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  1. 7 hours ago, Doug Rintoul said:

    This basically kills the used midi pack market. The only thing worth transferring now are big ticket items. I am glad I bought a bunch just before this went into effect.

    Midi pack addiction is no laughing mater. As of late, I've been living on the street breaking into cars and robbing tourists to support my midi pack habit. I would then resell old or substandard midi packs to go buy more midi packs! One midi pack is too much and 1000 isn't enough. Hell, I really need to quit this lifestyle...

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  2. For those of you that bought the Famous E Electric Piano, how does it compare to other high quality Rhodes libraries like Scarbee’s Classic EP-88S or Soniccouture’s Canterbury Suitcase? I own both of these which are great in different ways. The Classic-EP-88s samples are super clean and refined (although you can dirty the sound up nicely). The Canterbury Suitcase has a rawness and realism that is also very compelling.  Orange Tree’s Famous E presets sound like they perhaps have more emphasized  bell tones. I wish there was a video of all the presets like other Orange Tree products. I have to say, I’m feeling itchy to also own the Famous E.

  3. A question for those who have many Orange Tree libraries: If you were an Orange Tree virgin and only going to buy one Orange Tree electric guitar library, which one would it be? I’m leaning toward the Hollowbody Blues. Is sounds great and appears to be quite versatile. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    Sounds really nice.  Maybe when the next UVI sale comes along...

    Yes! I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Falcon expansion that wasn’t on sale.  I’ll wait for the next 50% on expansions sale.

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  5. For those looking for a good variety of “Hey!” shouts and more, the free “Indie Voices“ library might be just what the doctor ordered. The one caveat is that it does require the full version of Kontakt.

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