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  1. Yeah a bit of a strange article but I thought it might stimulate debate 🙂 The capital B annoyed me too!
  2. My thoughts after listening (nice piece by the way Larry!) I found the G minor darker than the B minor which seemed more optimistic. However I did wonder if that was merely because it was starting from a higher position on the scale (if it was?) Interesting what wiki says about those scales - especially the Beethoven quote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_minor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B_minor And this https://ledgernote.com/blog/interesting/musical-key-characteristics-emotions/
  3. Thanks Larry. This is an issue that has always interested me. I'll listen later today
  4. Thanks for these Mike - the tip jar has finally been rewarded 😉
  5. Nice video Simeon - could have used that when I started out with Phiharmonik 🙂
  6. Ah thanks I noticed he hadn't done the presets in original video. The initial elephant put me off I must admit!
  7. Another excellent video Mike. Found the tap tempo section particularly useful
  8. Just watched the video - looks impressive and the Genesis that came with Computer Music is still one of my go to synths - though admittedly I don't own any expensive ones!
  9. .....and that version is pretty good 🙂
  10. Looking forward to it Mike! I only work with VSTs but I'm sure there will be lots to learn and enjoy 🙂
  11. Thanks Larry - oddly when I download and install the new update then run it I still get a message that there is an update!
  12. I'm a little puzzled by this - I have the APro 800 and I do not recall ever downloading or installing from disc the Control Surface Software (I may be wrong it was a long time ago I set it up!). Control maps for Sonar and thus CbB are stored within the A Pro 800 - press the left button under the LED display twice and you can set the control map from there. Sonar maps are 0 and 19. The transport buttons on my APro 800 work fine with that set up and I am using Win 10 Apologies if I have misunderstood but hope this helps
  13. I use CE2 as a multitimbral instrument I create midi tracks for every instrument I need eg flutes, oboes, clarinets etc then set the output of those midi tracks to the CE2 with different channels for each instrument. I then load up the respective instrument into the associated slot in CE2 Hope that makes some sort of sense?
  14. Just a possibility but do you have the piano roll's notes playing within the range of the particular instrument you are using in CE2? I seem to recall there is an issue where Cakewalk's C3 is and where some virtual instruments locate it. I have CE2 and don't usually have any problems Try dragging the note up and down the scale if this might be the problem - apologies if you've already thought of this! Good luck
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    SAD NEWS!!!

    Very sad news RIP
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