see my input options as I'm supposed to, and can attempt to track, but pops and clicks abound (even with a buffer/latency increase). I'm running a Win 8.1 x64, i7 Quad 3.4, 8g Antelope Orion Studio HD I was tracking just fine in Sonar X3, fyi. Any help you fine folks can offer is MUCH appreciated! You know how it goes... of course I'm at the tail end of a tune. And if I can re-track the scratch bass line minus the crotchety clicks, she just might be a banger !! Thank you kindly good people, Ron
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