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  1. Well....my purchase statement says that my payment failed and show the full cost of £102.99 but I have a receipt from Paypal for £5 and they've sent me a password so lets see what happens!
  2. Site is working ok again now! Just bought the Union Presets and the Glitch effect
  3. Ah maybe because I went back in the deal was voided
  4. I've just gone back in and the deal appears to have ended - I had CM in my basket already but when I went to the cart it tried to charge me for an issue or a subscription Shame I missed out but I dare say they'll do something similar again
  5. Now why can't every site work like that one - clicked on Buy Now for Oriental Toolkit and it downloaded straight away! 🙂
  6. You pay peanuts you get cart filling monkeys! 🙂
  7. I've just tried too. Random things added to basket - remove them all and more random things appear - hope they sort it as I wouldn't mind the Union presets and probably the Glitch (I already have Nebula as a PIB freebie which might have been tempting otherwise)
  8. Look forward to watching this later today
  9. Thanks very much. Is it safe then just to delete the redundant 32 bit .dll's ? Do they leave any detritus behind eg registry entries. Most of my VSTs are on my 1tb data drive (apart from some that weren't happy on there!) so space isn't too much of an issue so I'll probably keep the VST2's that I also have as VST3's
  10. Yes that's for issue 200 - I have downloaded that - it was the earlier free edition 168 I was trying to get to 🙂
  11. It appears that you can't access the older free issue (168) download - it only goes back to issue 180 on the webpage - unless I've missed something. Not a big issue as nothing there I'm that bothered about but it would have been nice to check it out https://www.musictech.net/news/magazine/musictech-dvd-download-area/
  12. I think you can only get the free version on portable devices as I tried first on my PC. Does seem a bit odd though!
  13. The first collection says it is for full Kontakt only - that's as far as I got as it was taking ages to load
  14. Thanks that was useful - got rid of a fair few AAX plug ins - I'd had a clean out of those once before but there were folders you mention that I hadn't looked in! A few had VST dlls in but I left those to be on the safe side as in total they probably didn't amount to more than a couple of hundred MB Presumably if I have a 64 bit version of a plugin I don't need the 32 bit version? I got into the habit of installing both when one of my DAW's was 32 bit - think it might have been Ableton Lite 8 before I updated to 10. I've got Reason 10 on my PC but I assume that is ok with 64 bit? Thanks again
  15. Oh I didn't notice that - didn't seem to take any longer to install as far as I can recall
  16. Got this earlier - there's another free mag in there if you scroll back a bit in the issues!
  17. Others will be able to advise better than me what spec to go for but if you are in the UK want a ready built PC I can highly recommend Chillblast - I've had mine about 7 or 8 years now and it's been brilliant. I'd go to them like a shot if I ever need a replacement!
  18. Are the sounds in these VSTi's as good as or better than those in Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE and Garritran PO?
  19. Both good recommendations there Starship (though IKs authorisation procedure might be a bit forbidding to newbies). I've been playing around a little with the Project Sam freebie and as you say it has a small number of great sounds. Not done much tweaking with it yet but look forward to exploring more I've mentioned them in the Deals forum but the Palette and Soundscapes plugins from Flintpope have some very pleasing soundscape / pad sounds. There are a few other freebies there but none grabbed me https://flintpope.net/free/
  20. It does have Simpler but I'm wondering if it's a cut down version that doesn't allow import of developers instruments
  21. I've only got Live 10 Lite and so these didn't appear to work for me but the Palette and Soundscaper free instruments make very nice noises indeed - even if only a few of them
  22. Just realised you can only use for them for up to 30% of purchase price - unless Sampletank or some interesting libraries come down significantly I think it is unlikely I'll use them
  23. Thanks Vernon - I thought it might be that this library isn't NKS compatible. Not really a problem but useful to know I'm not missing something! Re the lack of input from my keyboard I need to look at that again - there will probably be an obvious answer. It looked like all the midi setting were fine but I'll double check
  24. Oh yes I see now in the info page on Jam Point - you are right 2 years! I'd better do something with them then! Though it looks like Gift Points might not expire as I have some from 2015. I'll look at Gear Credits thanks
  25. How long do Jam Points last? - I notice a couple of mine have expired from 2013 There's nothing I fancy right now with what I've got but might wait to see if we get any more and get closer to getting Ampletank 4 or 4 SE. I've got 79 euro worth at the moment
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