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  1. I've managed to get the Project Sam Library to appear and sound in Kontakt but it doesn't appear in Komplete Kontrol - also I can't get Kontrol (and in some projects Kontakt) to make any sounds when played with Apro 800 keyboard. Midi routing looks ok and the sounds play fine with the GUI keyboard - other VSTis play fine. Is there something about Kontakt that I'm missing? Not had this issue before as far as I can recall!
  2. I've just started a Zinio subscription of CM - too cheap to pass up. I used to subscribe to the paper copies but got around 50 still to read so stopped a few years ago!
  3. Thanks - they usually are πŸ™‚
  4. I installed the update but it doesn't seem to want to download - I'll try again later!
  5. Ooh a free collection that doesn't need full Kontakt - cheers Larry πŸ™‚
  6. Just had the email. The Β£1+ is a no brainer. I missed Angelicals when PIB had it as their freebie. If I hadn't just bought UAS for Β£7 I might have gone for the full bundle
  7. Set up a template as you want it then put a desktop link to it Just ike any other programme I think - unless I have missed something?
  8. Will the real Larry Shelby please stand up!
  9. There's a good deal on Computer Music too at the moment
  10. I managed to get into the site this time - not in Native Access yet but there are several updates in there for Players and Komplete Kontrol
  11. I think Bandlab might want to take them to task for this blurb about Waveform Free 'The world’s best, fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators.' !!!
  12. Can't get into the site now - presumably everybody else is trying to get in. I thought the same re Analogue Dreams being part of Komplete Play but I checked my installation and, unless I am mistaken, that only has a very cut down number of patches
  13. Great! All sorted then πŸ˜‰
  14. Larry knows where we live! πŸ˜‰
  15. Crazy!! Your contributions here are treasured - even if sometimes expensive πŸ˜‰
  16. You're on a roll at the moment Larry πŸ™‚
  17. Just downloading the Afro Cuban Sample pack - cheers Larry!
  18. Thanks for all the advice - I've had a good think and read around about this and decided to go for the external drive for now - simply because of ease of installing. If I am unhappy with the performance I can always pick up an internal drive - I imagine it will be quicker than my internal HDD anyway even though basic USB 3. I can then keep my HDD for games & other non critical applications / files until it dies
  19. Thanks for this - is the QVO a similar or better model to the EVO? Also how do I find if I have SATA 2 or 3 - I've looked in system spec but the only reference I'v seen to SATA is Standard SATA AHCI Controller which tells me nothing
  20. Just checked and I've had the 250gb Samsung 850 SSD as my system drive for over two years now and no problems at all (touch wood!) I'd be willing to trust a standard 860 as my data drive (backed up regularly of course!)
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