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  1. John! Thank you for your links!!!!
  2. I just installed OPUS as well, and it crashed twice. I think the problem is that it is installed on a SATA drive while my main operating system is on an SSD. Just bought a new 2 TB ssd and will reinstall everything there to see if that makes a difference. Will post back here when done. I have 32 GB ram. 8Core processor 1 year old build.
  3. I thought that too and I'm still not sure that was it. But I did more research on the synth track input settings and experimented with those. Two different choices fixed the problem but created others that I'm still trying to figure out. Youtube has been a good place to look so far...but still not completely fixed.
  4. Hi there, I've recorded a soft-synth track using VPS Avenger. The sound I've chosen is an arpeggiated sound. When I record, it sounds perfect, in tempo etc., but when played back it is a jumble. I searched the forums looking for an answer first but couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this is a newbie question but I haven't worked with arpeggiation before Thank you, in advance!! Mick
  5. Just ran the program, started Cakewalk with an existing project and recorded with Halion. All saved as normal! Thank you for the fix
  6. Hi Gang, I've just started having this "Sharing Violation" issue as well, but only if anything Steinberg is being used within a recording. I don't know how to roll back the Ilock installation in order to fix the problem , so am waiting for the rollout fix. Its frustrating though as I love Halion.
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