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  1. Yes, I am aware that there has been a previous thread (along with a moderator reprimand) on this topic. That said, now that the English version of Beat Magazine is available at Pugin Boutique, I could not help but (re)share this great deal with my fellow plugin addicts. I bought the February English version of Beat at PB. Everything worked beautifully and I was able to download my free AAS packs. It is a super value and not a bad issue of the magazine either. 


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  2. 14 minutes ago, Bad Penguin said:

    What do people think?

    Supposedly this particular deal ends today, and I assume there will be different deals over the next few days.

    Does it get better than this?

    From the Toontrack we sure: “*Advertised “Black Friday Week” special promotions are available in the Toontrack webshop (www.toontrack.com) now through November 30, 2021. Promotions will be switched off during the following business day, no later than 09:00 (CET).”

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  3. Note that the voucher email says “valid on our entire store, even on our upcoming Black Friday Sales!” Last year’s BF sale was 30% off  on the entire store. The cost of a Falcon expansion pack would be ($39 x .7) -10 = $17.30..  This is the lowest cost yet for a single Falcon expansion. 

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  4. I've had no issues making USA purchases with Best Service. I typically use PayPal.  At busy times of the year (Black Friday) it can take several hours before you get your serial numbers emailed to you. Short of that Best Service is great.


    Have you had good luck with this product? Reading the reviews on Amazon, there appears to be a high (12%) failure rate with this thumb drive.

  5. 43 minutes ago, bluzdog said:

    .......and could I get a notification if the deal is certain to ***** the wife? 😆

    edit: I guess I should have phrased the different so " certain to make the wife angry"

    Agreed - iLok requirements are no problem,  but an  iWife joint checking account can really get in the way of an absolutely necessary perfectly reasonable purchase.

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  6. A few questions for the brain trust here. Believe it or not, I'm still on the fence with the group buy.  I'm not trying to be cheeky. I'm genuinely torn about about getting into the group buy.

    Is there a benefit to owning Amplitude if I already own Guitar Rig?  (Also note that I play keyboards and not guitar.)

    Is there a benefit to owning T-Racks if I already own Ozone 8 advanced, Neutron 3 advanced, Tonal Balance control, and all the Presonus retro fat channel stuff

    Is there a benefit to owning Modo Drums and Bass  if I already own Superior Drummer and Ezbass?

    Is there a benefit to owning Syntronik if I already own UVI Vintage vault?

    I feel like I don't need anything from IK Multimedia, but the deal is too good to pass up! Please help me to pull the trigger! (or not)

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