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  1. I'm a little puzzled by this - I have the APro 800 and I do not recall ever downloading or installing from disc the Control Surface Software (I may be wrong it was a long time ago I set it up!). Control maps for Sonar and thus CbB are stored within the A Pro 800 - press the left button under the LED display twice and you can set the control map from there. Sonar maps are 0 and 19. The transport buttons on my APro 800 work fine with that set up and I am using Win 10 Apologies if I have misunderstood but hope this helps
  2. I use CE2 as a multitimbral instrument I create midi tracks for every instrument I need eg flutes, oboes, clarinets etc then set the output of those midi tracks to the CE2 with different channels for each instrument. I then load up the respective instrument into the associated slot in CE2 Hope that makes some sort of sense?
  3. Just a possibility but do you have the piano roll's notes playing within the range of the particular instrument you are using in CE2? I seem to recall there is an issue where Cakewalk's C3 is and where some virtual instruments locate it. I have CE2 and don't usually have any problems Try dragging the note up and down the scale if this might be the problem - apologies if you've already thought of this! Good luck
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    Very sad news RIP
  5. Hopefully someone who knows a bit more about the nuts and bolts of the Apro settings will be along soon and will be able to help more than I can 🙂
  6. That seems very strange not to have any control maps installed! - I agree you shouldn't need to start from scratch! It was a bit fiddly getting mine to work and I can't remember exact details - just checking - does your controller surfaces dialogue look like this?
  7. Sorry I can't help you with video or images - I think there are more explanations in that legacy forum that may be able to help if you search. The control map as far as I can recall is stored within the Apro - press the left button below the LED display twice and it will then give you the option to choose a control map - I think it may be set at 0 as default but if not set it as that by turning the dial and pressing when it gets to 0 Have you installed the Apro programme that should have come with the A300? If it haven't got it you can download it from the Roland website I think I haven't delved any deeper than using the standard control map but only really use the keyboard, knobs and sliders and transport bar - all work ok though I have never got the pads to work but haven't spent any time trying to
  8. Must admit I just stuck with the standard Sonar Control map 0 or 19 rather than delving deeper as described in the link
  9. I've got an APro 800. Takes a little setting up. Read through this from the legacy forum which should help 🙂 http://forum.cakewalk.com/m/tm.aspx?m=2181430
  10. I was running through the different rhythm patterns on Ample Sound guitar the other day and it crashed Cakewalk - I was going through quite quickly though so that may have been the problem
  11. Happy New Year to all - thanks for the help when I've needed it!
  12. No it wasn't! 6 samples which I immediately deleted!
  13. Cheers Larry. Seems like a very slow download for 175Mb! Not sure if it is my connection on their server
  14. I got the Defender notification and ignored it and installed anyway. Occasionally does this on less well known company programmes that have exe. files but as long as I think the company is legit I install
  15. From what I heard in the 32 bit version I don't think it's one for me - a bit too grungy! 🙂
  16. Thanks for this one Larry! Got it installed but it isn't finding the banks of sounds in the 64 bit version - I can get it to load individual sounds but not the full banks. I can load banks in the 32 bit version. Anyone tried it and had same problem? I've stored the banks in the Documents folders as instructed. One issue is that the presets are described as VST3 presets
  17. oh and forgot to mention I have been using onboard sound for years (like you I'm midi and VSTI only) and found it fine. I'm sure the quality would be better with a dedicated device but as a hobbyist with only limited time for music creation on board has served me fine 🙂
  18. re learning resources check out the Creative Sauce tutorials (you'll find links to them in the Tutorials section further down the forum). Mike makes learning fun and easy to follow. Lots of other great resources there too!
  19. Some pretty good sounds in Swatches so far - definitely worth the download!
  20. Thanks Mike - another great video. I'd never even heard of gain staging before your tutorials!
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